Friday, September 30, 2016

fake and real Movies

Fake movies are like when people act in the move and if they are punching each other they do not really get hurt they are just playing and part in the movie.

Real movies are want is really happen in this planet if people are very mean and they hit the person the person would get hurt or the other person.

So my mom said "this real life is like a movie in a way."When I was talking about my own movies. My mother heard that from on of her friend that happens to be her x boyfriend for now.

Lets says the director says to you read the script if up play A mean person in that movie that does not mean that you are mean you are just playing a part in the fake movie If an actor plays a nice person in the movie that does n't mean they are nice in real life.

A real movie is reality if a person is mean in real life there are very mean if a person is nice in real life that means they are very nice. In real life it is not like a director is telling you to be mean to other people the people choose to be mean or nice.

This  really life is a real movie because people are really fighting hurting and yelling at each other even when it's on television or not people could still argue.

So fake movie if people are arguing in the fake movie they are not really arguing that is why they call those fake movies. Fake movie is when then read the script they fight with the person in the fake movie not for real but real life if yelling and you do not have a script you or any body will get very hurt.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac I member when I watch the show people said I do not know his name that plays Bernie Mac.

 But it's really him the difference is my mother told me that those children on the show play Bernie Mac's nieces and nephew.

Mr.Mac was adopted his nieces and nephew that are blood relative in real life.

 That is what the show is trying to say how Bernie's life really was. He takes care of those children because my mother said Bernie's nieces and nephew's.

Their mother can not take care of her children because she is on drugs and put her self in prison.

That is why Bernie Mac act's like those children parents in my opinion because he is the one taking care of them for the children whole life.

Bernie is like Madea in a way and Squidward from the Nickelodeon cartoon SpongeBob square pants because he is grumpy.

One time when his niece in the but for being spoiled he only just that one episode I saw and her older brother and sister was jealous of her. Bernie Mac' character is funny but cranky at  the same time.

Mr.Bernie was born in October 5, 1957 in Chicago Illinois and died in August 9, 2008. He died because he had a disease called Sarcoidosis that is it can almost affect the organs in the person body if could damage the body's tissue.

And he her spoiled her because she happens to be the youngest then her aunt was complaining about Bernie spoiling his youngest niece in his house. Later in that episode he spanked his niece he shouldn't do that he said he was "sorry but you where being bad."

So I first name one of my cartoon characters Tarzana But then I heard it from one of his episodes Tarzana is Tarzan in a girl version.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Teen Mom

Teen Mom is an television is about  how teen girls getting are want to get pregnant.

 It just similar to those show High school Moms and I didn't know I was pregnant.

You knows there are shows that or similar to each other like Extreme Makeover Weight Loss and Biggest Loser.

Like They do not copy each others Ideas if the shows or Similar to each other I am make A cartoon Similar to the Nickelodeon cartoon The Loud.

 Instead it's a 3 year girl that is the youngest in the family and her new next door neighbor that happen to be African America.

   Those girls that are the main character have ten brothers and are the only girls in they family in there houses.My show is called Ten boys one point that means theirs ten guys and one girl in there family I will create it in the future.

I remember that My mother said when I was 3 "you want to watch Teen Moms." then I showed her again when I was 12 years old she said "a little to grown up for you." My mom did not or probably did not remember she said that.

When Is was 16 last years I saw a girl in my school in New York in Queens she was only 18 and she has a son so I hear other teen girls that are students are getting pregnant I wanted to become pregnant.

My parents said "if you keep think your going to be a mother at a young age that is what is going to happen."

It is just like you think about bad stuff is going to happen to and it really will but if you think about good stuff that is going to happen to you really good stuff is going to happen to you.

So I asked a lot of my doctors "do you think I am healthy enough to have a baby." Then they said "yes." It was one doctor that said no she did not know for sure she does not want me to think about it so soon.

There should be a medication if your not healthy enough or do not have enough hormones doctor should be able to make that medicine so if a woman wants to have babies she will take the medicine and make her have enough hormones to have a baby with out people dying and people would stay health.

I saw on commercial they did made medicine like that they should use it more so if a woman was an only child and she can not have a baby she will take the medicine so she could have more then enough hormones to have a baby.

When I was watching the show on the health channel I didn't know I was pregnant my father said "you do not want to be like those girls."

In the olden days in the 1300s girls use to have babies at age 13 and 14 and there parent were young grand parents because the girls had there children at age 13. Now days are different same girls have baby that young but the law says you should wait until you are ready to have one like age 30.

I thought the teacher were happy that the young girls got pregnant at 16 my father said "no they are not they are shown that because when the babies around they do not want to get the baby upset."

So I understand because I spoke to those teachers they agreed with my parents on that and I heard them yelling at the girls I heard there conversation and I heard some thing about a baby.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Collin Dean

Collin Dean is the new voice of the cartoon character Lincoln Loud from The Loud House on Nickelodeon.

When I watched the episode I knew Lincoln sound a little diffident than I went on the computer and check the new voice that is doing Lincoln is Collin Dean.

The tried to find the boys Collins birthday except it showed an older guy that looked like him a little in my opinion his name was Dean Collins it was backwards.

 The name I went to celebrities birthdays and I type Collin Dean's name in then it show up to instead Dean Collin's.

Maybe Collin Dean is not a popular enough celebrity  he has now been on a lot of Television shows and movies yet. It said Dean Collins was born in May 30, 1990. maybe he is a blood relative to Collin Dean.

 Because they both have the same name except The older boy the has been on movies is dean Collins and the boy that looks a lot young the new voice of Lincoln Loud the younger boys name is Collin Dean.

It sounds like the names are reversing the one boy that was born in 1990  his first name is Dean and the last name is Collins while the other boy his first name is Collin and his last name is Dean.

The Oldest voice who did Lincoln Loud the cartoon character is Sean Ryan Fox in the Pilot and Grant Palmer and the newest Boy That does the voice of Lincoln is Collin Dean.Some creators of cartoons change the people who do the voice as the same cartoon character.

Like for Example if Caleel Harris is the voice of Clyde McBride now that happens to be Lincoln Best Friend in the show in the furture some other boy or young woman might do the voice of Clyde.
Collin was also in the cartoon Over The Garden Wall he was doing the voice of the cartoon character Greg.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jesus and God

Traditional Christ and Scientific forensic version from Popular Science 
God knows everything he knows what happens in the past.   He knows what is going to happen in the future.

I spoke to my mother that my father said no God does not know what is going to happen in the future.  Then My mother said "he did not understand what you were talking about."

I looked on the internet and typed in the search engine how old is God?   Some people wrote on the internet so far God does not exist.   Oh but yes he does.

Think about it if there was no God there would just be no universes, Earth, Sun, moon, or anything. It would probably be just pitch black all over in my opinion.

People have to believe in God because someone had to create this Earth.  And that someone is God.

Like if people draw Jesus in movies as a white person with straight hair my parents are upset because it is like they changing history.  Jesus is really darker because he was from a hot climate near Africa and the Hebrews intermarried with Africans from Egypt and Northern Africa.

A lot of people draw people from in the bible times like Moses and his wife or his brother and sister as lighter because this stupid racist society.   In many churches they saw Jesus as a white man with blond hair and blue eyes in some churches.

If I had my own church I would try to make Jesus black and draw a picture from him a lot darker than people do now. Because  he was born near Africa with his blessed mother Mary.  Many of the early pictures of Jesus were depicted as Black my dad informed me.

People do very mean things on the internet.  Some have made God a bad man.  They depicted a cartoon made God shoot the person with a gun.   That is not how God is.

In Adam and Eve were the first people on this planet.   Adam heard a voice.  Adam said who are you God?  God said "I am God." And Adam and Eve disobeyed God so he and the angels took them out of the garden.

Adam and Eve then had children and then grand children.   And that is how the bible started because Adam and Eve told their children and their grand children down the generations.

Adam and Eve heard God out loud because there were the first people.  Even if there were a lot of animals back then the animals did not speak to God.  Because that is not how he created animals he created the first people and people now to speak.

The first people heard God out loud because they where the first couple of people on this planet that days.

 There was not billions of people on this Earth like now.

 That is why people do not here God from there ear and some here Gods voice not out loud but very quiet.

Because you know if there is one person on this planet and Billions from people are talking to him all at once people can not here what he is saying because there is one of him and billions of people speaking all at once.

If the one person and there is just a couple of people on this Earth that is when those couple of people could hear the one person better becuase there are less people on this earth.

On time I heard a small voice next to my ears I knew that was God because he said it from his ear he said do not listen to the devil listen to me.

Lets say if I wanted God or Imagine things that his said and I want him to say bad things about me He would say.

 "Do not even think about it I would not say that I heal people not hurt people that is the devil saying that is God saying I want you to hurt your self the Devil is tricking you."

Gods age is there are to many numbers in his age only he can pronounce them  well nobody can pronounce them well because God is the all mighty and powerful  and his was before time that is why there are to many number in his ages that people can not pronounce.

Adam and Eve were adults on earth but there where babies in heaven they were still real people and looked like real people Millions of years before that when they were created with real dirt.

 On the Earth and the were new born babies that are real people that were born in a hospital up in heaven there were 2D or 3D cartoon draw even before that stick figure and 1D cartoon because God wants to know how they would look like if they become real people.

People say Oh my God on television or Jesus Christ for no reason all people should not say that because that is very disrespectful and that is saying God's name in vane even if people believe diffident that is the way my parents were teaching me when I was younger.

Or saying Lord Jesus or Jesus that is saying God's name in vane our heavenly father. Nobody say that in my opinion but listen to you parents to if they do not think that is saying God's name in Vane it would be a lot better not to say that.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Why do they show Commercials on television ? Well in my opinion if they do not show Commercials the people that work for television would be fired because went celebrities are acting on the show and it's the and of the episode.

 So the celebrities could take a break from the acting then act again as the next episode. if the creator of cartoons did a new episode and the real people do the voices of the cartoon characters they read the script try to act like the cartoon character like the creator wrote.

If the cartoon has a personality that is motherly the real person that does the voice of that character would try to act how her personality really is. So after episode of  that cartoon the celebrities could take a break then do anther episode.

If the people that work from TV yelled at the actors and actresses that they would be no commercials you will have to work and act on the show the actors would not work with those mean bosses were yelling and screaming at them.

Like reruns of cartoons the people that do the voice of the cartoons just watch it on TV but  it probably takes hours to put the repeated episode so if people want to see that episode again an again and after when the repeated episodes.

 That was on TV before just ended they show commercials for that or when it was a new episode the Commercials were new back then now there are old.

So I did not understand why they so much Commercials when I was younger and I worked for the TV company I would say "if you show commercials you are fired!" because people want to see there favorite shows.

I know now why they show Commercials on television and I would now say that because I am older I would say to these actors take a break every body needs a break until we get to the new and next episodes then we could start acting again.

To me it is not fair if people are watching television and say hear up at the commercials and they do not care if the actor take a break to me the people that are watching the actors on television they are being very selfish!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Caitlin Sanchez, Fatima Ptack and Kathleen Herles

Kathleen Herles was born in November 13, 1990 in Queens New York City she did the voice of the Nick Jr. cartoon girl that I use to watch when I was younger Dora The Explorer.

and Fatima Ptack was born in August 20, 2000 in it just says United states of America. she is onther girl who did the voice of Dora and the Girl Caitlin Sanchez born in January 17, 1996 in Englewood, New Jersey.

The first person that did the voice of the cartoon Dora first was Kathleen because she was born first out of all these girls second voice that did Dora was Caitlin because she is in the middle and the last person and the newest person now that does Dora's voice is Fatima the girl that happens to be younger than me.

I use to watch that show now I am in to other stuff. It might be new to children who never seen the show because the cartoon looks new to them.

But shows newer then it gets off on television because The creators might copy other people ideas or not enough people were not watching the show so it is not popular.

If Dora was still on Television 50 years from now it might be new to children but children could tell this is an old cartoon because the way it's drawn if they start making reruns and not make new episodes.

 Or if they read the date on the TV guide the children might and will say "we never seen this show." but they know that the show is old. because they can tell the way they drew it plus they would read the date.

 Dora or other old popular shows that been on television for 40 years should or would not be on TV any more.

They should make I new law if The show has been on television over 70 or 40 years they should take it off TV even if children never seen it before because children might know it's old.

 And people like to watch new shows or cartoons more than old shows because they are tired seeing the same character over and over again even if they are making new episodes.

People might say why is Dora still on TV even if she has new episodes they should take her off TV because we are tired seeing the same character over and over again.

In the future if a new cartoons just got on TV just a day if the creator are not getting enough money they should get more people to watch the show go to Facebook or some  thing do not take it off yet because it is still a new cartoon and it just got on Television since yesterday.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My fathers Birthday

My fathers Birthday is today he was born in September 18th 1955 in New York City I think.

My father is a good father I like the way how he shows me computer.he shows me have to do art work He also is in the computer.

My father took care of me since I was a baby I thought I was never going to be come a lot or a little famous.

I thought I was not going to be on internet or have a blog if I worked hard my father showed my how to do my blog then I got good at it.

I put videos on my blog I write down my stories of celebrities and cartoons first then I put images of them next I go to YouTube and embedded the video paste it to the search engine next hit enter then put the line that is blinking to the center so the video could be in the center.

Final I going to HTML writing and put the code of the video in then you will see the video but if you do not want the video go to HTML write again and delete the video code and you will not see the video in the center any more.

My Father use to design cloth for celebrities like Ruby Dee she is not alive any more you might know her from the cartoon show on Nick Jr.

Little Bill was created by Bill Cosby she did the voice of Little Bill's Great grand mother they said on the show I thought they said his grand mother.

I thought My father was not on Television I asked him he was on Television and on Interviews with Micheal Canon and on Magazines.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ronda Rousey Vs. Holly Holm

There are mixed martial arts women my father thinks they are the toughest women on the planet.  But just because he heard people say things like that on TV does not make it true.

There's always going to be someone tougher than anyone.  I use to think I was tougher than them even if I did not workout.

I used to think I was the toughest  girl on the planet.  I thought I could beat every one up but my parents insisted "you're not God!"

I'm just going to have to be nice to those women like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.  My dad wrote how she really is a nice woman. My Father made me do pushups when I was younger and other exercises.  And now I can do 100 push ups even though I hated them when I was younger.

My father said "you are getting strong as a boy!" My father and mother said many females cannot do really heavy lifting.  My father thinks that I am stronger than many females.  But in my opinion I am weak.

I thought Rhonda was mean.  I wanted to hurt her on the street.  But now I just want to be nice because my father heard she is really nice.   She does not want to hurt people she's just doing that for money.

My father said If you want to beat people like Rhonda or Holly you're going to have to work out hard. I do not want to work out hard.  I just want to be myself.

My hobbies I like to do is my blog, watching TV,  drawing 3D art,  washing dolls and baking cookies.  That is it.  I do not want to be like Rousey because in MMA some have people died and their blood is all over the gates.

If I write on this blog I do not wanted people to make fun of me and say stuff on the internet that could hurt my feelings.  This is because I used to get bullied and I have autism and special needs like Temple Grandin.

My father said "I don't understand why you want to beat her up since she is a nice woman."  I did not know until he spoke about how nice she is that I do not want to hurt her or anybody.

My father read on the internet one time that Ronda Rousey is autistic and she used to eat hot dogs and Macaroni and cheese a lot like me when she was young.

Ronda was born in February 1, 1987 in Riverside, California and Holly Holm was born in October 17, 1981 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Ronda Rousey lost the fight she was crying and stated she wanted to kill herself.   I was crying because I felt sorry for her.  I do not want her to kill herself.

When was was younger I wanted to be referee or the person that rings the bell when the fighters are ready to fight in the ring.  However, now my interests have changed.

By Nzinga Lonstein Austin, is a prolific blogger who writes on the entertainment industry and issues for people with physical challenges.

She is presently in high school looking to have a career in video, film, and media. You can see more of her entertainment writing on Lonstein Movies.

Lonstein Movies is dedicated to covering entertainment from the unique perspective of a person on the autism spectrum. It covers not only the celebrities but their backgrounds and also the backgrounds of people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chocolate On My Mind

We all know Chocolate taste great but why fore a person goes to sleep why does it give them nightmares.

 Well maybe it might have to do will the chemical in the Chocolate that does not agree with the brains chemical.

Brain and Chocolates chemicals are diffident and candy and sweet are not health because it's process food.

 And it has chemicals that is not good for you body and it has no healthy nutrients and vitamins if a scientist make a chemical that candy is heather then veggies that is not good ether because naturally and really veggies are healthier then sweets and people would not learn there lesson.

That is why creators make cartoons like that That I saw a cartoon Fairly Odd Parents, that Timmy Turner just wished For Just Desserts.

 Then his fairies give him his wish then all the children got fat.

 But if Timmy said I want just Dessert and also he said "I wish the candy was healthier then Veggies" that is not good if is fairies gave him that wish because it would make him eat candy all the time.

 And his wishes that he wants sweets to be healthier so he is not learning is lesson if he has children the children might think that sweets are healthier then veggies that really veggies are healthier if he want that wish from his fairies to come true.

I ate a whole size King size chocolate bar then I had a Headache and back then I did not speak to my mom about it because I didn't want her to take my candy bar away.

 Then as I got older I spoke to my mother then my mother said "these chocolate bars are really not to eat the whole thing." I said if we by them next time I use them to make my smore's.

My mother said that is a great idea. When I was five years old.

 I ate Chocolate cookies and Sweets every day then mouths later I was Crying because I had a Stomach ache.

 That is when I went home from school my mother said she did not remember but I remember.

And in my opinion making smore's on a camping trip is a lot better then roasting a plain marshmallow because  is has more stuff to it like chocolate and gram crakers.

 I also make my own food chocolate chip cookie smore's I made it like a Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie put marshmallow in the middle. I ate chocolate Before I went to Bed after I had a bad dream some times Nightmares.

 Is was going to put a small chocolate bar my mother said it already has chocolate in it the chocolate chocolate then another cookie on top and enjoy my snack creation has Marshmallows and chocolate except it do not have Gram Crackers it has Chips Ahoy cookies taking it's place.

By Nzinga Lonstein Austin, is a prolific blogger who writes on the entertainment industry and issues for people with physical challenges.

She is presently in high school looking to have a career in video, film, and media. You can see more of her entertainment writing on Lonstein Movies.

Lonstein Movies is dedicated to covering entertainment from the unique perspective of a person on the autism spectrum. It covers not only the celebrities but their backgrounds and also the backgrounds of people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

School Lunches Reality or Fantasy food

School Lunches when I was in summer school in Queen New York the lunches ladies were giving us bag sandwiches a lot of the fruit was rotten.

My teachers said they did it to a lot of schools The lunch people still gave us that some of the milk in the lunch bag was rotten and the other were alright.

In my opinion They should have better food then just sandwiches they should have hot food in the summer that is what a lot of people like more. The Lunch women said they do not want to cook hot food for the children because it was hot out side to them but not to me.

In my fantasy book I wrote that cartoon food is more invisible in real life but not in fantasy reality food is not invisible in real life or in fantasy.

Cartoons can only eat carton food because they do not exist in real life so how are they going to eat the reality food real people do not eat cartoon food because it is not real in real life and they need reality food to survive.

Reality food looks more realistic because people put diffident vitamins in imagination food cartoon food is less sold in reality and reality food is more sold.

Like i was saying the government should change and give schools in reality better food and tastes better then plain sandwiches in my school that I went last year most of the time had sandwiches. Like Cartoons get a lot more school then real people because real people create cartoons.