Saturday, March 31, 2018

i Carly

i Carly was my favorite show and I use to be a big fan of that show. Sam Puckett is Carly's  best friend they best friends because in one episode Sam said to Carly "My I have your sandwich and Carly said "no way get you own." Then Sam push Carly and Sam pushed Carly back and Carly said to Sam " Your al right."

That is how they became friends I do not know what Carly was thinking if I was Carly I would not be her friend because she mean to this boy Freddie  she was mean to him in the early episodes and in to late episode Sam was dating Freddie and she has a crush on him.

Then Sam became mean to Gibby. If Sam was mean to me I probably would beat her up if she attacked me first.

Nevel is the boy who is mean to Carly and he tried to kiss Carly and Carly put chip dip in Nevels Face. Nevel said " You shouldn't have done that, Carly Shay!! You'll rue this day, you'll rue it!"

I have a Nick name for Nevel I call him Nevel the Devil  because he is mean on the show. My favorite episode was i fight Shelby Marks and Shelby wanted to play fight with Carly then Carly got scared then Shelby thought Carly attacked her granny and she wanted I real fight with Carly and Carly told what happened the Nevel post a fake video and Shelby thought that the video was real and Shelby when she was in The UFC Shelby punched Carly in the face.

Carly was scared and screaming and when Shelby was in the octagon with Carly Shelby said "let go of my leg." Carly said " Never."

Jennette McCurdy is Sam Miranda CosGrove plays Carly Nathan Kress plays Freddie and Noah Munck plays Gibby. Jerry Trainor plays Spencer Carly's older brother on the show.

i Carlys first episode was in September 8, 2007 and their last episode was in November 23, 2012. The creator of i Carly is Dan Schneider.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Feelings of regulations

Feelings of regulations the Red Zone: Is when you are angry, You feel like yelling at people screaming at people hitting people and feel more then angry.

This is the Yellow Zone: That is when you feel grouchy or excited, scared,silly or worried about something and that means you are a little out of control but not very out of control.

The Blue Zone: Is when you feel sick tired are if you feel very sad you feel like crying and you feel very depressed.

The Green zone: Is you feel good you feel like you happy ready to go and do good things to people and help people you also feel joyful grateful and hopeful.

This are the zone that I made up this is the Pink Zone: That is  when you are obsessed with some one you have a crush on them and you are love  struck.

The Brown Zone: Is when you see cartoons characters of when there not there and you be in you own fantasy and world.

The Gray Zone: Is when you think about you self and not other people you do not care about other people you just care abut you self that mean you selfish.

The white zone: I like you do not feel happy,angry,excited or sad you just feel nothing you just feel plan.

The Orange Zone: Is you want to make you own stuff and you want to make up you own stories and be creative.

The Black zone: Is the worst thing that you can ever feel you feel like killing you self or killing some one else or even killing animals for no reason or killing people for no reason.    

The Purple Zone: Is when you feel very sluggish and more then tired and you might feel sore or hurt a little or a lot or in aches and pains.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Russia's Goverment

There are Charges that the Russian Government killed a couple of people in the United Kingdom. Russia Poisoned some of there old Spies.

 The guy was name Skripal and he was one of the old spies in Russia's Government and he went to Europe.

Russia's Government thought he was a trater and the Russian Government Send Spies and tried to kill Skripal.

I learned this in school I thought my teacher said Skripal died thank God he did not "but I do not think he is doing well." That is what my teacher said.

Brittan has kicked out a lot of the Russian Spies out of there countries and a lot of Governments are upset for what Russia's Government did. Russia said " They had nothing to do with the poison."

No body knows why Skripal went to The United Kingdom it's probably because Russia told him to poison people out side of the countries and he did not want Russia's government telling him what to do that is probably why

That is a real lie. After the Cold war what happened was that is when Russia Became Dictators. Russia never really had Democrats they always had dictators. A lot of people die in Russia because they drink too much alcohol and they smoke too much there. That is why people do not live as long in Russia.

A Quarter of Men in Russia Died. 20 million People died in world war 2 in Russia so that is why Russia is afraid of other countries Killing them. When my teacher told us " When people sweat too much and they drink too much water they can died for water poisoning."

Probably North Korea's Government is the only government that is going to be happy at what Russia did because North Korea kills people as well. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Walt Disney

 Walt Disney has started with cartoons on TV Then he started hiring other people and the president he runs the business he keeps the business run.

He Keep the business going because so people can have more money. No body can do a business by then self because one person can get tired very quick them sleeves out and In the being you might want start your self then get a time.

Walt Disney can not do all of the work by him self that is why Disney has more money because it's not just Walt Disney that is just.

 Walt Disney Built a system that works. After when Walt Disney Died more people working for his business and his great grand children are probably working for Walt Disney's business.

That is why Disney has more money then every because Walt has hired people very smart people who know what they are doing and that is why Disney has been  a very long time.

Walt Disney was born in December 5, 1901 Hermosa, Chicago. and he died in December 15,1966 in Burbank California. Walt Disney was racist that was the bad side of him and he used to make Black Characters spit out stuff and he use to make African American Character like caricature.

Walt Disney made Mostly White Cartoon Characters. Now Disney is company those people that work for the company now are not racist because that black population is getting bigger and they have been other cartoon characters in Disney from Other Ethnic Groups.

Walt Disney's children's names are Diane Disney Miller and Sharon Mae Disney his siblings names are Ruth Flora Disney,Raymond Arnold Disney,Roy O. Disney, and Herbert Arthur Disney. Lillian Disney is his spouse.

Monday, March 19, 2018

U.S. Military

If you are in the military even if you do not fight in the military does not have a war it still can be dangerous because in the military seven soldiers died.

 And if anybody is in the military people have to go into small planes and helicopters and if people fly in them that can be dangerous.

Even if their is no war going on it's still dangerous in the military. Their were fire fighters in New York Both of their names were Chris and when they were in Iraq they died in a plan crash. We still have soldiers their that help the Iraq fight the terrorist that is why they were in a plane crash.

Their a 97,000 military personnel in Europe. Their have been soldier in Europe since 1944. 4 Countries ( Germany 34,000 Spain, The United Kingdom and Italy.) They have more than 1,000 soldiers.
These soldiers were placed in Europe because of the cold war. In west Asia and in North Africa and the middle east. Like places like Jamaica I heard has a lot of crime.

The United States Military took away Iraq's government because their was a man named Suddam Hussain and he is a dictator of Iraq.

 A group called Isis  they are enemy's of the United States in part of Iraq The Isis people killed people and another country called Syria The Isis people made women slaves and raped them.

The Isis people are bad because anybody that does not believe in their religion they believe those people are evil and that is why they fell like they need to kill people.

The military should change rules like shoot at object and not shooting at people because when people shoot each other with guns and a person dies the persons family will be upset. Militarizes should be more safer like people should not fly in small planes only big planes that can not crash.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dionne Quan

Dionne Quan was in the nickelodeon cartoon called Rugrats and she did the voice of Kimi Finster.

She was movies and TV shows like  Bratz, Bratz Genie Magic, All grown up that is the cartoon that the rugrats are all grown up and she was in movies like Rugrats go wild and that is the movie where the rugrats meet the Thornberrys .

In the Bratz movie she did the voice of Yasmin. She was also in Nickelodeon episode called The Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy's Top Wishes and and The Fairly Odd Parents: Superhero Spectacle. She was also in Rugrats: Tales From the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk and Groundling Marsh also the Puzzle Place.

Ms. Quan was born in October 20, 1978 in Lexington, Massachusetts. Her Parents names are Lori Quan and Daryl Quan.

 It does not say who are Dionne children's names are and it does not say she has a spouse ether.

 Maybe she never had children or maybe she never got married. Because I type in female celebrities and I see most of them say there Spouse Name. 

Spouse means some one who you are married to.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Minimum Wages

Minimum is the least amount you can pay some one has to pay you by law if they do not they can get in trouble by the government the most minimum wage that people had was in 1970.

How much money you pay per hour is 10 dollars if it's below 10 dollars You won't be able to earn a living and And the government wants people to pay there own bills.

You nee food water shelter and clothes to live and if you do not have those stuff any body would be homeless.

My teachers from my school went to Israel because there where doing a documentary of two students one Jewish and one Arub. Jewish and Arub people want to get along but it's seems like the people at there school wants them to get along.

If My teachers do a documentary of students my film teachers can get a lot of money from the government doing that and if my film teachers gets less money from the government I will be very upset at the government.

My film teacher might be famous for making a documentary of students in Isreal. I will try my best to make him famous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Pre-K shows That are know On any More

Barney was on TV there first air date was April 6, 1992 and there last episode is September 18. 2009. The creator of Barney is Sheryl Leach.

Calliou first episode was in September 17, 1997 there last episode was in October 3, 2010 Hélène Desputeaux and Christine L'Heureux are the creators of Calliou.

Dora's first episode was in August 14, 2000 and their last episode was in June 5, 2014. Jakers the adventures of Piggley winks first episode was in September 7, 2003 their last episode was in
January 24, 2007. The creator of this show is Mike Young.

Play with Me Sesame is the show with the characters from Sesame Street so Play with me Sesame first started in  April 1, 2002 and they last air date is September 2, 2007.

 Sesame Street is still on TV there use to show 20 episodes a day now they show one episode a day early in the morning.

I know because some one told me well Sesame Street is an older show and it's first episode was in
November 10, 1969. Well My mother said " Sesame Street can get new cast." Well The creators of the show has done the show for so long and she is an older woman so she is probably tried of getting new cast.

My mother said " Probably the cast is tired of being on the show they been on the show for so long."

It's on TV still because maybe people still want it on the air and just because people want it on the air does not mean the creator of the show still wants it on the air.

 Maybe the creator of the show still keeps it on the air because she wants people to be happy probably.

I heard children used to talk about Sesame Street like crazy.

 But these days there do not talk about Sesame Street that much any more they are still making new episodes but not as many as they did for example the would show 10 new episodes a day every day now it's one new episode a day these days.

It's not a matter that I hate Sesame Street it's like people keep on being the creator please let sesame Street still be on TV but fans should not tell the creator what to do if the creator wants Sesame Street off the air and she want to retire let the creator retire if people do not let the creator retire that is very selfish for the fans because the creator is doing all of this work and the show has been on for so long.

If Seasme Street keeps making less episodes it probably would have it's last episode in 3 or five years from now I do not know for sure.

Joan Ganz Cooney is the creator of Sesame Street and she was born in November 30, 1929 in Phoenix, Arizona. Joan's parents names are Pauline Ganz and Sylvan Ganz.


Today when my mother was driving me to the doctors see saw Teenagers were Protesting. My mother said " They are protesting for the government should change laws and they heard people can buy guns and they shot people in the school.

Those teenager where protesting for gun violence I wonder in this video these are the same teens that me and my mother saw when me mother was driving her car.

So The Government lets thoughts people by guns and those people said " You should not let sick people buy guns. My mother was explaining to me what protesting is she said some thing like this " It like back In Martin Lither Kings Times Black people had to stand up for what is right and they want the law to change that blacks and white can be treated equal."

My mother was give me an example. The Government should not let any body have guns including Police Officers because when Police shot people those people family will be very upset so Guns should not exist any more because it can take away peoples lives.

People in the army shot each other was they should change the rules that people should not shot each other anymore because if people in the army kill each other then their whole family will be upset. So instead of people shooting each other in the army they should shoot objects instead.

We need Protesting worth out it who knows what would happen. This video shows an example of what Protesting is.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The countries you can not go to and how police should act

North Korea they do not have good relations ships with America Korea's leader kills people and staves people and those people do not have any food and water if you go to North Korea They might try to kill you. Egypt there is to many wars and fighting going on in Egypt.

And we use to not go to Cuba now I heard people can go to Cuba I do not know How true that is. Do Not go to Jamaica My dad said " There where two women and people did not know what happens to them and they got killed.

Iran and Iraq You can not go to any of thoughts countries you can go their but the terrorist the people that work there might try to kid nap any that lives in America.

That is because they hart Americans and they hate Americans because they believe Americans is there enemy of them and they think America is trying to take there Religion away. If you live in Israel and you are Jewish and religious you have to fight in there army to protect their country.

My dad said " Do not go to Jamaica ether I heard two woman went there and they do not know what happens to them and they got killed.

My mother said " We do not know what happened to thought women maybe there went into a rough area I heard people they have a Good time in Jamaica." That was before it's different know.

Kim Jong-un he is 5 feet 7 inches he is the Leader and the president of North
Korea and if any american goes there they might try to kill them. No Bodies know what date and year he was born it just says he was born in Pyongyang Korea. I heard Donald Trump might be going to North Korea.

But if Trump goes there he might get killed " My mom said " well he will have body guards." I said " What of those people kill his body Guards." My mom said "you right"

Trump will be out number even if his body guards or there because it's Trump and the body guards so that is three people against 1,000 of people working for the leader of North Korea.That might be the end of Trump if he tries to go to North Korea. I do not like Trump ether but his a lot nicer then the President of Korea because unless Trump does not try to kill people in this country.

I have families that live in Alabama which I am not to happy about that because they is too many racist stuff going on in that area I heard a African American boy got by a police officer that is white.

Police did not have patience with special needs children and I saw a police officer was beating up a person with Down Syndrome and another person with sever Autism the Police yelled at them and said " Where's you address!"

My dad said some times the police do not know if that person has special needs or not." But police should be able to tell if a person has Down Syndrome or has Sever Autism.

Maybe if any child with special needs is out of control they should call Special Needs Polices Officers and They will help people with Sever and mild Autistic and people with Down Syndrome. I said the law should change and They should be special needs police officers those are police officers that have more patience with any body with special needs.

Police should also not kill people because if they kill a person there family will get upset and Police should get arrested for doing that. Or if a police think a person did some thing wrong but they did not and if they shot the person The police should arrested for that to.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


People like Christians celebrate Jesus Birthday in December 25 th we celebrate his birth day on  Christmas some people say people should of celebrate it in the summer I do not know how true that is.

 Jesus was not born in a house his Earth father is Joseph but his spirit father is God.

Jesus mother Mary was pregnant and she did not have to had sex and people ask why but that's God's choice and God choose her and there is no reason it is what it is. I was crying when I saw the video of Jesus got beat up and he got beat up because people were jealous that all of the miracles he can do like he can turn the water into wine.

Those people should be happy for Jesus I bet you some of those people have talents that Jesus does not have. But Jesus and God is like one person and it's kind of hard to explain. 

Jesus was sinless and every body has sin and Jesus died on the cross and he died for or sins and when he died on the cross people said "any body that dies on the cross will be cursed."

Jesus went to hell not because he was bad but he beated up the devil. Jesus according to when he was born on earth it does not say he was born know body really know when he was really born because people do not have calendars or technology back then.

Those people who are jealous and beat up Jesus those people are punished by God and those people Ii hope there in Hell because what they did was bad. Some people might think these people should beat up Jesus and should be jealous because of the miracles he can do.

I use to be jealous when I was younger but I never think that those people should beat up Jesus nobody deserves to get beat up ever but then I realized that I am happy for what all the miracles he can do and he helped us maybe he should have those miracles and I am not Jealous at Jesus any more I am very happy at all the stuff he has done.

In church they have Jesus picture as a white person because of the society we live in and Jesus was really a black person I wish in churches they will have more pictures of what Jesus really looked like then people putting him as a white person.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Real Santa Claus

The Real Santa Clause some people say his real name is Kris Kringle and some people say St Nicholas. No Body knows what the real Santa Claus name is I guess some  religion Call him St Nicholas while others call him Kris Kringle.

This is what the Real Santa is born in March 15, 270 AD in Patara, Lycia Turkey and his parents names are Epifaniĭ his father and his mothers name is Nonna. He was born during the third century and his was born in a village called Patara.

Back then it was Greek was now it's  the part of  southern area of the Turkey in a country in Europe He was stilling Young and respecting Jesus words "to sell what you own and give money and give money to the poor." Jesus said that because Poor people did not have nothing. Santa used his whole to assist the needy, the sick people  and they were suffering.
Christmas is about Jesus birth and people gave Jesus a lot of stuff and people got un grateful and that is why these days people get stuff for Christmas even if it should not happened like that. So we celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas and people should of celebrated it in the summer time but it did not work out that way.

Santa got burned and he died in Myra Turkey in December 6, 343 AD. I read his parents died when he St. Nicholas was in his teens and when he grown up he married a woman Named Jessica I do not not know what her birth name is.

 These days if celebrities have a spouse there spouse birth name will be on the internet. For example lets say a male celebrity has a spouse and his spouse might have her marriage name or her maiden name or both what ever there spouse wants to have on the internet.

 but they did not have any internet back then so I guess famous people write there spouse first name down on paper because in the olden days people just used there first names now people use there last names because if the person has the same first name as the other person and if you are speaking about them people might not know which person you are talking about because those people have the same first name. In the olden Days last names where not important these days last,first or middle names are very important.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy and Santa

When children are young Parents say the Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny are real until the child grows up they are to old to believe in the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny give candy to children that are good and the Tooth fairy if the child's baby tooth falls out the tooth fairy gives them money.

When I was a little girl I remember my baby tooth feel out and I was crying because I thought I did not get any money but I did my Mother said " The Tooth Fairy just forgot the tooth."

I thought that at first but really children's parents are really the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.

Parents say to there children that The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny is real because parents want children to be happy but there should be other ways they should make children happy they do not have to lie to children.

 I not telling parents how to discipline there children I am just saying no parents should lie that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are real it's not the worst thing in the world it's fun for children to believe that but it's better if parents say the truth and some times the truth hurts I think that is why most parents tell and lie to children that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy is real because parents want children to be happy.

Parents can make children happy in other ways they do not have to lie to children that the Easter Bunny or The Tooth Fairy is real I am not trying to making any one upset but the truth is the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy do not Exist.

I know the truth hurts. Some People say Santa is real and not real but really Santa was based on a real person.

I had a Sunday School teacher that said " Santa is not real because Jesus is Real." I do agree that Jesus is real but Santa is Based on a real person.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Elizabeth Daily

ElizaBeth Daily was on The show called The Rugrats and she was on other shows like the Power Puff Girls She was also in movie Like Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two and she did the voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats.

Ms. ElizaBeth was also in other movies and TV shows like All grown up that is the show where the rugrats are all grown up and She was in the Rugrats Paris the movie.

 She was in another Nickelodeon show called the Chalk Zone and she did the voice of Rudy Tabootie. She was also in The Quack Pack that is with Donald Duck, Julius Jr. that is an Nick Jr. cartoon and
Wreck-It Ralph movie that is a Disney movie. The Goofy Movie and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

She was born in September 11, 1961 in Los Angeles California. Her spouse name is Rick Salomon and her children's names are  Hunter Daily Salomon and  Tyson Daily Salomon those are her daughters some female celebrities have male names.  Her parents names are Helen Guttman and Alex Guttman. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Biggest Loser is air the air

I am very Happy That The Biggest Loser ended because it was like the over weight contestants were on the show and the coaches Jillian Michael's was yelling at them like crazy and the over weight contestants were crying and I felt sorry for them.

It was like they are already over weight then they loss like about 100 pounds in 3 mouths really people should lose weight in a year or two years not 3 mouths that is to soon then it's like they gain back the weight again those people already had weight problems for the rest of there life and they them slow metabolism.

It's like they lose 100 pounds then grain back 100 pounds which any body can die from that and any body should stay around the same weight and if you lose or gain two are 1 pound that is okay but if you lose 100 pounds and gain back 200 pounds that is not good.

Maybe the show is off the air because maybe people were complaining that the over weight contestants lose 100 pounds then they gain back 100 pounds. The first episode of The Biggest Loser was October 19, 2004 and there last episode was February 22, 2016. That show is old and has been on for years.

 The creators of the show is Dave Broome,  Ben Silverman and Mark Koops. I mean The Biggest Loser has good things that it teaches people how to eat healthy and working out that is the good news of the show hear is the bad new The over weight contestants lose 100 pounds then gain back 100 pounds again that is the horrible news and they lose weight in 3 mouths. There should never be show like this again if there is I will report to the government and it should be illegal to have a show like that because there are hurting peoples body's like the lose 200 pounds then they gain back 200 pounds