Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Megan Cavanagh Voices My Favorite Cartoons

Megan Cavanagh, is an actress.  She was on Nickelodeon, shows Jimmy Neutron, and Tak and The Power Of Juju.

That show was formerly on Nickelodeon 2007 to 2009.  Tak was started as a video game, but not a Nickelodeon video game. Yet now after it became a television show it also became a Nickelodeon video game.

Ms. Cavanagh was born in November  8, 1960 in Chicago.  Her child's name is Brendan Cavanagh.

It said she has a partner.  Her parents aren't listed online so maybe they want to have their privacy.

People did not watch Tak and the Power of Juju, enough so the ratings where not high enough to keep it on TV.   But now I am showing more people Tak and The Power of Juju, on my blog in hope to make the show more popular.

And that show will hopefully make nine seasons if enough people see it and like it. My favorite episode of Tak was he was boxing.   He was screaming like a little girl.  Also he was wearing a helmet when he was boxing.  It came off at the end of the episode.

Ms.Cavanagh was also in the other Nickelodeon cartoon the Mighty B!  In that show my favorite character is Bessie Higginbottom.  Ms. Megan did the voice of Bessie's mother.