Saturday, July 25, 2020


Barnyard is a Movie that I use to watch and then they had a nickelodeon show called Back and The Barnyard.

Some of the same charterers on Barnyard are on back at the Barnyard. Like Daisy the cow is just on Barnyard not on Back at the Barnyard instead They have  Abby the cow in Back at the Barnyard.

Back at the Barnyard is about A carefree cow becomes the leader of all of the animals in the barnyard.

It was on TV since September 2007 to November 2011. The Barnyard movie came out in August 4 2006 and August 4 is a day after my birthday. This show is created and directed by Steve Oedekerk.


This show Wayside is about The Kids are on the top floor of Wayside. I little boy showed me this show and I told him " I just to watch that show on Nickelodeon."

In march 2007 that is when the first episode aired and their final episode was in January 2018.Louis Sachar is the created of this show and he also creates books their is a book he made called side ways I wonder that they use to call Wayside that.

He also created this book called Wayside school is falling down. The wayside characters names are Jenny,Yodana,Todd,Maurecia and Myron.


Olivia is a cartoon on Nick Jr. So this cartoons first episode was in January 2009 and their final episode was in October 2015.

This show is about An young female pig who is adventurous and has a vivid imagination. This show is created by Ian Falconer.

This show was a book a first I know that because when I was watching a movie someone was reading the Olivia book. I was never really into this show and it is a good show for children to watch.

I wish I could make animation with my cartoons that I make and I wish I can get a Job in Nickelodeon studios some days.

Friday, July 24, 2020

The legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra is a different show from The Avatar The Last Air Bender but The same character from Avatar The Last Air Bender is On The Legend of Korra. Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino are The characters of Avatar and The Legend of Korra.

This show is on Nickeldeon. The Legend of Korra's first episode was in April 2012 and their last episode was in December 2014.

My favorite character from Avatar is Sokka because is is Goofy and Funny character on the show. The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix too but the Avatar is already on Netflix.

The character on Avatar The Last Air Bender is Aang,Katara,Toph,Sokka,Azula,June and Zuko those are the main characters on that show. 

The Secret Show

The Secret show was on Nickelodeon an this show is created by Tony Collingwood. This show is The Secret Show is a 2006-2008 British animated show produced by Collingwood O'Hare and commissioned by BBC Worldwide in partnership with BBC Children's.

This show is about Special Secret agents protect the world from evil forces. Well I use to watch the show On Nickelodeon and NickToons and Now it does Not come on TV any More. CBBC Is  the other channel that the show has been on.

I think this is a good show to watch it has action and Animation and color and the style of the art. I love cartoons and watching animation.

I would like my own cartoons to be on TV one day. My own cartoons I will like to be on Nickelodeon and on any channel that has cartoons in it.

Corneil and Bernie

Corneil and Bernie Was a show on Nickeledeon that I use to watch. This show first episode was in 2003 and Their final episode was in April 2016.

The creator of this show is Stephan Franck and Emmanuel Franck. The Channel the show use to come on just said Gulli I do not know that channel I never heard of it but I know it was on Nickelodeon too.

This show is about This show contains numerous adventures about just a guy Named Bernie and his talking dog  named Corneil.

I forget about that show and Then I remebered That show. My memory is not as good as it use to be. 

I think this is a good show to watch in my opinion and I did not watch The show in a while but I love Nickelodeon cartoon and animation and music and art.