Friday, August 31, 2018

Rocko's Modern Life

Rocko's Modern Life was a cartoon TV show on Nickelodeon. It's first episode was in September 18, 1993. There final episode was in November 24, 1996. The creator of this show is Joe Murray.

This shows was about Rocko he is a wallaby he has moved from his native Australia to the United States.

 But life in the United States isn't as idyllic as he had hoped it would be he is surrounded by annoying neighbors and tons of laundry and life's issues in general.

 By Rocko's side to help him over the obstacles and through the challenges life throws at him are his best friend Heffer (a dim-witted bovine), his canine companion Spunky, and his neurotic buddy Filburt.
I watch one episode of this show but I am not really Interested of that show it's okay but it's not my favorite show growing up. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Anger Beavers

The Anger Beavers first came out in April 19, 1997. It was on Nickelodeon there last episode was in
November 11, 2001. 

This show is about two Brother Beavers Daggett and Norbert Beaver they happen to  leave their home to gain independence so they can live by then selves. Their is a forest near their Oregon hometown.

 Their goal is to live a wild bachelor lifestyle but, as might be expected from young brothers, they get into some weird situations. 

 The brothers run into anything from the wacky government scientists to a swamp witch and evil, mind-controlling pond scum. One of the Beaver Brother happened to be good friends with a Stump that is a giant tree stump, who is an integral part of their inner circle.

 Mitch Schauer Is the Creator of The Anger Beavers. I do not really know this show but I met people that have seen this show before.

Like I seen it before on commercials and I heard it from other people who grew up watching this show but I never seen the episodes before.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Angry Birds

Well Angry Birds is a 3d Cartoon. They have Video games of them and There was a Angry Birds movies.

The Creators of Angry Birds are Jaakko Iisalo, Sami Lindqvist, Markus Tuppurainen,Peter Urbanics ,Richard Carr ,Yu Sun ,Måns Wide,Touko Iisakka,Nic Cusworth and Steve Haßenpflug.

The Angry Birds movie came out in May 20, 2016. The Directors of this movie is Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly. 

I had Never Played The Anger Birds Video game before I first heard about the angry birds when I was 9 or when it first came out I do not remember when Angry Birds were first created.

It says on the internet Angry Birds was originally an application launched in 2009 by Rovio Entertainment for the Apple smartphones and future tablets.

 The characters and game concept were created by a man named Jaakko Iisalo from Finland and further designed by Markus Tupperainen and Peter Urbanics. Angry Birds was a 2D cartoon and now in the movie it's a 3D cartoon.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Rugrats and All Grown Up

Rugrats and All Grown Up are cartoons like use to be on Nickelodeon. In the Rugrats They have to same characters as they do in the All Grown Up show.

For example Rugrats is a TV show and then The Rugrats got older and they changed the shows name to All Grown up.

The Rugrats first episode was in August 11, 1991 there last episode was in
August 1, 2004.Rugrats shows people how the Rugrats will look like when their older.

The creators of these shows are Arlene Klasky, Paul Germain and Gábor Csupó. They also Have Rugrats the movie and Rugrats in Paris and The Rugrats go wild that is when they meet The Thronberrys  The Thronberrys are on a different show the the Rugrats.

The Character from the Rugrats and The Wild Thronberrys met each other. I really like those cartoons. All Grown up first episode was in April 12, 2003 they final episode is
August 17, 2008.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


CatDog was a Nickelodeon cartoon. This story is about a Cat and Dog they share the same body and That is why They do not called it Cat and Dog because They not separated. They stick together.

The creator of this cartoon is Peter Hannan he also is the executive producer and show runner of the Nickelodeon series CatDog. 

He also sang and copy writed the CatDog theme song. He has created and developed properties for numerous studios. He works as a character designer and writes for various other animated shows.April 4, 1998 That was there first episode that they did.

They last and Final episode was in June 15, 2005 and Final Means last So that show was on 6 years or 7 years then it when off the air.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Chalk Zone

Today I will be writing about Chalk Zone. It was a cartoon on Nickelodeon. My favorite character on the show is Rudy.

It has also been on TV channel Like Nicktoons, TeenNick,TV 9, Y TV and Kids' WB.

Their first episode was in March 22, 2002 their Final Episode was in August 23, 2008. This show only has 4 seasons I thought it has more then 4 season because it was a popular show.

The Creator of this show is Bill Burnett and Larry Huber. The Characters also in this show is Snapp and Penny.

This show is when Rudy draws Chalk on the Chalk Board and The Drawings of his Chalk come to life and he goes into his Chalk fantasy.

Rudy's last name is Tabootie Rudy Tabootie is his real name and Those words Rhyme That name Rhymes Like Clyde McBride from The Loud House His name Rhymes too his First name and his last name.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My holiday bake goods

Land Before Time

Land Before Time is a cartoon about Dinosaurs but the Dinosaurs in that movie talk like humans Except this character name Spike he just acts like a Human.

The Other Character Names are Ducky That is a female Dinosaur and I do not know why they call that Dinosaur Ducky maybe those people are trying to show that is where Ducks come from.

Because I heard Birds come from Dinosaurs. The other characters names are Ruby, Chomper That is a male dinosaur and Little Foot is also A male dinosaurs. Sarah is also a Dinosaur in this movie.

Petrie Is a flying Dinosaur in this movie too. Well I think they call this movie Land Before Time because they are showing people Dinosaurs where really here before people and They where here before people made time.

There has been more then one Land Before Time. There has been a lot of movies of Land Before Time and the creators of the movie is Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stores and Holidays

In stores they rush the holidays for example if it's not Halloween yet the people that work at the store already put Christmas stuff on the shelves.

Most stores do that probably because time goes by so quick for Adults.

That is probably why most stores do that. Life is to short and if it's not Halloween yet and people put up Christmas Stuff already.

 If I was their boss I would said " We have on gone threw Halloween yet and if you but Christmas stuff on the shelves you are fired."

Also that is not good if most stores do that because babies or young children might think it's Christmas and really Halloween is coming up.

It's a good think babies have parents because so the parents can teach them that stores rush the
Holidays and season in most stores.

One time I saw Christmas stuff in stores and it was not even the end of summer yet people in store got to stop rushing the holidays let holidays take it's time let people enjoy the holidays do not rush the holidays.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Night Before Christmas Stories

The Night Before Christmas stories is created by Charles Henry Selick The Movie was originally called Nightmare Before Christmas.

He also made movies like James and The Giant Peach and He also created The Movie Coraline.

The Boxtrolls is also a movie that is created by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi.

That Is also called a Night Before Christmas Movie and it's more like a Halloween movie.

Those scary movie should be called Night Before Halloween movie not Night Before Christmas because those movies are more like Halloween movies then Christmas
movies. I do not know why those are called Night Before Christmas Movies.

ParaNorman is created by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. Monster House is created by  Gil Kenan. I starting to remember I saw that movie when I was 6 years old. Corpse Bride is created by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Chicken Run

Chicken run was a movie. the movie came out  in June 21, 2000. The movie is about Chickens tried to get away from the woman that is trying to eat them she is mean to the chicken because people have to eat chicken.

Well in real life Chicken is our Prey and we are mean to chicken because we need to eat food to survive and We do not mean to be mean to them But we got to eat chicken our any animal to survive.

In the Movie the woman that is mean to the chickens she probably does not mean to be mean but she is hungry and other people are hungry. 

 This is telling the story of a gang of Hens are doomed to a life of laying their eggs on a Yorkshire chicken farm.

 When a flamboyant American rooster arrives on the scene, the hens hope he can teach them to fly to freedom. However, when a chicken-pie making machine is installed, their need becomes urgent and they must devise other means of escape.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Moana is a Disney movie and it's a cartoon. The movie first came out in November 23, 2016. 

The movie is about A teenager girl named Moana who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her Adventure she meets this guy that was once-mighty demigod Maui.

He guides her in her quest to become a master way-finder.  They Both sail across the open Sea on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds.

Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity.

Dwayne Johnson does the voice of Maui.  Ron Clements  is the creator of the movie My favorite song from the movie is called How far I'll go.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Winnie The Pooh

Well Winnie the Pooh was a cartoon on Disney and Winnie The Pooh is a bear. His friends names are Owl, Tigger,Rabbit and Piglet.

 I read Piglet is a male character and I thought Piglet was a female because the way the character looked.

My friends Tigger and Pooh is like a 3D cartoon version of Winnie The Pooh and it was an educational cartoon on Disney Junior. The girls name on the show is Darby.

The cartoon Christopher robin was one the old Winnie the Pooh. I saw the Christopher Robin movie
and it was an actor playing the character Christopher Robin.

Winnie the Pooh and his friends wear Christopher's imaginary friend then they came to life.

The creator of Winnie the Pooh is A. A. Milne and The creator of My Friends Tigger and Pooh is Andy Sturmer. That Shows first episode was in May 12, 2007 their final episode was in
October 9, 2010.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


God is the creator the Bible says he created every thing. People want to know why does God always exist well because his wants to.

One person told me " God always existed weather he wanted to or not."

Well I disagree because if God did not want to exist for ever then nothing will exist. People ask where did God came from nothing God came from hi  self.

First we where in Gods fantasy then we became real it say God knew any body before there parent knew about them it says that in the bible.

God does not have any parents God is his own parent he can take care of him self.

Some people say God never created him self he always existed. Well I believe that God created him self to last forever and that is the way he wanted it to be.

Gods children are all of us on this planet the people where created and Jesus is his son. When was God Born when is God's birthday well he always existed so it's kind of hard to say.

My mother said "God has a birthday we just do not know it until we get to heaven. People asked how
old is God Well his  is God eternal he has been around for infinity.

People ask " How come God is the all mighty and powerful." Because he wants to be and that is why.

Even if God was in his own mind and not a real person yet he still always existed because if he never imagined himself or created him self to last for ever then nothing will exist God always exist period end of story.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Noodles and Pasta Icing and Frosting

Pasta and Noodles are my favorite thing to eat My favorite pasta is bake Ziti without the meat I just like Baked Ziti with tomato Sauce and Cheese. My Favorite pasts of all time id homemade Macaroni and Cheese and I like the Mac and Cheese To be Very Yellow and I like soul Food Mac and Cheese.

My mother said " I think Noodles a thinner then Pasta and Pasta is thinker.

"Noodles and pasta differ primarily because they have different ingredients and the type of processing involved, Kaminska says.  

Noodles are usually made with flour milled from common wheat.

 Pasta is processed from durum semolina, which is coarser than typical flour. However, that difference is not always so cut and 

Like Cake Batter is thinner then cookie dough it's always been like that because it's just how the cake batter and cookie dough are made.

Icing and Frosting is what you put on cake and cookie one of My teachers Said "Icing and Frosting are the same thing."  Frosting is thinker the icing.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Price Of Egypt

Price of Egypt is a cartoon about Moses and Moses was a real people and I thought Moses was just a cartoon character and not I know he was a real person because it says that in the bible. When the movie first started Moses mother put in in the basket and the river took him to Ramses mothers house and Ramses mother adopted him.

Moses mother put Moses in the basket because the other Pharaohs where killing the babies And if Moses mother never but Moses in the Basket and put the basket in the river then he will be one of those died babies and she did not want him to be one of those died babies.

Ramses was nice to Moses because he thought he was one of them and Moses wife named Zipporah was mean to him in the movie at first and I said to them when I was young yeah get her because shes mean.

But Know I know why she was mean to Moses and to the other Pharaohs because they where treating her like a slave and as I got older I felt sorry for her I will be mean to people to if they treated me like a slave.

Moses never knew his family where slaves at first and Aaron and Miriam is his brother and sister and he saw them he didn't know that because the pharaohs never told them.

Moses knew that at the end and he said " Ramses Let my people go!" Ramses do not want to let his people go because he wanted them to still be slaves. Ramses was an very evil man and I know it's a fact he is in Hell because he did not believe in God.

If you believe in God and Lord is your Christ and Saver that means your going up to heaven if you do not believe that does not mean your going to heaven.

Moses was born in Land of Goshen which is named after the bible and he died in Mount Nebo in 1407 BC. His children's names are Gershom and Eliezer those are his sons.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Lion King

 Well when Simba was a baby an Adult Monkey was holding him and the Monkeys name was Rafiki his like the elder in Simba's family.

Well I saw the Second Lion King and the first Lion king and in the first Lion King Simba's father Mufasa died in the movie because Simba's Uncle Scar Killed him.

 At First Simba thought it was an accident that he killed him but at the end of the movie Scar told Simba that he killed his father so Simba got very angry and Scar died at the end of that movie.

Scar told Simba to "run away and Never return!" and he ran away to the desert and that is when Pumbaa and Timon found him and Simba lived at there place and that is how they became friends.

The movies is created by Irene Mecchi and Linda Woolverton. The movie was released in June 24, 1994.

Nala in the movie is Simba's friend and Simba married her and they had a daughter name Kiara she was in the Second Lion King.

Kion is Simba's Son his was not in the first or the second Lion King he was in The Lion Guard. Sarabi is Simba's mother and Nala's mother is Sarafina. The Lion King movie came out in
June 24, 1994and the second Lion King came out in October 26, 1998.

I have The Second Lion King at Home I do not have the First Lion King I saw the First Lion King at school and a watch it more then The second Lion King. My father show my the video of the cast of the Lion King play was singing the songs from the movie on the E train in New York City.

The Road to El Dorado

Well I knew the movie when I first put The Price of Egypt's video in the video type I saw the The Road to El Dorado on the movie preview and that is when the Price of Egypt movie started.

The Road of El Dorado is created by The Road to El Dorado is a 2000 American animated adventure musical fantasy comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation.

 It was directed by Eric "Bibo" Bergeron and Don Paul; Will Finn and David Silverman directed additional sequences.

The movie was release in March 31,2000. The girl in the movie her name is Chel. In the movie there are two men that are the main characters in the movie one man has blond hair and on has dark hair and he wears a pony tail and those men both have long hair.

Miguel is the one with the blond hair and Tulio is the one with the dark hair.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Native Americans

Well we do not see that much Native Americans any more because Europeans use to take over there land.

My dad told me Natives Americans had darken skin back then but not they have lighter skin these days Native Americans look like Spanish people.

 People Native Americans had darker skin because they live in the south and a very hot place in America most of them.

And since European took over the land the Native Americans probably move more up north because their was a a lot over racist down in the south.

The Native Americans helped the Europeans on the first thanks giving so they cheated the Native Americans out of their land and Europeans were greedy.   

Native Americans, also known as Amerindians, American Indians, Indians, Indigenous Americans and other terms, are the indigenous peoples of the United States.

Like Pocahontas there did a cartoon Disney movie about her  and she talk to her grandma that we saw in the Pocahontas movie was a talking tree.

We Pocahontas was a real person She probably saw her Grandma as a talking tree probably because Native Americans have a different way of believing things.

Well all know in real life a talking tree does not exist but I think that is the way Pocahontas believes.

For example lets say you family renumber dies you might see them as a talking tree,moon,river or sun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Oreos is a cookie that we eat. It's like a chocolate cookie sandwich but there white frosting in the middle. I thought the cookies wear called Zeros. My parents corrected me.

The creator of Oreos is Sam J. Porcello, he is the food scientist credited with inventing the Oreo cookie's creamy, pasty, stick-together filling.

He died last week at age 76. He had been employed at Nabisco for 34 years and through his work made life a little sweeter for. He was born in May 23, 1935 in Newark New Jersey and he died in
May 12, 2012.

I love cookies my favorite cookie are the sugar cookies that are shape like flowers and there also called flowers cookies. People call me the cookie monster because I like cookie better then any things. On time I ate the black and white cookies when I was 5 and I got a stomach ache.

Oreos was first created in The world's best-selling cookies are celebrating their 100th birthday. On March 6, 1912, the National Biscuit Company (also known as Nabisco) sold its first Oreo sandwich cookies to a Hoboken.

 The legendary "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian. For the last decade or so, this madman has been touring state fairs in California and elsewhere with a trailer equipped with everything a man could want, including a deep fryer. It was during one of these runs that he invented the deep fried Oreo.

That is the inventor of the fried oreos. Fried oreos are like cakey stuff is covering the oreos.Who ever is a cookie lover is a cookie holic.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Boondocks video game

The Boondocks is coming back as a video game soon some where in 2018. The Boondocks was first a comic book created by Aaron McGruder. The comic book first came out in 1996.

There first episode on the TV show on Adult Swim the air date was November 6, 2005 there final episode was in
June 23, 2014.

Then mouths ago I here that there is going to be a Boondocks video game they said  there was going to be a movie of The Boondocks there should be a movie.

Maybe in a Boondocks clip there show Huey and Riley are in there 20's and they still look the same but the do not have any beards or mustache.

Also in the clip what would it be like if Huey and Riley got older and the where glasses and they have no hair.

I ask " How would Huey and Riley Look like if they had know hair." Most people that watch there show they say "I do not know."

I know because I am an artist Huey and Riley faces and eyes will still look the same except the are both hairless. It will just be like Riley will not have Cornrows any more and Huey will not have the Afro any more.

Monday, August 6, 2018

John Henry

Is an African american Folk hero. He had a hammer in his hand.

In the cartoon he was under the tunnel and he knock the tunnel with his hammer.

My mother told me he was based on a real person. He said to have worked as a "steel-driving man"—a man tasked with hammering a steel drill into rock to make holes for explosives to blast the rock in constructing a railroad tunnel.

 According to legend, John Henry's prowess as a steel-driver was measured in a race against a steam-powered rock drilling machine, a race that he won only to die in victory with hammer in hand as his heart gave out from stress.

John Henry was born in  From what we know, John Henry was born as a slave in the 1840s or 1850s in North Carolina or Virginia. He grew to stand 6 feet tall, 200 pounds he was the giant in that day.

I saw in the cartoon he had a son but it does not say what is name is in the cartoon. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Well now people have last names and first names but in the Bible Times for example I mean in Before Christ They did not have last names they only had first names.

If a woman is marrying a man she has to change her last name to her husbands last name because women where called property back then.

Know women this days say there maiden names or there married name. A Maiden name is a name that a woman is born with and she is in un marrried woman that what people use to called women in the olden days.

In the old English languages people use to call a un married woman a maiden and an un married man a Bachelor.

Now they called an un married women a bachelorette. And now people say men and women that are un married are single.