Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Lotion keeps you skin not dry. If you do not put any lotion on your skin will crack. You have to put the lotion on yourself.

The person might stop because they are tired to put lotion on.

The other person will say you need to put more lotion on and the person with the dry skin will get irritated for the person keep on tell them put the lotion on over and over again.

You skin would look like a dessert with golden stones if you are light skin.

 If you are dark skinned you skin with look like brown stone and look like brown dry dirt. If you scratch you self it looks like you have chalk on you skin if you have darker skin it will show more because the skin is darker.

What scientist should do is make a machine that put enough lotion on the persons body. The hands would come out of the machine the other side of the machine with pour lotion on the persons skin and the machine hands will rub the lotion on your skin.

I will created that put people have to do it instead of waiting for me to do it if they know who I am. I will created that in the future.

If I am not alive anymore my great great children or my descendants will create it all they have to do is read how I made the machine.

 Finally they can build the machine but it might work a little diffident because we are different people.

Or maybe people should make lotion that if they put not enough lotion on there skin there skin would be not dry.

All they have to do is put the lotion on one part of there body and the health chemicals will good all over there skin to they arms down to there
feet people should create lotion like that in my opinion.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Food we all need to survive and water. These days there are very expensive and some people can not afford  foods and that is not good.

 Lets say you want an apple and you can not afford it.

Like house people live in those houses for days then they can not afford to buy it and they just rent the houses.

If you are buy food at the store and it cost 99 cents then the next time you come it cost 9 dollars.

 If the people that are working in the store keeps changing the price then the food will cost millions of dollars.

So food and water should be cheap and free because we need it to keep us alive and live longer. And house should be cheap and the more bigger the house is the more cheaper it should be the more small the house is the more expensive it should be because bigger houses have more room.

The law and Government should change to treat people fair.

 And they have to treat people fair if they do not and they make bigger houses more expensive and food and drinks cost millions of dollars.

 The person that is doing that should go to jail or even prison if people do that that people should call that human abuse because people need clothes,food, water and shelter to keep us alive.

If this keeps on going people making food more expensive and they do not stop people would look like some of those starving people in Africa.

That is way most of  people that live in Africa are poor because Europeans use to take all of there gold and that was like old fashion  money back then that is why people see more British children more spoiled then children from Africa.

Donald Trump is our presidents and if this keeps on going the way it's going people will make more food expensive.

If people vote for the mean president more that person becomes president.

And if people vote for the mean president more the nice person should be pick president and the law has to change.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cartoon soft ware

Cartoon Software is a great way to be creative. And on television celebrities talk to the cartoon they do not see them but they portent to see them and speak to them. Then people see the cartoon on TV speaking to the person but the celebrity that is on TV dose not see the cartoon.

I have a great idea maybe people should make a soft ware that people get some kind of machine so people can see the cartoon character and They would not be in real life it's like how the machine works.

They press the on button and the real person sees the cartoon and they turn the button off they machine and they do not see the cartoon any more only when the machines on. People should make those kind of machines so people would understand which cartoon they are speaking to.

I would be the first person to make that machine if I just type that they should make those machine on TV.

If I make this machine this is how it works write the script down first get the person that dose the voice of that cartoon the voice of the cartoon can read the script.

Or another way you could do it is type in the script on the soft ware that I created then choose if you cartoon character is going to have a high or a deep voice. Final the cartoon will be like the cartoons you see on TV except nobody does the voices of the cartoons it's just soft ware that is doing that.

 On the soft ware click on to voices. Then People would press the button on the machine if they would like to press the on their computer. Final  if the person wants to see the cartoon if not press the off button so the person can not turn the cartoon off if they do not want to see the cartoon any more on Youtube.

Then the real person has to stand on the side the people and they have to press the machine button  that I created The  famous person would see the cartoon after the interview when the people turn the machine off then people do not see the cartoon any more.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The Cartoon that are Poplar should be off TV right now because people are getting to tried of seeing them even when it's popular. I do not care How Popular it is If is been on TV seen 17 or 70 years like the Wizard of Oz it should be off television period !

So people who make new cartoon that are not popular and they say "we do not have enough people to watch it it's to old on TV." and they take it off.

The creators should not do that because Number One that cartoon Is not to old to be on TV number two if the cartoon just has one season the creators should go on facebook and send other people so they can watch their new cartoon.

They should make a television law that after a television show or a movie has been on TV since 17 to 70 years it should be off TV no matter how popular it is.

Like if some People Like old TV shows and they still want them to be on television and if some people are to tried to watch the old show.

 They should not just keep the show on because some people like it they should take it off even if people never seen Wizard of Oz people so look on the date on the TV guide and a lot of people would say I do not care if I never seen the movie it's to old.

Like The Nickelodeon Show Tak and the Power of Juju has Been on TV on for only 2 years and they only have one season maybe they creator of Tak should get more people to watch there show and they would make more seasons.

The law should be if your Cartoon has been on TV since 1920 it should be off TV and If a Cartoon just got on TV Since now People should not take it off TV they should Just Get more people to watch the show and If they do.

 They would read the date and people  would say "this cartoon is new and I never seen it before lets go watch it."

If hey Person never seen the show and It's Been on TV since 1920 They would say I do not care that I never seen this show I can tell that it's old and I try to find a show that has been on TV since 2016 that is this year I would watch it.

I know a lot of people would say that because people like new shows better then old shows Even if they seen they new show more They can read that the old show has been on TV to long and they do not want to watch it even if they never seen it before and it's new to them it's not new on television.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Art Stuff Why do people throw up when they work out

Art stuff is when people draw and create things on there paper. If they are coloring with marker it bleeds though the paper but people should create a paper for markers that will not bleed though the paper.

When paper do water color it takes for it a long time to dry maybe people that create art stuff should have a blow drier for paint then they can move on  to a new page if they want to draw some thing else.I love to draw art and create stuff a draw more men because my dads says "it's easier to draw men." I agree with him.

And for example if people make dolls they should make a straighter that the doll would not get on fire and  and blow drier just for dolls hair.

Or people could start make furniture and barbie dolls that can not get on fire it would look like the barbies that people usually see.

 Instead the dolls can not get on fire because the artist might have to put some chemical that they create in the paint so the dolls can not get burned it should be a chemical that it is good for there skin or the can not die for the chemical.

 Thee children could just play with it all day long like if the house is on fire the doll can not be burned it would look the some as it came out of the box. Also people should make buildings that can not get on fire and it would be a safe house to live in.

Now we are going to speaking about people working out I watched the biggest Loser and I saw those over weight contestants throwing up I said to my mother "why do they do that ?"

And my mother said "some times people throw up when they work out." So why do people throw up and poop when they work out because they are getting reed of the stuff in there body they do not need and that can make people lose a lot of weight to.

So f people do not sweat .vomit or make caca in the toilet they would not lose the weight and it does not usually happened unless if some thing is wrong in there bodies.