Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Presidents of the United States

The Presidents of The United States is all men and there have been 45 of them Donald Trump is the newest President and he is or President for now.

I was upset that he became president because I wanted Hillary Clinton to be president and I wanted to be the first woman president it was good that her husband was the president at one time of the U.S.A.

There was This first African American president and his name is Barack Obama and me and my family wanted him to be the first African American president of the United States of America. In my opinion all men were presidents of this country because men had more power and they had more jobs.

I the Olden days women were just cleaning and cooking for there family while men had Jobs like being a Police Officer a fire fighter , clowns or Doctors and so much more. In the olden days men were working from jobs outside of there own house like having jobs with computers.

And the women are usually a stay at home mother and cooking stuff with their children and they played with their children more because they work from home and if the child wants to play the mother will play with them.

In the olden day men were more busy because they really worked outside and had jobs out outside of there homes and they did not have time to play with there children if there were fathers.   Their are too many men being presidents how about some women for a change.

I do not like Donald Trump because he says racist stuff he says mean thing about women that " I would Like to punch them in the Face."

And I heard one man on TV said " I would like to punch Donald Trump in the face because he wants to do that to women." I do not blame that man I would like to punch him in the face to if he said that to me or any woman. This is my opinion about Donald Trump

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