Sunday, February 15, 2015

Every thing on Nickelodeon

Today will Be talking about Everything on Nickelodeon.
my favorite show you remember I typed is Nat Wolff was on Nickelodeon called the Naked Brothers Band.

now Nat Wolff is doing movies are Peace Love And Misunderstanding I have the DVD of it.

Stuck in love that Nat Wolff is in that My father talk to me to saw he says it is inappropriate Nat Wolff has A Movie called Behaving Badly with Selena Gomez I got Jealous at her.

Nat Wolff Has Movie Named Admissions with Tina fey.
Fault in our stars Nat In Faults in our Star was playing A a boy with Eye Cancer he was blind in my fantasy he was Bald with Eye Cancer Faults in our Stars was Created by John Green.

 Nat Marvin Wolff  is in the movie called Palo Alto or this year Nat Wolff is in Paper towns Nat Wolff's Parents Dad Is Is Micheal Wolff he use Ask Goofy On The Naked Brothers Band and Nat Wolff's mother Polly Draper.

my Favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon Fanboy And Chum Chum,Welcome to the Wayne ,Sanjay And Craig,Scratch, Migthy B! and Tak and the Power Of Juju.

My Favorite charater on Fanboy And Chum Chum is FanBoy The Voice of FanBoy is David Hornsby.

Before I didn't know who did the voice of Cartoons now I Know a lot who dose the voice the voice of Tak From Tak And The Power of Juju Is Hal Sparks My Favorite Character On Tak and The power of Juju is Tak.

 the voice of Sanjay Patel is Maulik Pancholy.

the Creators of Sanjay and Craig are Jim Dirschberger,Jay Howell And Andreas Trolf My Favorite Charater on Sanjay and Craig is Sanjay I have a Teacher that is a Friend of Andreas Trolf.

The creators of Cat Scratch is Doug TeNapel my Favorite charter on Catscratch is Waffle The Voice of Waffle Is Kevin McDonald Gordon or Mr.Blink Says Waffle is an Idiot but in My fantasy I said Gordon and Mr.Blink Keep you Mouth Shut!,Cut it Out! Or Be Nice! Also say Gordon and Mr. Blink Stop it!

The Mighty B! my Favorite characters on the show is Bessie Higginbottm  the voice of Bessie is Amy

The Creator of Welcome to the Wayne is Billy Lopez is also the Voice Of Olly Timbers My favorite The symbol on the show is WTTW stands for Welcome to the Wayne Charater on Welcome to the Wayne Ansi Molina the Voice of Ansi is Alanna Ubach.

They Are Other cartoons I want to talking about Team Umizoomi,Spongebob,Winx Club and Bread Winners! I Not Obsessed Of these cartoons as the other ones I Likes thoughs Cartoons.

My Favorite Charater on Team Umizoomi is Milli the voice of Milli is Sophia fox.

My Favorite charater on Winx Clubis Bloom the Voice of Bloom is Helena Evangeliou.

My Favorite Charater on Spongebob Squapants is so far Spongebob the creator of Spongebob is Stephen Hillenburg the voice of Spongebob is Tom Kenny.
 The creator of Bread Winners is Steve Borst and Gary DiRaffale My Favorite Charater on Bread Winners is Sway Sway is Robbie Daymond.