Monday, February 29, 2016

Jack Black

Jack Black was in the cartoon movie Kung Fu Panda, and "Kung Fu Panda 2".

 Then he was in this nickelodeon cartoon that became a television show Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness, and Kung Fu Panda "Holidays". Jack Black did the voice of Po.

He was also in another cartoon movie in 2004 called Shark Tale. Mr. Jack did the voice of the shark and will smith did the voice of the fish.

 In my own opinion it should be the other way around.

Jack Black Is not My favorite celebrities but he is not bad ether Mr. Black was born in August 28, 1969 in Santa Monica  California.

I read his was in others movie names Goose Bumps and School of Rock he was in that movie with Miranda Cosgrove.

His children Names are Thomas David Black and Samuel Jason Black. His parents are Judith Black and Thomas William Black.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was in the movie The Smurfs and other movies like New Years Eve, and Happy Feet Two.

I will love to meet in Holly Wood so I can speak about her and other celebrities that she might or might not know yet.

Ms. Vergara was born in July 10, 1972 in Barranquilla Colombia.

She speak in a Spanish Accent. Ms. Sofia's parents are Margarita Vergara Davila De Vergara and Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo.

Her children are Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara. Her siblings are Sandra Vergara, Veronica Vergara, Rafael Vergara and Julio Vergara. She has a couple of brothers and a couple of sisters.

She has also in this so Modern Family she played the Spanish mother that was pregnant then she had a baby.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tim Allen

Tim Allen was in the Disney, Cartoon Movie Toy Story he did the voice of "Buzz LightYear".

He was also in the movie Joe Some Body He was doing Karate because Patrick Warburtons Character Slapped him in the face.

His was also in the Disney movie Cars. Mr. Allen was born in June 13, 1953 in Denver Colorado.

Mr. Tim's Parents are Martha Katherine Dick and Gerald M. Dick. His last name Allen is probably his stage name.

His children names are Elizabeth Allen Dick and Kathrine Allen. Dick is not A nice word to say It's not a swear word it's still not nice to call some one a dick that is same peoples last names.

He was also in this movie Home Improvement, Last Man Standing,  and "The Santa Clause 3 : The Escape Clause".

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks, was in the Disney cartoon Movie Nemo. He did the voice of the clown fish Marlin. Mr. Brooks was born in July 22, 1947 Beverly Hills California.

His parents are Harry Einstein and Thelma Leeds. His parent probably have Different last names then him because maybe those are his foster parents.

 Or Albert probably got him self a stage last name. His children are Jacob Eli Einstein, and Claire Elizabeth Einstein.

I also read he was in the cartoon movie The Simpsons Movie. His Siblings are Bob Einstein, Charles Einstein and Cliff Einstein.

His was married to this women Kimberly Shlain. He was also  in the movie A Most Violent Year That is an Adult movie Mr. Albert is in rated R.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, was in the Disney cartoon Movie "Finding Nemo," she did the voice of Dory in that movie. I did not know who did the voice of Dory until now.  I just read on the Internet.

Ms. DeGeneres, has her own show called Ellen, I did not know her last name.  Now I know because I was reading her last name.

She was born in January, 26th, 1958, in Metairie Louisiana. I read she was also in the cartoon Movie "Finding Dory."

Her parents are Betty DeGeneres, and  Elliott DeGeneresMs. Ellen, Is probably a Grand Mother by now. Because usually these days people are Grand Parents in their 40's or 50's.

They are not Great Grand parents yet.  People are parents in their 20's.  And also people are usually Great Grand Parents these days at 80's to 90's.

Ms. Ellen, I hope you like that I typed this blog about you and other famous celebrities that you may know or not be familiar previously.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

John Goodman

John Goodman, was on the Disney Channel, Cartoon The Emperor's New School.

He did the voice of Pacha, the character that took care of Kuzco, in that cartoon (probably when he was a new born baby).

Pacha, is Probably Kuzco's Uncle that is my own opinion on that cartoon.

John Goodman, was born in June 20, 1952 in St. Louis Missouri.

Mr. Good Man was also in the cartoon Disney Movie Monster, Inc. It is not my favorite disney cartoon movie, it's all right.   But it is not the best cartoon.

 My favorite Disney Cartoon movie is The Emperor's New Groove, the Incredibles, or Kick Buttowski.

I also  read he was also in other Disney Cartoons like Jungle Book, Cars, and Princess and the Frog. I also rad he was in the cartoon show called the Flintstones.

His Children are Molly Evangeline Goodman, and his parents names are Leslie F. Goodman, and Virgina Roos.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jessica DiCicco

Jessica DiCicco, was born in June, 10th, 1980 in Los Angeles California. She was on the Disney cartoon that was a movie and became the Television show.

The show is called The Emperor's New School, she did the voice of the girl Malina, that Kuzco has a huge crush on in that cartoon.

Ms. DiCicco parents are Bobby DiCicco, and Margo Malkin. Her Sibling is Katie DiCicco.

 It does not say who her children are on the internet maybe she does not have any children yet. Or maybe she feels like her children are too young to be on the internet or she wants to protect their privacy.

I read she was on the Nickelodeon cartoon called The Loud House, and also The Mighty B.  In that Cartoon she did the voice of Gwen.

I read she was also in movie Kung Fu Panda, and A Bratz Cartoon.  That movie is based on the Bratz line of dolls that girls find popular to play with these days.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Christina Crawford

Christina Crawford she was the author of the book Mommie Dearest, she wrote the book.

 In the movie she was abused when she was a child her mother that adopted her is a mentally sick woman.

They made a movie of Ms. Crawford, when she was younger she said in the movie that was bused on a true stor
"Why Did You adopted me!"

Then her mother that happens to not be her real mother was choking Christina If Ms. Christina's real mother saw the woman that is not the real mother choking her child the Biological mother might beat up the Adopted mother for hitting her real child.

Her parents are Phillip Terry and Joan Crawford that is her adopted parents she changed her last named to Crawford. her Biological parents where in there teens then Tina that is her nick name later got adopted she was born in June 11 1939 in Los Angeles California.

She was also in the movies "Mommie Dearest" she was the director of that movie and Faces or Surviving Mommie Dearest.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

David Levi

I am writing about David Levi He was on the Nickelodeon show 2006 - 2009 it's called the Naked Brothers Band he was on the show With Alex and Nat Wolff.

Levi was born in November 13, 1994 New York City on the internet it's dose not say who his parents are because maybe he is not a poplar celebrity enough.

His used to wear glasses on the show when people wear glasses they can not say well now he does not wear glasses of some of the pictures on the internet maybe he is wear contacts.

In 2006 It was my last day of watching the channel sprout then I changed it to nickelodeon cause I have not watch it for a while.

 Then I saw first saw this show the Naked Brothers Band then I watched it every day now I do not like the channel sprout because it is a Pre-K channel I used to watch it since I was a new born infant - 6 years old.

 Now I watch Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Life time channel that is when those movies are based on true stories or the health Channel every day I watch those channels a lot more than Sprout.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Michelle Rodriguez

I am Typing about Michelle Rodriguez. She was in the movies Avatar.

 And this other movie that she was boxing Girl Fight in that movie she was in High School she was a nice girl but she got into a lot of fights and people thought she was mean.

In that Movie Ms.Rodriguez character was stomping on her father in that movie because the father was going to punch her in the face.

 A father is not suppose to do that she bock the punch she sucker punched him then stomped on him.

Ms. Michelle was born in July 12, 1978 in San Antonio Texas. Her parents are Carmen Milady her mother Pared and Rafael  Rodriguez her father her siblings are Omar Rodriguez and Raul Rodriguez that is her siblings.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Martin Lawrence

I am writing about Martin Lawrence. He is on the television show Martin With Tisha Camp-Bell Martin and Tichina Arnold.

I also read he was on the Bill Cosby show Mr. Lawrence was also in movies like Bad Boys and Big Momma's House and Open Season a cartoon movie.

 Mr. Martin's parents are John Lawrence and Chlora Lawrence. His mother was born in July 24, 1930 she Died in August 28, 2008.

His was born in  April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt Germany his is only 5 feet 7 inches tall.

 Lawrence's children are Jasmine Page Lawrence, Amara Trinity Lawrence and Iyanna Faith Lawrence.

I also read he was in "Rebound" It's a movie it seems like that his character is a gym teacher at school coaching the children How to play Basketball.

I remember one movie with Basketball A selfish coach then he be came nice at the end. Billy Cosby, I heard he raped women I sure Martin Lawrence Is very upset what "Bill Cosby" did because Raping women is very mean and very sick.

 Martin probably thought he was a nice man until he Probably heard that Bill Cosby raped women. Mr.Martin Lawrence I hope you like this blog that I type about you and other famous people like artist or famous people in the olden days and I hope you like the teen or adult celebrities that I write about.