Saturday, March 11, 2023

Bob The Builder old vs new


Bob The Builder was a show that I watch when I was younger and I heard from somone that I met that The Old Bob the Builder is better then the New Bob the builder.

For example the new Bob the buildier looks more like a disney animated movie and the old Bob the build looks like they used clayed.

I do not know which is better but if I have to choose what looks better is the new Bob The Builder but as far how good the show is I do not know because I only watch the original Bob The Builder.

They don't just do that with this show they do that with other show too like The Fairly odd parents and Spongebob.

I think they are trying to make the shows better but is just not good enough for the fans because they like the older episodes of Bob The Builder better then the new episodes.

This show came out in April 12, 1999 that is there first episode. The creator of this show is Keith Chapman.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Wards since 1987 - 2023 and far into the future

March 28,1987 That is when Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards first started. I saw Chole and Halle Baley and The Ninja Kids On The Nickelodeon KCA's.

I was on Nickelodeon World Wide day of play a while back when I was 14. I hope in the future I  can be on Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards of my cartoons and artwork and singing and also animations. I watch The Nickeldoen Kcas which is short for Kids choice awrds when I was a girl.

I always knew When Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards was coming out but now I did not know it came out yesterday until I read on the internet on Youtube.

I do not have Disney Kids choices awards or Disney world wide day of play I wish they did because not every body is into Nickelodeon Kcas or Nickelodeon worldwide day of play or Nickelodeon period.

They should have Nickelodeon land and Nickeloden world who ever is not intreasted in Disney land and Disney world. or if they like both channel they coudl have Nickeloden and Disney Kids choice Awards and Nickelodeon and Disney World Wide day of play.


Saturday, March 4, 2023


 Pinkalicious was one of my favorite books growing up. This story is about a Little girl who is obsessed with the color pink. I know grown women on Youtube who are obsessed with pink I wonder if they would Like the Book Pinkalicious.

My favorite color used to by pink and purple since I was 3 years old I was obsessed with pink and purple.

I read the Pinkkalicous Books growning up and my favorite Pinkalicious book was when Pinkalicious ate too many pink cupcakes and the girl turned pink and she was happy about and the doctor said to her parents  she has to eat green food to go back to normal.

Then it became a TV show on PBS Kids. The episode when Pinkalicious ate too many pink cupcakes they made a episode about it and more episodes that was in the book. Victoria and Elizabeth Kann are the authors of this book.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Bino and Fino

 When I first saw Bino and Fino it was a video on Youtube that shows different cartoons from different countries.

I did not know about Bino and Fino at first becuase the show only aired in Africa and it was on Nickelodeon and on Disney channel but I have never saw it on those channel because it aired on those channel only in Africa.

This cartoon is good in a way it teaches kids about African Culture. But the anition and the cartoon the way the drew it is not so good I think they could of done better with the drawing.

My dad said they did the best they could and they need to start some where to get it out there. In my opinion it's not the best they could do because the 2D drawing could of looked better. I not saying the draw looks horrible I am saying it just does not look all that great in my opinion.

But its one of the best educational cartoons that teaches you about African History and culture that is becuase it's in africa.

Miraculous Ladybug

 Miraculous Ladybug is a 3d cartoon, This cartoon I heard aired in canda. This showed I saw aired on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon,ABC Me and Netflix.

Thomas Astruc is the creator of Miraculous Lady Bug. December 20, 2015  that is when They had their first episode in the USA.

I think this show has one of the best 3d animation and the colors look good. This is a girl that turns into a ladybug suphero. That is all I know about the show I did not know the show enogh to know what goes one.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the girl who turns into A Ladybug Superhero.