Thursday, October 18, 2018

The First Cartoon and Animation ever made

The first cartoon ever made was Fantasmagorie is an 1908 French animated film by Émile Cohl. 

It is one of the earliest examples of traditional (hand-drawn) animation, and considered by film historians to be the first animated cartoon.

One of The first Cartoons that was ever made was Oswald the mouse. Some people want to do animation with cartoons. The first Animation was in

The first animated projection (screening) was created in France, by Charles-Émile Reynaud, who was a French science teacher. Reynaud created the Praxinoscope in 1877 and the Théâtre Optique in December 1888
On 28 October 1892, he projected the first animation in public, Pauvre Pierrot, at the Musée Grévin in Paris.
I would like how to do 2D and 3D animation one day. I would like to learn how to make my own art software I wanted to be a 2D and a 3D animation. 

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