Friday, December 20, 2019

Sabrina's Secret Life

Sabrina's Secret life is created by Savage Steve Holland This character Sabrina does look like the cartoon character named Sharon Spitz from Brace Face Except Sabrina has blue eye and Sharon has green eyes. They are both white girls I think but they have thick lips like a black person.

This show is about An animated prequel to the live-action show "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," the series features 12-year-old Sabrina Spellman, who's half mortal and half witch.

 Though few people know of her powers, and her mortal uncle frequently warns her not to use her magic to solve problems, Sabrina still borrows spells from the Spookie Jar and gets into trouble with her friend Harvey. 

Star Emily Hart is joined by Nick Bakay, also the voice of Salem in the live-action show, and her older sister, Melissa Joan Hart, here playing Aunt Hilda, though she played the title character in the live-action version.

 September 6, 1999 that is when they had there first episode and there last episode was in
February 27, 2000.

Fish Hooks

Fish Hooks is a cartoon on Disney Channel and this show is created by Andy Sturmer. There first episode was in September 3, 2010.

This show is about A trio of fish -- brothers Milo and Oscar, along with dramatic goldfish Bea -- attend school in an aquarium in a pet store. 

They cope with the usual trials of teens, like dating, friendship, sports and school issues, along with some more unusual things, like giant lobster attacks and field trips to hamster cages.

I use to watch this cartoon when I was younger like I know the show but I do not know everything about the show. There is some cartoons that I do not know at all and there are some cartoons that I know everything about. But even so I know a lot of cartoon characters that means I know every cartoon character.


Shelldon is about a Shy shellfish Shelldon lives with his family, including younger siblings Click and Clack, in the underwater community of Shell Land. In his spare time, Shelldon likes to help out at the Charming Clam, an inn run by his family.

Despite their best efforts to avoid it, trouble has a way of finding Shelldon and his friends, including best friend Herman. Shelldon must use honesty, teamwork and ingenuity to help himself get out of outlandish situations.

The channels this show has been on are Channel 3 and Qubo. The creator of this show the internet says it's Channel 3 but we do not know who was the first person to create this cartoon.

In October 16, 2009 that is when they had they first episode. I do not know this show that well but I can tell you this it looks like a good cartoon in my opinion but I do not know because I never watch it before.

Sandra the Fairytale Detective

Sandra the Fairytale Detective is about Sandra is not an ordinary girl; she is the last descendant of a long line of fairy-tale detectives. Sandra goes to the Land of Once Upon a Time, which -- few people know -- is home to all storybook characters.

Her assistant, a 500-year-old elf named Fo, tells her the place has a problem. Sandra jumps in to investigate, whether it's Pinocchio being kidnapped or Cinderella losing a glass slipper. The sleuth is always ready for a challenge, using a combination of magic and deduction to solve each mystery.

This show is created by Myriam Ballesteros The channels this show had been on Disney channel Qubo,Nickeoldeon and on a lot of other channels. I never saw this show on Nickelodeon or on Disney channel because I saw all of the commercial of each cartoon that is going to be on that channel or maybe they did show it on Nickelodeon but I never notice it.

Rainbow Ruby

Rainbow Ruby is another cartoon that I do not know about and I did she a part of an episode of how this Ruby Characters voice sounds like.

This show is about A little girl travels to Rainbow Village, a land where all her toys live, and helps save the day. This show first came out in April 23, 2016. This show is created by Taesik Shin by on the internet it said this person is the director of this show.

The channels this show has been on are Qubo of course CCTV-14 and Family Channel. I hope you like this show and this looks like a good cartoon for children to watch.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor I heard about her in school. And this boy at my school that I go to now said " I heard people have Red eyes and Purple Eyes but its not very common." He heard that is there natural eye color and I told my mom this and she said " I could be contacts."

Then I told the teachers that know about her and she said " They did Not have Contacts back then." Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are Naturally that color.
Like my naturally eye color is almost black but it's dark brown I heard some peoples naturally eye color is black too.

The common color for eye is green,blue,brown,dark brown or hazel that is a light brown. Elizabeth Taylor was born in February 27, 1932 in Hampstead Garden Suburb United Kingdom and she died in
March 23, 2011 in Los Angeles.

Her children's names are Liza Todd,Christopher Edward Wilding,Michael Wilding Jr. and Maria Burton. I wonder if her children have purple eyes some of her children have different last names popular because she was married to different men.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

6 Teen

6 Teen is about In the Galleria Mall, six 16-year-olds -- Jonesy Garcia, Nikki Wong, Jude Lizowski, Jen Masterson, Wyatt Williams and Caitlin Cooke -- learn the ropes at their first jobs while negotiating the bumpy road through their high school years in this animated Canadian series aimed at tweens and teens.

So this shows first episode was in November 7, 2004 and their final episode was in February 11, 2010.

The channels this show has been on Nickelodeon and I saw this show on Nickelodeon and it first aired on Nickelodeon in 2006. It has also been on channels called Cartoon Network and Teletoon.
This show is created by Tom McGills and Jennifer Pertsch.

The characters on this shows names are Nikki Wong,Jen Masterson,Jude Lizowski,Caitlin Cooke,Wyatt Williams,Chrissie Baldwin,Wayne,Darth,Coach Halder and Kristen.

Total Drama

Total Drama is a cartoon and this cartoon is about this animated series from Canada spoofs survival programs by recounting the misadventures at Camp Wawanakwa, an island retreat where 22 teenagers compete in extreme challenges while vying for the $100,000 grand prize.

 Every three days, at a campfire ceremony, the host passes out marshmallows to players who are safe. The sad camper who doesn't get a marshmallow must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which will bear him back to his mundane life.

In July 8, 2007 that is when they had there first episode and there last episode was in  November 20, 2014.

This show is created by Tom Mcgills and Jennifer Pertsch. I remember a little that I have seen this show on commercials  and the last time I saw it was on You Tube. 

The characters names are Gwen,Duncan,Chris McLean,Bridgett, LeShawna,Cody,Izzy and Courtney.

Cosmic Quantum Ray

Cosmic Quantum Ray is about a Teenage boy name Robbie Shipton is Earth's representative on the amazing Team Quantum!

Mani Bhaumik is the creator of this show and this shows first episode was in November 5, 2007 their final episode was in May 27, 2011.

The characters names are Robbie,Geecey,Atee,Bucketworth and Quantum Ray. 

It seems Like Robbie wears Glasses Some times and some times he doesn' t I do not see a lot of cartoons like that. I see cartoon if they wear glasses or they don't it's usually one or the other.

Well maybe people should make cartoons more like real life most of the time because thats the way the real world works and maybe people should make the same cartoon character that sometimes they wear glasses and sometimes they do not.

Timothy Goes to School

This show is about This animated series chronicles the adventures of an enthusiastic  raccoon that is 5 years old named Timothy, who is beginning school for the first time.

 In his kindergarten class, he forms several friendships and has adventures with his new classmates.

 His best friend, Yoko, is a cat from Japan, and other pals are a bossy mouse, Nora, and a boisterous tomboy beaver, Doris. Among the adults at Timothy's school are his teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, and Henry, a beaver who is the janitor and schoolbus driver.

This show is created by Rosemary Wells This shows first episode was in September 30, 2000 and their last episode was in December 28, 2001.

The channels this show has been on are PBS Kids and Qubo and other channels like TVOntario and TV Cultura.

Rescue Heroes

Rescue Heroes Happens to be about  on the popular action figures, "Rescue Heroes" features an animated emergency response team that travels all over the world to help wherever there's trouble. 

The team battles both natural and man-made disasters and, armed with the latest information and most up-to-date technology, they use teamwork and perseverance to protect the lives of innocent people. The series teaches children about safety techniques that can be used in a variety of situations and how to deal with issues such as bullying.

In October 2, 1999 that is when they had their first episode and their last episode was in  December 18, 2002. This show is created by Fisher Price.

Fisher Price is a toy Company and They make more baby toys and it does not say who was the first person to create those characters. 

The channels it has been on are Qubo, Kids WB, YTV,Teletoon, CBS,Discovery Kids and Cartoon network and I do not know this show has been on Cartoon Network before because I never seen it on the TV guide and I do not know how true that is but hey if they said it's been on Cartoon Network then that is what they said.

Willa's Wild Life

An endearing little girl with a unique Hose, Willa maneuvers her way through life's trials and tribulations, aided by her loving father and the plethora of zoo animals she has as an extended family. 

Although she frequently makes her situations worse before they get better, her adventures offer valuable lessons to her young viewers.

The characters in this shows names are Willa, Sara,Kara, Lara, Evelyn and Dooley.

The creator of this show is Dan Yaccarino. The channels this show has been on are Qubo,TF1,France 5,YTV,CITV,MiniMini+ and Télétoon+.

I do not know this is a good show or not because I saw pictures of this show but I never really watched the show before.

I mean it probably is a good show or it probably isn't a good show If people know this show very well some people might say it's a good show and some people might say it's not but I am on the Neutral side. This shows first episode was in September 21, 2008 and their last episode was in  February 6, 2009.

So this show has not been on TV for like a year yet in fact this show has only been on TV for 5 months.

Class of the Titans

Thousands of years ago, the Greeks worshipped the gods of Olympus, but their descendants live on in "Class of the Titans."

 The animated series features seven teenagers whose ancestors were some of the best-known mythological figures: Achilles, Artemis, Hercules, Jason (of "Jason and the Argonauts"), Narcissus, Odysseus (of "The Odyssey), and Theseus. Their scions are summoned to New Olympia on a mission to save the world from Cronus, who wants revenge after escaping from 4,000-years imprisonment.

That is what this show is about and it is created by Chris Bartleman Michael Lahay.  In December 31, 2005 that is when they had their first episode and their last episode was in June 22, 2008.

The channels this show has been on are Qubo,ABC Me, Teletoon, and Discovery Kids.


Babar is about King Babar recounts the story of his life and adventures in this animated adaptation of Jean de Brunhoff's (and after his death, his son, Laurent's) charming children's books. This long-running series has been broadcast in 30 languages in more than 150 countries around the world.

This shows first episode was in March 28, 1989 and their final episode was in December 16, 1995.

The channel the show has been on are Channel 4, Channel 5, Qubo,Tree House TV, Pop and more and if you want to look on which channels this show has been on look on the internet. This show is created by Jean de Brunhoff.

This story has Elephants in it and I do not like elephants that much because they blow their nose very loud a lot louder then any human and they stomp their feet very hard. This show had 6 seasons.


Grossology is created by Sylvia Branzei  This show is about Teenagers who are siblings Ty and Abby help the government fight crime, but they don't do it in normal ways. 

They work at the Bureau of Grossology, a secret facility with the task of protecting the city from some of the world's filthiest criminals and their gross crimes.

 Assisted by their friend, Lab Rat, and the Director, who gives them their assignments, Ty and Abby do their best to keep the city safe and keep their identities hidden in the process. The siblings' adventures, as gross as they can be, are all based on real scientific facts.

In September 29, 2006 That is when they had their first episode and there final episode was  in October 27, 2017.

The characters names are Abby Archer and Ty Archer. The channels the shows has Been on are Nickelodeon and I never seen it on Nickelodeon like the other shows and it has also been on Qubo,ABC,Jetix,Discovery Kids, Discovery Family, ABC Me,YTV and Pop.

Sally Bollywood

Sally Bolly wood is about Sally she is 12 years old, has great admiration for the most brilliant of private detectives and fathers in the entire world, which inspires her to start her own investigative service.

The creator of this show is  Created by Pepper Sue and Elastic Jane and directed by Eric Bastier (Casper, Tara Duncan), Sally Bollywood is an animated comedy featuring two teens, Sally and her best friend Dowee, who run a kids-only detective agency.

Sally Bolly woods first episode was in October 1, 2009 her final episode was in December 18, 2013.

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Zoboomafoo is about Martin and Chris Kratt star in this preschool series who teaches Kids how to respect and care for animals.

Zoboomafoo, a playful little lemur, hangs around Animal Junction with Matt and Chris. The watering hole is an animal pit stop where a steady stream of animal visitors wander in from around the globe. The series uses music and sounds from around the world, puppetry, animation and Claymation to entertain kids.

This show is created by Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt. The channels this show has been on is PBS Kid,  Universal Kids, Qubo, Discovery Family and TVOntario. There first episode was in
January 25, 1999 and there final episode was in November 21, 2001. I thought there first episode was in 2006 0r 2007.


SideKicks is also a cartoon that I just looked at Today and the characters names are Vana,Glama,Kitty Ko and Eric Needles. This shows first episode was in September 3, 2010 and there last episode was in September 14, 2013.

The creators of this show is  Todd Kauffman and Joey So. This show is about a lot of  childrens dream of being superheroes. But Eric. Eric dreams of being a sidekick. 

So you can imagine his elation when his favorite superhero, Maxum Man, selects Eric to be his sidekick. But things take a weird turn when, on the day that Eric is scheduled to start being a full-time sidekick, Maxum Man vanishes.

 The superhero's disappearance leaves Eric responsible to convince the world that Maxum Man is still on the job, doing what a superhero does. Eric's peers include Kitty Ko, a boy-crazy heroine who serves up stellar advice.

Mona The Vampire

Mona The Vampire is created by Sonia Holleyman. This show I have never seen before But it has been on PBS Kids that is the channel I knew and used to watch when I was younger.

This show is about The cartoon adventures of a ten-year-old girl who solves ghoulish mysteries. This show first episode was in 1999 it does not say what mouth or what day this show aired on TV. This shows final episode was in February 10, 2003.

The channels This show has been on are PBS Kids, CBBC, YTV, Vrak, France 3, CBC Television and This TV.

Chucks Choice

This show called Chucks choice is on YTV an Teletoon and this show is about Twelve-year-old Chuck McFarlane has the ability to choose his next adventure.

Chuck choice first episode was in May 6, 2017 and there final episode was in June 9, 2017. The creator of this show is Kervin Faria.

I do not know YTV's shows , Qubo's  show or Teletoons shows that well because I did not watch that channel that much.

The channels that I used to watch is PBS Kids Sprout, Disney Channel some times and Nickelodeon and I like Nickelodeon the best. I know all the Nickelodeon shows by heart. That is Because Nickelodeon was my favorite channel.

My favorite channel is now is Adult Swim because The Boondocks is on that channel But I still love Nickelodeon.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Zula Patrol

Zula Patrol is created by Deb M. Manchester. This shows first episode was in September 5, 2005 and their final episode was in June 18, 2008.

This show is about A band of aliens explores the galaxy getting into and out of trouble in a series of adventures designed to teach young viewers the basics of science and astronomy, as well as life lessons in tolerance and conflict resolution.

 Bula, Zeeter and the rest of the Zula gang work to make the Galaxy a better place to live. Their efforts are opposed by the villainous Dark Truder and Deliria. And in this cartoon the planet have face and they talk and we know planet do not do that in real life in fantasy those planets that have face and the talk are machines.

Jay Jay The Jet plane

Jay Jay The Jet Plane is a show I use to watch on PBS Kids and This show is created by David Michel. This show is about Tarrytown is full of fun for 6-year-old Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

 A happy little plane, he and his friends -- including pink and yellow plane Tracy, helicopter Herky, fire engine Revvin' Evan and tow truck Tuffy -- explore and buzz around the fantasy-inspired town.

 There are also some humans in Tarrytown, such as Brenda Blue, Mrs. Blue, Miss Jones and Easy O'Malley. Anything is possible and excitement is just waiting for Jay Jay to discover it! "Jay Jay the Jet Plane" originated on TLC before moving to the PBS Kids block on public television.

This show first episode was in November 2, 1998 and there final episode was in  November 25, 2005. 


CyberChase was a cartoon I use to watch On PBS Kids and This show is created by After being warped into Cyberspace from a library computer, Matt leads friends Jackie and Inez as Cybersquad.

With live hosts Bianca and Harry, the team must protect Motherboard from the evil Hacker who wants to rule Cyberspace. Using gadgets and following clues, the team solves math mysteries and any other problem that comes their way.

There first episode was in January 21, 2002. It has been on Channels Like PBS.PBS Kids,PBS Kids Go and Qubo. This show is created by  Sandra Sheppard. I used to watch that show when I was younger but not any more.

The Characters Names are Digit.Inez,Jackie and Mat. My favorite character on this show is Matt.

Jacob Two Two

Jacob Two Two is created by Mordecai Richler. I think My play cousin showed me this show one time.

This shows first episode was in September 7, 2003 and there final episode was in September 3, 2006. The channels this show has been on are Qubo,Telemundo,Vrak and YTV. This show is about
After his family moves to Montreal Jacob meets a host of new friends and foes.

 School bullies, teachers, and his four older siblings never seem to hear him; he got the name Jacob Two Two because he always has to repeat himself to be heard. He plays hockey goalie, loves wrestling and most of all ... secret spy missions!

I was not really into to this cartoon I do not know why I just was not my type but the truth is I am mother to any cartoon character and I am a cartoon Lover. 

The ZhuZhus

The ZhuZhus is about Adventure-seeking Polly is always on a quest for fun along with the rest of the Pamplemousse family.

Living with the family are extraordinary pets known as Zhu Zhus, including Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Chunk and Mr. Squiggles.

 The talking critters have to stay on their toes to keep up with the non-stop action and adventures in the family's lives. The animated series is based on the popular line of Zhu Zhu Pets toys.

September 12, 2016 that is when they had there first episode and there final episode was in August 22, 2017. The channels it has been on are Disney Channel and YTV. Mike Fallows it the director and the creator of this show.

The Stanley Dynamic

The Stanley Dynamic is a show that has real people in the show but one of the characters in the show is a cartoon character. This show is about The Stanleys are a typical family, except one of their twin sons is a cartoon.

This shows first episode was in March 19, 2015 and there final episode was in April 7, 2017 and The channels it has been on is YTV and the creator of this show is Ken Cuperus. 

I want to make a show similar to this one except This show That I am making has real people in it and a lot more cartoon characters in this show I am making.

The show that I am making is called My Fantasy family and my show is about I am a real person and my real family do not spend time with me every day and my cartoon family which I call my fantasy family we spend time with each other every day because well live close by each other.


Looped is a cartoon on Teletoon now I do not know this cartoon that well ether and I thought I know every cartoon character on the planet but exactly I notice I do not know every cartoon on the planet but I know a lot of cartoons.

I did not write this some body else write this and this show is about Best friends Luc and Theo are stuck in a time loop where every day is the same Monday. Theo is the African American boy with the glasses and that is my favorite character on the show because I like the way he looks.

Todd Kauffman is the creator of this show. In March 2, 2016 they had there first episode and in
January 1, 2019 they had there last episode. This show has been on a Channel called Teletoon.

Jane and The dargon

Jane and The Dragon I do not know this cartoon that well but I did watch the trailer for the show they say this show is about Raised to be a lady in waiting, 12-year-old Jane makes her own path in medieval times. Circumstances allow her to pursue her dream job, so she trains as an apprentice knight in the King's Guard. 

With her best friend, 300-year-old Dragon, and other castle pals like Pepper (the cook), Jester (the court jester) and Smithy (the blacksmith), Jane's adventures teach young viewers about courage, kindness, and friendship.

In October 15, 2005 that is when they had there first episode they had there final episode is August 12, 2006. The channels this show has been on  is ABC me, Qubo and YTV. 

Ben 10

Ben 10's first episode was in December 27, 2005 and their final episode was in April 15, 2008. This show is about Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old boy, discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with its own unique abilities.

 With this newfound power, Ben, Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen help others and stop evildoers - but that doesn't mean he doesn't cause some superpowered kid mischief once and a while.

The creator of this show is Man of Action Studios I guess that is the studio it is created by it does not say who is the first creator who created Ben 10. It's just another cartoon I know called Tak and The Power of Juju that is created by Avalanche Software it does not say who is the first person who created Tak and The Power of Juju.


Clarence is about Clarence who is a spirited boy who sees the best in everything. His unique perspective on life transforms even a mundane situation into one that is interesting or fun.

 Epic dirt fights, awkward crushes and secret tree forts are all par for the course for the youngster, who shares his experiences with his family and friends.

 That group includes his best friends, scrappy Sumo and cautious Jeff, patient mom Mary, and her laid-back boyfriend, Chad. Clarence's adventures should be familiar to many people from their own childhoods, but he takes them to the limit.

This shows Characters Names are Sumo,Jeff and Clarence The character named Jeff looks like one of my cartoon characters name Hamish a little bit.

Clarence first episode was in  February 17, 2014 their final episode was in June 24, 2018 Skyler Page is the creator of this show.

Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa was a cartoon on Cartoon Network. So children used to say to me that I sound like Uncle Grandpa. This shows first episode was in September 2, 2013 their final episode was in
June 30, 2017.

The creator of this show is  Peter Browngardt. This show is about Uncle Grandpa who is a magical uncle and grandpa to everyone, and he travels around the world in an RV on a mission to help people in any way they may need it.

 The mustachioed good Samaritan wears a fanny pack, named Belly Bag, that serves as his right-hand man as he finds solutions to everyday situations -- even if no issue existed to begin with. Also helping Uncle Grandpa on his adventures are dinosaur Mr. Gus, talking pizza slice Pizza Steve, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, their primary mode of transportation. Eternally optimistic Uncle Grandpa always greets the day, and everyone he meets, with a signature "Good mornin'!"

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of GumBalls first episode was in May 8, 2008 their final episode was in
June 24, 2019. The creator of this show is Ben Bocquelet.

This show is about this is No, this animated series is not about anthropomorphic chewing gum, it's about a young cat named Gumball Watterson. Gumball has a penchant for getting into trouble, often resulting from schemes he comes up with, but he never seems to learn his lesson.

 Gumball's best friend is a fish named Darwin, who used to be the family pet until he grew legs and became part of the family.

 Gumball resents his younger sister, Anais, because she is the smartest member of the family. Gumball's mother is the breadwinner in the family, working long hours at the rainbow factory, and his father stays at home watching TV and playing video games.

Adventure Time

Adventure Times first episode was in August 5.2010 and their final episode was in September 3,2018. Twelve- year-old Finn battles evil in the Land of Ooo. Assisted by his magical dog, Jake, Finn roams the Land of Ooo righting wrongs and battling evil.

Usually that evil comes in the form of the Ice King, who is in search of a wife. He's decided he should wed Princess Bubblegum, though she doesn't want to marry him. Still, he persists in trying to steal her away, and Finn and Jake, along with Lady Raincorn (a cross between a unicorn and a rainbow) do their best to keep her from harm.

This show is on Cartoon Network and it is created by  Pendleton Ward. I was never into this show but a lot of children that I saw like this show.

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexters Laboratory is about Sleep tight, America! Your fate lies safely in the hands of Dexter, a child genius who whips up dazzling, world-saving inventions in his secret laboratory.

 Big sister Dee Dee frequently wrecks his experiments, but his bigger nemesis is Mandark, his brilliant rival at Huber Elementary School.

 Mom and Dad, of course, have no idea what their little angel is up to.

I think I saw this cartoon only one time that is about it. This shows first episodes first episode was in February 26, 1995 their last episode was in November 20, 2003. The creator of this show is
Genndy Tartakovsky.

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is cartoon that I was not really into and this show is created by Russell Marcus.

The show is about  Brandy and Mr. Whiskers are both stranded in the Amazon rain forest full of noisy creatures.

Twin toucans Cheryl and Meryl are always squawking, Lola Boa is a helpful snake and Brandy's new best friend.

 All of them are trying to outwit jungle bully Gaspar Le Gecko the self-proclaimed ruler of the rain forest. While Brandy is a snobby brat of a dog from Florida, Mr. Whiskers is a friendly bunny who is as clueless in the jungle as Brandy is. Singing and adventure fill their days with excitement and fun.

This shows first episode was in  August 21, 2004 their final episode was in August 25, 2006.

How to Train Your Dragon

How to train your Dragons is created by John Powell. This show is about Hiccup  is a Norse teenager from the island of Berk, where fighting dragons is a way of life. His progressive views and weird sense of humor make him a misfit, despite the fact that his father  is chief of the clan.

Tossed into dragon-fighting school, he endeavors to prove himself as a true Viking, but when he befriends an injured dragon he names Toothless, he has the chance to plot a new course for his people's future.

I do not know that show because I was not into it as much as other cartoons. How to train your Dragon I remember a little that I saw it on commercials but I never really watched the show. The character that rides the dragons name is Hiccup.

This shows first episode was in  August 7, 2012 there last episode was in February 16, 2018. The channels this show has been on are Cartoon Network and Netflix.

American Dragon

American Dragon Jake Long is about A boy named Jake that is keeping a secret from his teachers and classmates -- he's a descendant of dragons! Still facing all the normal pitfalls of being 13, Jake is also in secret training to become the first American Dragon.

 With the help of Grandpa Lao Shi and 600 year-old Fu Dog, Jake seeks to protect all the magical creatures living amongst humans in Manhattan.

 Always on a skateboard, Jake befriends unicorns, leprechauns, and mermaids while aspiring to fulfill his Chinese-American heritage.

This shows first episode was in January 21, 2005 Their last episode was in September 1, 2007.
Jeff Goode is the creator of this cartoon.

The Replacments

The Replacments is about children that happens to be orphans Their names are Riley and her little brother Todd Daring and answer an ad for Fleemco Replacement People and order new parents, a spy mother and daredevil father.

As Riley and Todd go on adventures (or misadventures as it were), they team up with Conrad Fleem to replace any adult in their lives that they don't like, but they don't get to choose the replacements and sometimes their good intentions don't work out as they planned. 

Among the show's voice cast are veteran voiceover artists Nancy Cartwrigth and Kath Soucie.

The show is created by Dan Santat. Their first episode was in July 28, 2006 and their last episode was in March 30, 2009.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Being Ian

Being Ian is also another cartoon I watched Yesterday and I saw when this character Sandi Crocker was boxing. This shows first episode was in April 26, 2005 and their final episode was in
June 26, 2007.

Show I do not know why the show went off air some people might think is a good show while others say it's a bad show. I do not know it's a good show or not because I watched parts of only one episode of this cartoon.

This show is about a boy named Ian Kelley who is a 12-year-old boy with aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. 

His love of movies and his overactive imagination -- as his mother describes it -- often get the preteen into some strange situations. Ian's parents, music-store owner Ken and homemaker Vicky, are indifferent to his dreams of making movies, which causes him some frustration. Ian's best friend is Ty, who acts as the voice of reason for him but is still willing to go along with the schemes that Ian hatches. The channels this show has been on are Qubo and Y TV.