Sunday, May 22, 2016

Broken Bones Don't Break His Spirit.

Some people have very fragile bones which break easily.  Usually older people have more fragile bones.

However fragile bones have been found in little people or what some people refer to as dwarfism. In this edition of Extreme Makeover they cover a young boy who is challenge by both dwarfism and fragile bones.  His bones breaks very easy because he has a bone disease.

This bone disease makes some people's break almost weekly or monthly.

Some children have dwarfism.   My father showed me this video that some of the Dwarfism children are strong.  However if their body parts break easily they might have some kind of disease.   Which affects the bones in their arms, legs, back or neck if they are not careful.

I saw this in the show that my mother used to like Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.   In that episode a boy had dwarfism affected in him in a way that he could break his neck or he could die.

Dwarfism children do not grow very all.   They stay short.   In my opinion it is similar to down syndrome.   Some children challenged by down syndrome do not grow tall but their bones do not break easy unless they also have a bone disease.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Sugarland is a band with a couple of people also known as a duo. It includes a man and a woman singer. The lead singer is Jennifer Nettle.  And the man's name I think is Kristian Bush.

The Sugarland, band where on Dolly Parton's coat of Many Colors.  I remember a little that they where also on the Nick Jr. show "Yo Gababa."

My mom thought that was a crazy show.

I would one day like to meet the Sugarland, in Hollywood, or in Las Vegas.  Jennifer Odessa Nettles, was born in September 12, 1974.

The internet says Jennifer is an American song writer.  Kristian Bush was born in March 14, 1970 Knoxville Tenessee.

Ms. Jen's child is Magnus Hamliton Miller.   Mr. Bush's children are Tucker Bush and Camille Bush.

In reference to Mr. Kristian's parents it does not say who his parents are but maybe the Internet will include their identities in the future.

Sometimes celebrities parents are not on popular websites.   Maybe some celebrities parents names are just not on the internet to protect their privacy.

Perhaps their parents are on an unpopular website and therefore a lot of people do not know about them.

Jennifer's mother is Carla Temple, I did not know exactly what happened to her other parent - her father.   If I knew I would include it in this blog post.  The Internet can usually be a great way to find background information on celebrities and all soughts of people.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club is a show on television that girls fight and pull or yank each others hair.

 I used to watch it but my father says "it's going to make you act like those girls on that show." "You'll want to yank people's hair" he has often stated.

I showed my mother and she said "you and nobody needs to be watching this."  She is a good mother.

One of the girls in my class room also watched the show in the past.   But she said "I do not watch it because it is not going to help you in life."

 They should change the name to Bad Women's Club.  Because the women are older than teenagers.

That is like having grown men in a show and calling it the Bad Boys Club.  They are men not boys is my point.  I saw something on Youtube called Bad Boys Club. The men were of course rougher than the ladies probably because men have testosterone.  Testosterone tends to make men more aggressive.

I met a Girl that was meaner then those girls in Bad Girls Club.  She and her friend attacked a poor girl on the school bus.   I helped the other girl who was being attacked.  The bully girl knew after that I was not a pushover.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Caleel Harris

Caleel Harris, does the voice of Clyde from "The Loud House."  Clyde to me looks like a boxer. He has a karate poster in his room in the show.

 Clyde happens to be my favorite character on the show because he looks like a cartoon version of Nat Wolff, but like a Black version.  My  father said "you like a black guy?" when I watched the show.

I gave the cartoon character Clyde the nickname "Clyde the Slide" because Clyde and Slide rhyme.

Caleel Harris' birthday listed online.  This is probably because he happens not to be popular enough at the time.  He will have to get older and more established to have his parent names or his date of birth online.  I read he is the younger brother of Curtis Harris.

The character Clyde is an only child.  I thought Caleel was an only child because the creator let him do the voice of the boy that happens to be an only child.   I know I shouldn't pre-judge people based on entertainment characters they play.  But now I know better.

I know he was on other Nickelodeon shows like "Sam and Cat", and also Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.   I also read he was in a Life Time movie "Call Me Crazy: a Five Film."   Life Time, is a women's focused channel on television.   That channel has more drama movies and shows.  Most of those stories are based on actually true stories.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Loud House

The Loud house is the new Nickelodeon cartoon. It's about Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and Lincoln Loud.

  It's about His has sisters named Luna, Lana, Lola, Lucy ,Lori, Leni, Lynn,  Luan, Lily and Lisa.

So Lincoln is the only brother in the house when I saw the show Lincoln kind of bullies his sisters and Clyde agrees with because he is Lincoln's good friend.

Lincoln Loud is the only boy in the house but when Clyde McBride comes there are the only couple of boys in the house that bullies the girls that is the way I look at the story Clyde has a crush on Lincoln's older sister Lori that already has a boy friend named Bobby.

Clyde is to young to date Lori Bobby and Lori are like the same age but Clyde is younger. Lincoln Loud is my second favorite character of this show but in this story you want to know who my first favorite character is in this story Clyde.

 The creator Chris Savino might make the episode of Bobby and Clyde fighting over Lori the girl Clyde might not even care he is too young.

If you have a crush on some one that is too old like 90 or too young like an infant people should have a crush on other people in there age group.