Saturday, December 17, 2016

Children's Institute

The Children's Institute is I school that changed it's name The film teacher show me the videos that they put the video of the students on YouTube I typed in the search engine on google and I see it was the same students that I knew before I went to the high school.

I know this is the same student I knew because I can tell the way they look and I see there faces and see how they are sound. There was one boy that I knew of the 5th grade in Hillside school in Montclair New Jersey.

The teacher were not that nice and they do not know how to dill with his special needs There said "no cookies for him." even he do not do any thing wrong. He had an special needs teacher that was not nice to him.

The special needs teacher's in regular schools are not in specials needs schools even they are an special needs teacher they have the half way to deal with children with special needs and they have the half way to not deal with children with special needs.No wonder way his is at academy 360

They do not really went to school to dill people with special needs all the teacher's went to school with is being a regular teacher teaching a special needs class or they might be a special needs teacher but they act like the teachers that do not know how to dill with people with special needs because they been around them longer.

I had an special needs teachers I was trying to say that those teacher's our students do not know how to deal with my special needs she just attack like them my special needs teacher was very mean.

And that is way I am at the special needs school Academy 360 That is the name that Children's Institute changed over these years. And Barack Obama knows that school because teacher told me that and we had to writ letters to him.

We could not write to him that do you know what this cartoon or celebrity is and the teacher said "come on guys his is the president." So I got upset and I wrote a diffident letter when I had consoling.

And in special needs schools teacher have the full mind to deal with children with special needs because they went to school for it they did not just went to school and half study and they are a mean special teacher at a regular school.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Quail eggs

Quail eggs people in this society will say do not eat quail eggs it's disgusting just because society says that dose not mean it is true. Actually quail eggs helps fight cancer it's healthier than chicken eggs.

I thought that the yokes would be brown because the out side of the egg has brown spots. But I heard in science that all bird eggs yokes are yellow.

In my opinion all bird eggs yokes are yellow because that is wear the birds beak and the bird feet is  developed after inside the beak and the feet are developed it becomes a real bird and it has a beak and feet. Me and my father ate quail eggs today it taste like chicken eggs.

Quail eggs are my first day I tried them. People know that Quail eggs are healthier because scientist use machines and that is how they know that quail eggs are healthier.

If I have children they would watch TV and the child on the television would say " ill do not eat quail eggs if you see some one in your family do not let them eat it.

My children would agree they would say to their friend in school that my mother Lon and my grand parent her parent ate quail eggs!" Their friends would say " ill that is disgusting is saw that on TV ! "

As my children get back to they house they might say what kind of person that eats quail eggs nobody eats quail eggs and what kind of parent forces their children to eat quail eggs.

I would say if I was a parent "quail eggs are healthier than chicken eggs or cupcake or cookie also candy what ever that is sweet and just because television says that nobody eats quail eggs and say it's disgusting dose not mean it's true their is a lot of people would eat quail eggs more especially adults because they are more older and they understand more !"

And I would also say "the kind of parent that wants you to be healthy and I do not want you to be 900 pounds you can not breath !"

I know my children would say that because children are brain wash by this society and I know how children are.

Quail eggs are smaller because quail is smaller than chicken. I also read that duck eggs are richer so they are not healthier than chicken or quail eggs in my opinion but they stay fresher longer and they have a thicker shell.

In my opinion chicken eggs are not as healthy because the yoke is bigger and that is probably why people do not eat eagle eggs the more bigger the egg is the more bigger the yoke is going to be and the yoke is just fat and possibly eagle eggs are not healthier than chicken eggs.

Eagle eggs are possibly the most unhealthy eggs for a person body and the more bigger the bird is the more bigger the  eggs it's going to make. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

People what they put on TV

People that they put on TV on of those shows are health shows. The Biggest Loser is supposes to be a health show They over weight contestant's lose weight only 3 mouths they are thin at then end of the show but they gaining back the weight on that is not healthy.

Some of the trainers gave then diet pulls people should get slim in a year not in three mouths that is two quick to lose weight but they lose it any way.

Some of the over weight people that are competing in the show with each other are heavier than when they started on the show and now they gained weight again.

All there metabolism is very slow. They trainers do not care about they have blood in there pee all they care about is they get slim and lose the weight for three months that's it.The trainers are what ever who is created the show are very selfish for doing that. I am mean to them on the internet because what they did was bad.

It's not good the gain weight then lose weight and go back or forth is has to be one or the other. The Biggest Loser they just do that for television.

The Biggest Loser should not be on Television any more because they do not care if the over weight contestant's are sick and what they are doing is not right. TV law should change if they see a show like The Biggest Loser it should be off TV.

If I write this on my blog it would e the last episode and season of the Biggest Loser. They should have a health show that is better that the trainers care about people getting sick and get blood in they pee.

 And those people wouldsay "your going to be slim down until a year it is going to take longer then the Biggest Loser because The trainers do not care if your are sick and at the end of the show."

Those people will also say "if the over weight people lose weight then they gain weight and it keeps going back and forth to losing and gaining weight again the over weight contestant's have slow metabolism that  is not healthy!"