Friday, July 1, 2022

What People should not put on Kids shows

 I watch the New Baymax Series And I saw a Gay Copule asking on a date and a Girl talking about having her period they should not put that on Kids shows. 

I love Big Hero 6  but as when the new show Byamax came along in  a way it has not been then same because Wasabi Gogo,Honey Lemon and Fred are not in the new Baymax series whhich I do not care about as long as Hiro is in it I am happy.  

But the thing is kids shows are started to get more like adult shows.  I also read that they say Men can have they cycles which is not true that is not the way God disigned it ! I want the old Big Hero 6 back!!! and I hope they do not talk about that in Big Hero 7!!!