Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Presidents of the United States

All of the Presidents of The United States have been all men there are no women.

This is probably why all men have been the presidents it's because in the olden days men where more in control more than women and men had the power and the strengths.

I first president of the United state's is George Washington then we already had a first African American president named Barack Obama and our President now in 2017 is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the oldest man to became president that is because he started to become president at age 70 what I mean is when men started to become presidents there are usual younger then 70.

Trump was born in June 14, 1946 in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York City. He is  6 feet two inches and his spouses are Ivana Zelníček Trump, Melania Knavs Trump and Marla Maples.

I do not like Donald trump because his says bad things about Muslims and he insults women and he said " he was going to punch a woman in the face." Their was this guy one time I saw on TV and he said " I would like to punch Donald Trump in the face."  

I think Donald Trump is a pain in the neck and he is racists I am sorry but I really wanted to be the first woman president.

I was on the E train in New York city and I made an announcement on the train and I said "we have to many male presidents how about a woman for a chance and if there to many male presidents I will became the first female president." All the women have been clapping for me on the train.

Trump children's names are Ivanka Trump, Barron Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump.

Before Donald Trump was Presidents he had a TV show and the show was like he choose which person is going to get fired and he owned an apartment and he did not rent apartments the African Americans that is what my mother heard on the internet.

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