Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Pink Lady

 There are two lady's on the internet who is obsessed with pink a woman named Yasmin and another women named Kitten Kay Sera.

Kitten said "she is the pinkest person in the world."  But she could be wrong they are other people out there that are obsessed with pink more then she is. I just looked on online there is another woman that is obsessed with pink and I read her name is Yasmin and I do not know her last name.

In one video Kitten said she wants everything pink in her room my mother said " If she wants every thing pink why is her hair not pink."

Kitten in the newer videos her hair is pink.  When I was a little girl I wanted every thing in my room to be pink and my parents said "they did not know."

And even if they did know they probably would not have done it because it's not good for any one to be stuck on one color.

Even the pink lady should not be obsessed with pink but I would not tell her to get un stuck on pink because she can do what she wants.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

My Strange Addiction


My Strange Addicted is a show where those people are not addicted to food but it's some thing else there eat that's not food that can kill them.

the was this woman who is addicted to drinking animal blood and ither women on the show have a addiction too. For example they was this one lady that is addicted to eating nail polish and one that is addicted to eating dry wall.

Their is also a woman that is addicted to eating paint and another that is addicted to eating mattress now she should be on My Strange Addiction.

In this show you do not have to be addicted to food you can be addicted to eating rocks or eating paint or something that is not food.

Freaky eaters

 Freaky eaters is a show where people are addicted to one food and they eat it every day. There was this one episode where this man is addicted to eating cookies and one lady who is addicted to eating fries.

My favorite episode is a woman who is addicted to eating cheesy potatoes and  this other woman who is addicted to eating cheese and My parents thinks I am addicted to eating cheese but I am really addicted to Mac and cheese and not just any Mac and cheese southern homemade Mac and cheese but the thing is those put eat the same food every day.

I do not eat Macaroni and cheese every day because My parents think its not healthy but if I was living By my self I could eat it every day if I wanted to.

This is the show I have been watching to today and one of my friends that I know from school knows that show too. I am also addicted to eating sugar but I being cutting down on it because I have a Little bit a health issues.

My Crazy Obession


My Crazy obsession is about people who are obsessed with stuff for example There was a episode where a lady was obsessed with Mickey Mouse.

There was other episode that there was a woman that is obsessed with piggy and the other episodes are there was one person that is obsessed with cockroaches. The Pink Lady was on that show because she is obsessed with the color pink and she still is.

Also The worlds strongest family was on that TV show probably because there obsessed with working out and being strong and fit.

Being obsessed it's good and it's hard because I was obsessed with pink and purple and now I am obsessed with cartoons once it was Tak and the power of Juju then the Mighty B ! another time it was Fanboy and Chum Chum then i Carly and Nat Wolff those where celebrities not cartoons. next it was Sanjay and Craig and also I get stuck on The Emperors New Groove and The Boondocks and now it's Big Hero 6.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Kinigra Deon

 Kinigra Deon is a youtuber. She makes episodes. Her episodes are The Aunt who stole Christmas, Your momma's been to jail, Grandmas are too soft and more. My favorite episode from her is the hair salon one and I fight kids of mine and it's a comedy she is not really fighting kids.

Miss.Deon was born in November 28  1988.  I first watch her videos a year ago. I also read that she was a rapper.

Kinigra Deon  November 2013 she began her YouTube channel but it wasn't until July 2019 that she shared her debut video, When your roommate invites your ex in. 

I thinks her videos are interesting and funny. The episodes are also good and I think people should watch it.