Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Today blog is about Diary of the Wimpy Kid. It's one of my favorite movies.

The movie is Greg Heffley is a boy who gets made fun of and bulled in middle school.

He has a crush on holly he afraid of Patty Farrell.

This is because she's mean she wrestled with Greg in GYM class.

The actress who play's Patty is Lannie Mac Neil.

The GYM Teacher was unfair to Greg.

  If I was in the movie I'd show Patty she is not the strongest girl.

  She is actually very weak she thinks she is strong  I'll beat her she can not beat me up.

Then Patty will be scared. She's one of my favorite characters because i get to wrestle her in my mind.

I enjoy Diary of the Wimpy Kid Because It's about Middle School.

It's started when Greg said "Patty Patty is a Fatty has a face just like a ratty! she started to crying. I do not blame her she sounds like a nice girl I would would beat some one too if some one called me that when I was younger I only beat up up if no one messes with her and she messes with me for no reason.

Some children bully other children because they got bullied our some children that never got bullied can still bully children because they do not know how bullying really feels if some one gets bullied they would understand more how it feel.