Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bratz Dolls

Today will be talking about Bratz Dolls.
When I went to a special needs school I liked playing with Barbie but the teachers said I'm to old for Barbie dolls.

I ask theme can I play with Bratz dolls and they said yes Because they have a lot of make up my favorite Bratz dolls are the blond hair one most girl my dad told me that most girls want to play with the Blond dolls.
Also girls my them selves more white with blonde hair.
I saw on news the most children like playing with white dolls than black dolls in including me.
Bratz are my Favorite dolls to because with the clothes and the hair.
When I play with dolls I make them say I'm prettier then you our make the blond dolls popular girls in school making them rich and more bratty then the dark hair doll.

Meeting Famos People

Today will be talking about me meeting famous people.
Before I don't known if there were famous until my father told me.
He works at the Jackson tax office and they had a concert with Mr.Edward Jackson playing the saxophone on stage.
and One time I was Singing and people gave me money I met Tom Brown Many of times  and Paul er Maya at Mr.Jackson concert that not all I met Gordan From Sesame Street and Nat and Alex Wolff from the Naked Brother Band .
I went  to Nickelodeon world wide day of play because I was by my self in the house for years.
At Nickelodeon day of play I met the work from Sanjay and Craig I attack him do they know me and he said maybe because he wants me to have my fantasy and I was on TV at Nickelodeon day of play
and also months  ago my dad was on TV to get more money.

My Life

Today will bee talking about my life.
My life is about how I want people to bee my Friend.
In 1st Grade I want to hangout with  other Children a lot of theme said no!

And that how I lived in fantasy  when I got Teased A tolled The teacher there where  bothering me but the teachers said I do not want to here it and there let them bother me.

One girl thats smaller than me tied me up to a fence I let her do that because I don't want to hurt her.

 But now I wont let her do that anymore
In 5th Grade my friend Jen nah Rutty used to hug out with  me when I was 6-12 years old.

When I was 11 I asked my Friend do you want to hangout with me but she said no I want to hangout with Jordan caro but I said To Jordan can I Hangout with you but she said no you cannot play with us.

One time at the 5th Grade graduation Jenn ah  said to me ooh Lon I have to stayed with Jordan Because she told me to I said no you don't you got other friends besides her my mom and dad told me those girls don't want to be with you because I'm Autistic.

and one time when I said Hello to Jordan shes said Hi back in a phoney high voice she drop her water bottle on the floor and said that's mine and I said To The ids is this yours put Jordan is very selfish!
But that was a long time ago.

then Jenn ah her mother said now she notice Jordan was selfish.