Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cake Boss and Cupcake war.

Cup cake wars is a show that the judges say to the bakers " Put cheese, hot dog, veggies, condiments and all kind of crap in the Cup Cakes.

" When I saw that I said that disgusting because I did not see any thing like that when I was 12.

 Now I'm 16 years of age I seen that show The Bakers said Who want to put that in a cupcake I knew they were going to say that because putting veggies in a cupcakes is disgusting.

When I make Cup cakes they much better then The cupcakes on cupcake wars because I do put any Veggies. How I make my cupcake They have mostly sugar I put my rainbow and vanilla cupcakes in the oven after I put a lot of frosting.

Cake Boss I think That is a better show Because I never seen those bakers put in veggies, Hot Dogs or cheese in the cake when I watch one episode I could be wrong if they cake show when judge speak to the bakers "put veggies in them."

I will make my own show Cookie Lon because I will never put veggies and crap like Hot Dogs, Condiments the only Condiment that I will put in is butter and frosting that I call frosting a condiment.