Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Abigail Breslin

Today will be talking about Abigail Breslin. She was born in April 14,1996.  She was in the movies Nim's Island, New Years Eve, and Little Miss Sunshine.

When I was younger at six years old, I wanted to watch Little Miss Sun Shine, because it had a little girl in the movie.

But my father said no "because it had bad words in it."  And he felt it was an adult movie.  I was a little sassy about it but as I got older they let me watch it.  That is because I am older and more mature enough to watch it now.

I have also heard and know those words (like profanity) that older people are saying in the movie.  Now the movies I am allowed to see are PG 13 or even sometimes rated R.  It depends on what type movie it is whether my parents will let me watch the film.

I always ask my father " am I your Little Miss Sunshine" then he usually replies "yes you are my only Sunshine".

I am also interested in making movies.  Some of the movies I want to make are like PG 13, rated R, or just PG movies.

I also want to create my own cartoons.  I would like the cartoons I make and own to be seen on television on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. My father says my own "cartoons are getting to be as good as the cartoons on television."  That has made me feel very very very happy!

Abigail Breslin's parents names are Micheal Breslin and her mother is Kim Breslin. I am trying to make my own cartoons that I created more popular than the popular cartoons now.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Tina Fey

Today will be talking about Tina Fey, she was on the movie Mean Girls, the movie with Amy Poheler.

Tina was born in May 18, 1970.  She was also in the show 30 Rock, with Maulik Pancholy, that does the voice of the cartoon character Sanjay (from Sanjay and Craig on Nickelodeon). Fey was also in the movies Muppets, and Admission with my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff.

Also Tina was in the movie Baby Mama, with Amy Poehler.  In my opinion Tina Fey is in a lot of movies with Amy Poehler, because probably they want to be in the same movies together.  No doubt, they are just good best friends who like to make movies together.

One time I saw A Interview of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on the same video.  In the movie Mean Girls, Ms. Fay played the teacher and Ms. Poehler played one of the mean girl's mothers.

Tina Fey's parents are Donald Fey and her mother is Zenobia Xenakes.  Ms. Tina has a couple of daughters named Penelope Athena Richmond, and her other daughter's is named Alice Zenobia Richmond.

Tina was married to Jeff Richmond. It says online he is her spouse.   My father says spouse means "that you marry some one in a wedding."

Sometimes Tina Fey, wears glasses.  Other times she does not probably because she is getting older.

When she was in the movie Baby Mama, Fey's character in some parts of the movie did not get along with Poehler's character.  But at the end of that movie they managed to get along much better.

Both of them at one time I remember that my father said "I thought they were friends in this movie."

Well it is a good thing that possibly Tina Fey and Amy Poheler are in the same movie because they might be best friends with each other.  Or maybe their family's get along very - very - very well.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Helping People who are Over Weight

Today will be talking about some adults that are over weight.  Before when I was a lot  younger I thought that humans are over weight at 500 pounds.

I thought that people over 500 pounds would die because they were too heavy.  I didn't think people could survive or weigh more than 500 pounds.

However, I learned that there are people who weigh 900 pounds and even more on rare occasions.  I know people are 900 pounds and more because they eat a lot of food and do not work out.

Or they eat foods with a lot of calories in them.  On the health and weight lose shows like Biggest Loser, the gym couches often yell at over weight contestants.   One of the women on the show the Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, a fitness coach constantly yells at over weight participants.

There are other shows like "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss," that is similar to the Biggest Loser.  Similar shows on the Health Channel, are My 600 Pound Life, or My 600 pound mom.

On the show 600 Pound Mom, she ate a lot of food and yelled at her daughters, because they would not give her any more junk food.  She would hide the soda under her own bed on the show.

Then they showed the 600 pound mother a year later.  At the end of the show she actually died.  It made me cry a lot and yell.  It made me feel sad and disgusted because the 600 pound mother was hard headed and it cost her - her life.

Obviously, it's not easy to stop eating junk food when you continue to eat it although you know you could die or have serious health complications.  Being over weight is a serious health problem and issue.

In my opinion the waiters and the owners of restaurants should be concerned that people don't overeat.  If they see a person 900 pounds usually they just give them what they want to eat without regard to their health.

They should be more concerned about the well being of their customers and not just making money selling food.  A person's life is more important than making money.

If a person just eats fatty and unhealthy foods at a restaurant and dies or has to go to the hospital, it was very selfish for the restaurant waiters and owners to just let them overeat.  They again should care about the value of human life and not just money.

If waiters that work in the restaurant see that people are too heavy like 900 pounds they should try to convince them to not over eat. If they just give them lots of unhealthy food it shows that they are more concerned with making a lot of money (in their job) than people's well being.

In my own opinion if the manager or waiter was laughing at an overweight person then that is very rude.  But if the waiter or the owner is trying to be nice to the person and says "I do not want you to get sick" this shows they are very concerned about the person dying from eating to much unhealthy food.

Then the 900 pound person may still get very upset because they are used to eating a lot of food.  Or may be they should be more grateful for the concern and help.

Although other customers might say to the waiter that was very rude.  I feel that customers would be kind of rude to the waiter.  This is because the waiter is trying to help a person who is overweight.

Restaurants should change the rules on how they do business.  Just like when waiters become concerned when a person has had too much wine or alcohol to drink, they should also be concerned about how much food an overweight person eats especially if they're 900 pounds.

If a person is average size or weight they shouldn't be as concerned about what they eat as a person who is extremely overweight like 500 and more pounds.

Checkout the Biggest Loser video starring Jullian Michaels

Benjamin Flores Jr.

Today will be talking about Benjamin Flores Jr.  He is on the show Haunted Hathaway's on Nickelodeon.  Benjamin was born in July 23, 2002.

Flores was known as Little Peanut, that's possibly his nick name.  He was also in the movie Happy Feet 2.

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee.   In my movies I would like him to play my step brother.  In my own movies that I will create Benjamin Flores Jr., is an actor or a younger rapper.

He also is a dancer and singer.  But I do not know what he sings at this point.  However, I usually am pretty familiar with the songs and music or other young celebrities.

Benjamin is also on the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans, and Nickelodeon's Christmas movie Santa Haunters. Benjamin Flores Jr., to some people is the favorite Celebrity.

Although Benjamin is too young to be my favorite celebrity, I think he has a great future in entertainment ahead of him in my own opinion.  I am not trying to hurt his own feelings real bad.

Some people do not like some celebrity's because probably the way their dressed,the people that's do not like some celebrity's they are jealous they are not famous or they have family's that have no money that have poor parent's and also born poor not rich and famous. 

Famous people do have fans maybe some people like some celebrity's because they let them became famous, they like their clothes or obsessed with them Benjamin Flores Jr. he is 12 years old boy.

So far I just like him a good amount not little but not a lot I am not obsessed with him and I do not have a big crush if I ever meet him I would just like him as a friend or a coworker for my movies I am getting a lot better in taking pictures and on the internet.

One when I  sang on stage people gave me money because that is how celebrity's get money if their very talented or a very good singer.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Laine MacNeil

Today will be talking about Laine MacNeil.  She was in the movie called Mr.Troop Mom, starring George Lopez.

She was born in October 28 1998 in Vancouver, Canada.  Laine MacNiel, also played the mean girl Patty Farrell. In the movie "Dairy of the Wimpy Kid."

Now Patty Farrell's character is mean to everyone including Greg Heffley.  The actor that plays Greg Heffley, is Zachary Gordon.  Patty Farrel was mean to Greg Heffley.

My teachers opinion was Patty is mean to Greg because she has a crush on him.  If a boy mean to a girl it's not always they hate girls. Some times boys are mean to girls because they like the girl.  This is called wanting negative attention.

It is similar or the same thing when girls are mean to boys.  Sometimes what they seeking to get their attention although they are using negative ways to get it.

Just now I just read on Wikipedia, that Laine MacNeil, was born in 1996.  So the information on Wikipedia isn't always accurate.  So some times on Wikipedia.com dates change a little and may not be consistent.  In my own opinion since different people contribute on Wikipedia inconsistencies are a part of the way the website is made.

In the movie Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Patty and Greg wrestled each other in one part of the movie.  In my opinion girls should not wrestle at all because it's a boys sport.  Karate, Kick Boxing, or Kung Fu are all boys sports in the movie.  One of the reasons Patty is mean to Greg because Greg was been bullying and mean to Patty.

That's probably why the teachers in the movie are not so nice to Greg and also nicer to Patty. Because probably Patty told the whole story to her own Principal or the school Superintendent.  This is why her teachers were not as amiable to Greg as they were to her.

There is a part of the the movie when Greg said Patty "has a face just like a rat" or calls Patty "fat."

That's not very nice to say to a girl or young lady.   Then years later, in same the movie, Patty Farrell, she says she is going to "Beat up Greg Heffley."

Patty Farrel, in the movie, became meaner in movie as time went on.  I would like my character in my movies to beat up Patty Farrel.

When I was in 7th grade my teacher said I am stronger then Patty Farrel.  Because My 7th grade teacher said you have bigger muscles than Patty Farrel.

A lot my teachers think I am stronger than Patty Farrell.  My father says I am Stronger than a lot of girls my age.  Or a few year younger or older.  My father says "most females do not do standard push ups."   My father says "I am as strong as some boys."

Miley Cyrus

Today will be talking about Miley Cyrus.  She was on the Disney channel show called Hanna Montana.

Now she is singing on K.T.U radio.  Miley Cyrus' father is Billy Ray Cyrus.  And Miley Cyrus' mother is Tish Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus, was born in November 23, 1992 but she was born in the Franklin, Tennessee. Miley Ray Cyrus was  born as Destiny Hope Cyrus,  November 23, 1992.  She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.  Her father is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

She held minor roles in the television series Doc and the film Big Fish in her childhood.

 In 2006, Cyrus rose to prominence as a teen idol after being cast in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana , in which she portrayed the starring character Miley Stewart.

 After signing a recording contract with Holly wood Records in 2007, Cyrus released her debut studio album Meet Miley Cyrus.

It was certified quadruple  platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for exceeding four million shipments, and produced the hit single "See you Again".

In 2008, Cyrus released her second album Break out, which featured the successful track "7 things", and launched her film career as the voice actress in the animated film Bolt.

 In 2009, Cyrus starred in the feature film Hannah Montana the movie; its soundtrack  produced the hit single "The Climb". Cyrus developed a maturing image with the EP The Time Of Our Lives (2009), which featured the successful track "Party  in the U.S.A".
 The transition continued with her third album Can't Be Tamed (2010); the title track would become another top ten for Cyrus, however, it made little commercial impact and became the lowest-selling record of her career. Later that year, Cyrus starred in the coming-of- age- film The last song.

 During its production, she was involved in an on-again off-again relationship with her co-star Liam Hemsworth; the couple ultimately separated after ending their year-long engagement in 2013.

Miley Cyrus birth or real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nat Wolff

Today will be talking about Nat Wolff he was born in December 17 1994.

 Nat Wolff use to be on the show The Naked Brother Band on Nickelodeon.

 Now Nat Wolff is doing movies like Stuck in love before it was called writers now they changed the name Behaving Badly the movie were Nat Wolff was in with Selena Gomez.

 I header Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up Because in my own opinion Selena Gomez was in the movie with Nat Wolff but Nat Wolff and Selena Gomez are not Boyfriend and girlfriend they are just good friends.

  Nat Wolff was in the movie called the Faults in or Stars and other movie coming out called Paper Towns.

 I met Nat Wolff at a concert in New Jersey I said to him do you want to marry me than he said sure I said to him I love you Than he says I love you to.

 He was born in the state Los Angele's California but he lives in New York City I wanted to follow Nat Wolff when I was at the concert but I did not Because I want him to love me to Nat Wolff in my opinion is the most handsome boy on this planet.

Nat Wolff's father is Micheal J.Wolff and he's mother is Polly Draper.

 When I was in 7th grade I asked one of the teachers do you know Polly Draper than she said yes I asked is Polly draper a cook or a baker the teacher did not know at first than she told a friend of her now I know now Polly Draper is more of a baker.

 The teacher she said Polly Draper is a nice women and Polly Draper is a good mother at the concert I kissed Nat Wolff on the check. Now I have a picture of him and me and I am not going to delete the picture every again.

 I will keep it for ever because I had a huge crush on him for 10 years. Nat Wolff's favorite sport is Basketball. Now I know I am going to met him every day in the future Nat Wolff is my man to me.

 I would like to be his future wife in my opinion I know it's going to happen one time I was in the store I saw a toy magic ball I asked first do you know Nat Wolff than it said "yes" than I said to it am I going to marry Nat Wolff and it said "yes" it made me feel very very very happy and love struck.

At the concert one time I gave Nat Wolff a Valentines Day card.

The next time I see him I want to bring Nat cookies Justin Bieber got arrested called black people the N word that is why I do not like Justin Bieber.

 I love Nat Wolff because he never says those things and he is very nice boy and Nat Wolff is the most handsome boy on the planet. Him and his Bother looked at me like I was a Little crazy because I was yelling at the fans little because I felt like the fans where being a little slow or I wanted to see Nat.

Tyler James Williams

Today will be talking about Tyler James Williams was born in October 9 1992 born in Westchester county  in New York the state.

 He's parents are the father is Le'Roy Williams and the mother is Angela Williams.

 Tyler James Williams was in the movie Let it Shine, Walking Dead and the show Every body Hates Chris they named the show that because the way Chris Rock was treated as a child Every Body Hates Chris is that Chris Rock speaks about the story when he was a young boy.

 I agree that Chris Rock Got spanked when he was young because that's how it was in the olden days a lot of people believe in  spanking their own children.

  Because that's what it says in the old testament but in the new testament it says people should not spank any more but people still do it because they are use to it and had to do with slavery in court people say it's not abuses when your spanking your own child but beating your own children taking food away or drinks that's an abuses because they can die.

People read in the bible that God Believes in spanking because spare the rode spoil the child.

 I do not Believe God Believes in spanking in my opinion God really says to the parents stop spanking you children it is very horrible.

 My father says a rode is like you measure some thing or some point.

 Thank god my father does not believe in spanking my father is a very nice man and helps  protecting me.

  Tyler James Williams in the show Every Body Hates Chris  Tyler James Williams plays this boy Chris when he was a younger boy Chris Rock was not in the show but in the back round he spoke.

 How he was treated as a  child but all that Chris Rock is speaking how he was treated I believe all that he says about Chris Rocks Life the creators probably made it more funny because they do not want other people or their fans on this show to get very upset.

 Every Body Hates Chris was on Nickelodeon or other channels before when I was younger I thought that Every Body Hate Chris the show only comes on Nickelodeon channel but now I know it comes on other channels instead.

On one Episode on the show Every Body Hates Chris that Chris brother and sister made the prank call to the police than the mother got very upset.

 Making a prank call to the police or fire department is not funny if you make a prank call the police it's a fire or explosion happening and it's not that is not cool it's very ugly or if you pull the fire alarm and the child says that's a joke or a prank It's not very nice or it's not funny!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amy Poehler

Today will be speaking about Amy Poehler she was born in September 16 1971.


She was in the movie Mean Girls,Baby Mama, Monsters vs. Aliens and the Nickelodeon cartoon that she is the creator of The Mighty B!

 Amy Poehler does the voice of Bessie Higginbottom  from the show The Mighty B !

 Some people say that I think Amy Poehler was supposed to be Bessie when Amy Poehler was younger.

 One time I saw Amy Poehler with her own glasses in my own opinion she tryed to look like Bessie.

 One time my own father said that "Amy Poehler looks like Bessie" I said "Amy Poehler does not look like Bessie"

 On the show Bessie live in the state California in the town San Francisco it has a lot of hills.

 I want to be come famous going to Nickelodeon studios or people taking images also I want to be a very poplar celebrity for years or have a lot of fans.

 But my own father has said I think you will be come famous actually my own father was on television before also he is going to do a Documentary how the church works for the community in Queens New York.

 I would like to film it or make it the most famous movie in the whole planet my fathers friend said your famous but you just don't know it.

 Before I speak to my own father do you want to live in Nevada but my father use to say no but his is changing his own mind because in the winter in New York City it gets very cold or freezing.

I stared drawing for nine years now my cartoons is getting to be my like the cartoons on television.

 One time I wrote a letter to the creator of my favorite cartoon Sanjay and Craig because my Teacher said she has a friend that is the creator of Sanjay and Craig.

 My teacher probably knows how to give letters to other celebrity's because she has a friend that a famous person that draws cartoons.

  My own father works for celebrity's to when I sang on the stage one time were my dad works for celebrity's those people gave me money.

 One time when I when with my aunt I met the celebrity's Sherry Shepherd I wanted to also meet Keke Palmer but I almost met her but I did not because she was sick that day my father works for famous jazz artist one day I want to met Amy Poehler some day at a concert in the state Nevada.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alanna Ubach

Today will be talking about Alanna Ubach the last time I read that she had 2 children.

 She was born in October 3 1975 in the state California.

  Her parent's are her father is Rodolfo Ubach and her mother is Sinda Ubach.

 She does movies like waiting,Legally Blonde Bad Teacher and Meet the Fockers also she does television shows like El Tigre the Adventures of Manny Rivera Alanna Ubach does the voice of Manny Rivera  on Nickelodeon also Alanna does the voice of Ansi Molina on the show Welcome to the Wayne on Nickelodeon.

Manny Rivera's personality is  
For the most part, Manny Rivera is a well-meaning kid with the energy and the spirit of a hero.

 But Manny is no goody-two-shoes. He's also got some serious supervillain potential.

 When he spins his mystical belt buckle, Manny transforms into the brave and powerful El Tigre, who struggles with whether to use his superpowers for good or evil.

 And sometimes evil wins.

 At times Manny will do the wrong things for the right reasons, at other times he'll do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons, and sometimes he'll even do the right thing for the right reasons.

 But mostly he's just looking for new and exciting adventures for himself and his best friend, Frida.

On Welcome to the Wayne Ansi Molina's personality is Ansi Molina is a reserved and proper young boy and the newest resident of The Wayne.

 Obsessed with cleanliness and orderliness, he can often be seen cleansing his hands with a small bottle of hand sanitizer or adjusting his Lego-like toy that is called Gleekos on the show creations he built to match the pictures on the box.

 Ansi makes it known that he hates confined spaces and doesn't like to touch others. He also has amateur knowledge of Kendo and a fighting spirit Kendo is a type of Karate.

Monday, June 22, 2015

I eat a lot of Cookies and cake or poor and rich children

Today will be talking about I eat a lot of cake and cookies or poor and rich children.

 most people love cookies but the poor people that don't have any thing are very poor.

 They didn't even try cookies yet in stead they eat rice not the rice in the United States but in the country Africa when poor people live in Africa they eat rice with their hands not the kind of rice we have.

 sleep on dirty floor's or drink a lot of dirty water most people are more poor in the country Africa because in the olden day's Africa had a lot of gold then the European's took the African peoples gold.

Like Native American's they welcomed the white people but the White people do not respect them back than but now 2015.

 We do not see Native American people that much any more Because people took over their land but they are A lot of Native American's but most people mite think their Spanish because a lot of Native American's are lighter skin.

 But back in the olden days Native American's skin was more reddish color  But it's not nice to call Native American's red or it' not Nice to call Asian people yellow because they have a different history than African American's or Caucasian American's.

 I see more black  people poor and white people more rich when I was a lot younger I didn't not know why Black people are more poor or white people more rich now I know because it's just this society.

 But People in the south are races because back in the olden days in the 1960's that's where people were more races and Black's and whites were fighting Dr.Martin Luther King help every one in any color but before all of this it was any ugly part white people had more gun's black people were not allowed to have any feeling's.

 But now African American's, Caucasian,Asian American's, Native American's, Spanish American's or Native American's are allowed to have a lot of feeling's Caucasian people are more races still in the south of 2015.

 Because people are used to it in the south I heard that a black boy got shot by white boy's some times the police do not do nothing in the south if a black person does some thing wrong the police get them arrested but if a white person does some thing wrong the police do not do any thing.

I say to my self I hope one of my family members do not live in south east  because I do not want a white person that is mean or sick to murder my family.

 I hate murder's Hitler in the olden days was a killer Joseph Kony is a murder Joesph Kony will try to murder any body Native, Black,White,Spanish or Asian people  but I hate him to I hate Murder's.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Cake's or cookies

Today will be talking about cakes.

You know the show cake boss the chief's makes cakes like crazy.

 But when I was a lot younger the cake's taste bitter with all the color die but a year ago if I taste cake with a lot of food color now it taste not bitter is just taste sweet the chief's probably make cake or frosting very sweet because if people say to the chief's oh the cake taste a little bitter.

  The chief's are probably making it sweeter ever year because it mite hurt the chief's feeling's if people speak to them it taste not good or bitter that's probably why that the cakes with a lot of color the chiefs put a lot of honey if they are make honey cake or honey cookies or making a cake with a lot of color die put a lot of sugar in it.

 Cup Cakes wars is a show that People have to make the cupcakes with Veggies,meat like hot dogs,cheese or food condiments and that's sounds despicable or discussing one of the cup cakes on the show they had to put discussing stuff in the cup cake like meat they say it looks more meat than a cup cake I'm sore those cup cakes do not taste sweet or taste Discussing cup cake I'm glad I do not have to make cup cake discussing.

I make Lemon cakes with cream cheese or vanilla frosting, yellow cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting, a fun fetti cake with white frosting with rainbow sprinkles or a white cake just with plain white frosting the cookies that I make is chocolate chip cookies,cream cheese cookies,lemon cookies or sugar cookies with rainbow or pink sprinkles with white frosting.

 When I was younger when I mix the cookie dough or cake mix when I was 3 to 6 after my arm was hurting the flour was still on the bottom of the bowl I
did not put cake or cookies in the oven.

 but now I mix the cookie dough and the cake mix with out my arms hurting than there is no more flour of the bottom of the bowl now I put the cookies and The cake's in the oven.

Miranda Cosgrove

Today will be talking about Miranda Cosgrove.

 she was on the show called I Carly on the channel Nickelodeon know she not doing a lot but started to do a lot again she does the voice of cartoons like one  cartoon she was despicable me she does the voice of Margo.

 One time a saw Miranda Cosgrove on stage were I used too live in New Jersey.

 The fans were dancing like crazy but before a even went to the Miranda Cosgrove consent my father said Miranda Cosgrove is coming to New Jersey than I ask Question's a lot about Miranda Cosgrove than my father said why did I say that.

 I know why he said it because my father knows I Like Miranda Cosgrove.

  after the concert I wanted to meet Miranda Cosgrove.

 Also she has done Television show on Nickelodeon called I Carly Miranda Cosgrove played Carly Shay on one episode the present Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama was on the show I Carly.

 She was dancing with Carly a lot also she was on the commercial of Nickelodeon world wide day of play.

Miranda Cosgrove was born in May 14,1993 in Los Angeles California she look very pretty but Miranda Cosgrove is tall for a 22 year old younger girl .

She was discovered at a young age singing and dancing around a table in a restaurant, where an agent saw her talent and quickly signed her. Miranda's career started with commercials for Burger King, McDonalds and more as she auditioned for many roles and finally won her first role as the band's manager in the movie, School of Rock (2003).

Jennette Mccurdy

Today will be talking about Jennette Mccurdy.

 In the channel Nickelodeon is on was on the show called I Carly her character is Sam is  mean on the show I Carly always bulling Freddy Benson on the show if I see her in real life or I play a character on the show that is mean to bully's.

 I would like the character Freddy or Carly say to Sam we know a girl that is strong than you Sam.

 And she Might ask Freddy or Carly is she mean Freddy might say not if you mean to others.

 Because I watched the show I Carly before and there's was one time when I was young I used to get stick on I Carly.

 Than Sam mite say to Freddy Benson that who is this girl what does she look like than Freddy might say to Sam I do Know she does not have Blonde hair like you or I would like to be on I Carly My Character beating up Sam.

Than Freddy might say don't worry Sam you meet her one day.

 If Sam keeps on asking Carly mite say Sam she dose not have blonde hair Brown eye darker skin her hair is long and Brown in plus she has african locks.

 That's what Freddy Benson or Carly Shay might say If my character on I Carly that's sees Sam Puckett I would loved to say "Blondie you do not know who you messing with!"

 Than Sam mite say to Carly what my characters say Carly mite say she's  right you don't know who your messing with Sam.

I would like my character to beat up Sam Puckett if she put her hands on my character first in the show I Carly I will like my characters named to be Maggie Than Sam might say about my character that she has brunette dreads not blond hair Carly or Freddy might say that's not nice Sam there better than Dreads they call them African locks.

But now I Carly is not on television any they have reruns Jennette Mercury was on Sam and Cat than the last time I saw it on television it said Sam and Cat last episode because they are growing up.

Some time children make me upset if they do not do the right thing I do not want to hurt people.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movies and the TV shows that are comdey or drama

today will be talking about movies and the TV shows that are comedy or drama.

You know that Nickelodeon cartoons they say there more comedy.

 But in my opinion Nickelodeon cartons are more drama because some times on the cartoons the children talk really dis respectful too there own parents some of the cartoons they make the Adults just allow them yelling at them or in the cartoon the adults yell at the children a lot.

 When I saw the commercial on the  video on  You Tube the movie I here called The Campaign I saw the clip that a man was punching a baby in the face.

 It said is was a very funny clip well actually it's not funny Because when a person might watch this video they might pick it up from the movie when the person does that in real life they get arrested for years.

 I know it's an adult movie when the creators make that stuff they should not do that because a grown adult could pick that beaver up even when it's an adult movie it's still not funny to show a grown man punching a baby in the face.

 Actually that very serious in my opinion  to me that sounds more drama when that creators say that comedy  in my opinion the creators of the movie got problems or in my opinion the creators are just mean to others, mental problems or sick in the head.

When a grown man punches a baby in the face or an body that's bigger or stronger I would  like to hurt the person real bad when they are attacking  babies because there are very sick in the head or started attacking them when they are attacking a baby because most people hate to see that the grown man in the movie the creators created that's just horrible because there are grown men that are very disrespectful to others or not gentleman.

 I know that grown men will beat up women because there usually taller,bigger or stronger than women but I do not like when grown men punching babies in the face I do not care how strong,tough,tall or bigger  when the mothers are to scared to fight grown men when no body else is around just the mother and the baby that's when I usually step in when any grown man beats up baby's that's when I want to start beating up the
person that is stronger or tougher than the baby.

Like even when a grown man does not mean to punch the baby I want to yell at them when a  grown man usually says "sorry" to the baby I  want to say do not be sorry just be careful. Grown punch baby's in real life the baby's will get very hurt or killed or murder that clip that the creators show it is not funny!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ariana Grande

Today  will be talking about Ariana Grande is 21 years old she was born June 26,1993.

She was on Nickelodeon the channel with Victoria Justice than Sam and Cat the show on Nickelodeon one time I almost met her on Nickelodeon world wide day of play I saw her sing a lot on stage.

 When I went to Nickelodeon world wide day of play I saw big huge pictures of my favorite cartoons.

 Now in my opinion Ariana Grande should do some thing else besides be on the Channel Nickelodeon.

 she Should be doing any adult movies.

 Ariana Grande is just doing children's movies a lot she should do something else with her own life will it's a good thing that Ariana Grande is on K.T.U radio station singing her own songs.

Ariana Grande when I was three years old I Didn't know her at all but now I know Her a Good Amount Ariana Grande was born in Boca  Raton , Florida the state and the town Ariana Grande Mother is  Joan Grande and her father is Eward Butera.

 Ariana Grande songs are Love me Harder, Break free, Piano,The way and Honey Moon Avenue I sing Ariana Grande 's Song Piano a lot .

I would Like Ariana Grade To be the McDonald 's work young women in my own movies do the voices  of some of my ow cartoons maybe 3 to 5 of them also my Father loves better than other celebrity's and famous people that are very poplar because I am my Father only Daughter.

 I do not have any Bothers and sister the only People that are similar like my siblings are my older or younger cousins I look at them lie my only Bother and Sisters even when their not but still I see them more like siblings most of the time in my house I feel very lonely unless I see my younger cousin that are 9 to 15 years old.

 I want them to be at my party or more live or live very close like my neighbors but I don't have any bothers and sisters because my parents had a lot of problems or a lot of issues.

 But I see my cousin a lot more often than 9 years ago but still my older or younger cousins are like my  bothers and sisters a lot even if I don't see then a lot.

Most people have Bothers or sister in the old days people had 5 to 9 children now people can't afford 8 or 10 children like the olden day olden days   now people have one or a couple of children.

Alli Simpson

Today will be talking about Alli Simpson.

 Her parents are Brad Simpson is the father and Angie Simpson is the mother.

 Alli Simpson was born  April 24,1998.

 Alli Simpson lives in Los Angles California my celebrity's and famous people live in New York City or California because that obvious famous people usually live in New York City or California because that were the television places are.

Alli Simpson's birth place was Golcoast Queensland Australia.

One time I saw the news when I was walking down to New York City I see that a lot if we even going to New York  City annd my father works for celebrity's and other famous people they are famous jazz artist who make a lot of music on the stage.

Alli Simpson worked with  Madison Pettis in the video on the website on the internet called You Tube.

 Madison Pettis does the voice of cartoons when I was younger I did not know Madison Pettis could do the voice of cartoons I thought that was not really her thing now I know a lot that Madison Pettis does the voice of cartoons.

 But one day I  will like her to be a voice of my cartoons that I  created.

 When I remember Alli Simpson on Television she goes shopping at the mall that a lot of teen male and female celebrity's love or very obsessed with buying very nice clothes.

 Alli Simpson  is a very Beautiful young women Like Madison Petttis or Lannie Macneil that plays the mean girl Patty Farrel on Dairy of the wimpy kid full movie.

 I wish that I lived in Nevada the State because the state Nevada is much bigger than New Jersey I used to see Miranda Cosgrove in Mountclair New Jersey.

 That in my own opinion is one of the worst States on the planet and also in my own opinion that Nevada is one of the best states because I want to see celebrity's for years non stop also Nevada is a better and hotter place to  live.

 But when I turn on the heater in the winter I speak to my father is it hot like the state Nevada then my own father says yes.

For years I want to become famous I didn't asked my own father because when I was three I wanted to become a famous girl but I was younger my father says you are going to become famous but my fathers friend says your famous you just don't known it yet.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Today will be talking about Rihanna she was born in February 20 1988 in Saint  Micheal Parish Barbados.

 Rihannna sings on K.T.U radio station also she sing E,m Monster,Please don't stop the music,break the dishes,sell me candy and Question existence.

Rihanna also does the voice of this cartoon her in the movie called Home.

 I know that because I think one time my Aunt told me that I did not now that Rihanna did the voice of cartoons until now.

 I know a lot about it Because when I was 3 years old to 6 years old I didn't know who does the voice of cartoons  now I Know Every body who does the voice of cartoons.

 And who direct them Produces them also who is the creator of the cartoons.

Also in 2009 Rihanna got beat up buy Chris Brown.

 When I was in the third grade children in my class mates said Rihanna got in trouble and she got beat up buy Chris Brown he punches Rihanna in the face know I saw one picture of it the paparazzi also says things that is now true their making the celebrity's like the bad guys because that is their job.

 I  wish they can change like I also wish that the paparazzi will speak the whole truth and change their job like if they are chasing a celebrity or famous person.

 I also wish their bosses get them Fired in 9 seconds like when I was younger I didn't know why they had a lot of commercials but now know now that the Celebrity's and famous people have to take a break.

 Because if their boss says the is no commercials the Celebrity's and famous people will get very Nasty or wont want to be come famous any more because it's not fair if they have to do the work and people just care about watching their favorite show relaxing only caring about they favorite famous celebrity on television.

  The people that don't care about celebrity's feelings are people are just very very very Bratty,spoiled or selfish.

I do not like Chris brown because first over all he went to court second of all he has a bad temper in my opinion he just not a gentleman and mean third of all he abuses women and hurts them a lot that's why I do not like Chris Brown.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Every Adult or childrens movies or shows

 Today will be talking about every adult or children's shows and movies.

One of the adult movies that I watches mouths ago was Girl Fight theirs one movie that is a girl that's boxing and one that just bases on a true story.
when I was three years old I use to watch the channel P.B.S Kids spout now I watch Nickelodeon,Nick toons or Teen Nick.
 9 mouths ago I watch Madea the Girl Fight Movie One of them I saw was a girl was training how to be a boxer the girl in this movie did push ups on one leg in the beginning of this movie The other girl was talking balk to an adult and was being mean than the girl that was training how to be a boxer she got into a Fight with the mean girl than the girl that was training to be a boxer she got into a lot  of trouble in school.

the other Girl fight movie is bases on a true story in the beginning of this movie the girls were watching girls pulling each others hair than the blonde hair girl tried to tell the dark hair girl what the red headed girl's hair what she wrote online than the dark haired girl did not believe what the blonde hair girl was saying until the blonde hair girl showed the dark hair girl on the internet the red and the dark haired girl were friends but the blonde hair girl showed the dark haired girl that what the red haired girl wrote on the internet next the girls got prepared to beat the red haired girl up and they did then their was one girl that post a video than the red haired girl went to the hospital after that
the girls went to prison final at the end they all went to court.

Slavery Days

Today will be talking about slavery days during civil war Blacks were  treated like slaves if black people didn't do what white people  waned them to do they get beat, shot, killed or marauded.

You know George Washington helped his people but he didn't respect black  people like Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Now whites are trending black people much better in the north but in the south white people still treat black people bad because blacks and whites fighting more happen in the south not a lot in the north in the olden days in the south Whites, Blacks, Natives,or Asians  go to different bath rooms different school or different restaurants the bath rooms mite or will say back in the 1960's Black  men ,Black women,White men ,White women ,Native men, Native women or Asian men  and Asian women now in the north a lot of people don't care but in the south people will care some of them but some people  will be nice or respectful to all ethnicity's.

If white people will steel some thing nobody says nothing but if a black men steel's some thing people yell at them than they get arrested or go prison it's just this society we live in this country the United States when I saw black little girls playing dolls on the dolls test on You Tube the black little girl usually want to play with the white dolls with blonde hair but their parents try to tell them be proud  of who  your with you curly hair and braids or African locks most black girls straiten their own hair the song we Shall over come the song me my father,uncles and aunts ancestors sing the song we shall over come it be came a poplar song during the civil rights movement back in the 1960's or 1950's that why in my opinion I will be a movie star on television or a poplar famous person or a celebrity.

My father also work for celebrity lie jazz artist  he does business online cut or paste pictures on he's blog and he is a little bit famous  in my opinion i will become a lot famous very poplar because on of the reasons my family's ancestors  sang  we shall over come became a famous poplar song.