Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lon Stein's Old and New Toy Friends

Today we're talking about what I used to play. Since I was three I played with String.

I love playing with string.  When I played to much My Dad and Mom took it away from me.

I couldn't find the string so I was Upset. I also asked the same Questions alot because I'm autistic.

I played with string since I was 3-5 years old. When I was 6 I played with blue water paint brush.

In the Bath tub when I was still Six I was playing with Darlene the baseball bat.  And I also played with the base ball.

Furthermore, I played with the worst toy enemies Sharky and Scorpion. Next I played with my other closest Toy  friends Duckey and Bird.

I played with them till I was 8 turning 9 in the summer.  I played in my imagination with Spongebob And Tak.

Finally, I played with Bratz dolls since I was 9-12.  Now I'm 14 therefore, I play on the computer and go to and look up Nat Wolff , Sanjay and Craig, and also do My Own Script.

Now I also like blogging, singing , baking, and playing with Barbies, mini Strawberry Short Cake dolls and Polly Pocket dolls .