Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez was in the Bernie Mac Show and he played Bernie Mac's nephew named Jordan.

 He was also in the movie Like Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2 and he was also in movies Like The Fat Albert movie and The Land Before time 4 the big Freeze.

Bernie Mac was also in the Madagascar 2 movie that is a cartoon with talking animals. And Madagascar was release in November 7, 2008 and Bernie Mac died August 9, 2008.

People have to make the movie and it takes a couple of years to make the movie and a couple of years before Bernie mac did the voice of one of the characters then the movie was finish then it was going to be released in November 9, 2008.

Jeremey was playing Jordan on the Bernie Mac show and he was bad because he had a mother and a father that has been in jail and left them and that is why Bernie Mac watched them. That is my opinion that is why Jordan Bernie Mac's Nephew was bad and fresh.

 I know that Jordan's parents wear in jail because I heard it when I was watching the show. Suarez was born in July 6, 1990 in Burbank California. His parents names are Oliver James Suarez and Patricia Suarez that died.

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