Friday, June 24, 2022

Abby and Brittany Hensel


Abby and Brittany Hensel wear on the health channels and on TLC and they are also known as the conjoined twins. I feel sorry for them because it's sad they are conjoined. 

When I was in High I heard they some babies can be conjoined and it does happend and it's sad. The Hensel sister shared two sets of lungs kindneys heart spines and I do not rememember the other body parts they shared but the doctor did say some thing like that.

Abby and Brittnany where born in march 7, 1990. they are conjoined but that did not stop them from living their life. The good news is  they are teachers now at a elemtary school and that is how you over come your challenges.

I read they are the most famous cojoined twins. I saw a baby and people say he looks like a alein and people can be mean and I never saw Abby and Brittnany get bullied but who knows people did not bully them on the show because maybe they are sorry that they are conjoined.

Mike Tyson

 Mike Tyson is a famous boxer just Like Muhamad Ali. His children names are Miguel Leon Tyson,Exodus Tyson,Rayna Tyson,Mikey Lorna Tyson,Amir Tyson, Morocco Tyson and Milan Tyson.

Mr. Tyson parents names are Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Smith. Mike was born in June 30, 1966 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn New York City. 

Michael Gerard Tyson is his real name and  is  former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. his nick named is  "Iron Mike" and "Kid Dynamite" in his early career. Later on he was called the badest man on the planet and he is the heavy weight champion.

If Mike Tyson and Muhamad Ali was still alive I do not know who would of win in a fight because They are both the greatest boxers of all time.

Muhamad Ali was like the first Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson is the next Muhamad Ali. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Jordan Matter


Jordan Matter is a Youtuber that appeared on Dhar Mann he was in the episdoe with Lizzy Howell. He has also been on his own show and on The Ninja Kids TV. He was born  in October 6, 1966. His daughter Salish Matter does Gynastics she was born in November 29 2009. 

Mr. Matters Parents names are Paula Feiten and Alex Matter those are Salish's grand parents.

I think Salish is friend with Payton Delu Myler because on The Ninja Kids they where doing the Father vs Daughter changllege it with Salish and Payton Vs their fathers in the work outs on what they are doing.

I would like to meet them one day next year and I would like to so them my art work and my blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Jen Widerstrom

 Jen Widerstrom was on The biggest loser and and they replace Jillian Michaels with her "that is probably because Jen is a nicer trainer then Jillian because I have she her on the show." She was born in August 24, 1982 in Downers Grove Illinois.

Norm and Lynn Widerstron are her parents. I think she is nicer Than Jillian Michaels in opinion I do  not know for saw but I think she is Nicer because I have seen her on The Biggest loser before.

Jenniferr  is a fitness model and personal trainer. She appears as a trainer on the television series called The Biggest Loser, replacing Jillian Michaels. She also appeared on American Gladiators, as the female gladiator Phoenix, in 2008 for its second season.

I do not know why those people on the show what Jillian Michaels to be their tranier probably because They want some body to push them beyond there limit when it comes to working out.