Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Different types of Martial art's

There are Different types of Martial arts Like Judo that is a sport they flip people over and twisted people up that means twist people arms or legs.

Jiu-Jitsu is flipping people over but it's more twisting people arms and legs and giving people arm bars.

They do not do that many punches and kicks. Taekwondo is more high kick.

 And kick boxing is punches and kicks and boxing is just punches and Karate is they punch kick and break board but they do not move they just stay in one area and Kung Fu they move more and Muay Thai is Kick boxing but it's more elbows and very hard kicks.

Kendo is fight with sticks and Fencing is more fighting with swords. And Savate is French kick boxing, Krav Maga is a Military Martial art that has boxing, wrestling, Aikido, Judo and Karate in it wrestling is more gabbing people.

Aikido is a Martial art that Holds, throws and uses locks on there Opponent's. Hapkido is Joint Locks,Grappling,throwing technique's the also teach people to use's weapons like knife's, sword's and rope they also learn kicks and punches. Tai Chi is a slow martial art and it's similar to yoga. It looks like their hit with more wood.

Mix Martial Arts is all of those Martial Arts and That is why there call it Mixed Martial Arts it's mixed with all of the martial arts and that is when Mixed Martial Arts is created.

Martial arts first started with people have to see animals and other people fight and that is how martial arts is created.

I heard that you can be very strong and can not hit hard you can be not so strong and hit hard because if any person a lot weak practice punches and kicks more then a person who is a lot bigger and strong the can beat up the bigger and strong person because the weaker person might practice technique's more.

People know the person that is not so strong is going to hit harder then a person that is bigger and strong because maybe Martial Arts couches have to test people. 

A person that is a lot Bigger and stronger might say " No a smaller weaker person is not suppose to hit harder I am bigger and stronger." I will say " Says who it's technique it's no a matter how big and strong you are."

Bigger and Stronger " People will say Why does technique matter why not strength." I would say 

" Well that is the way God wanted it and maybe God to be like that is because if he made like smaller and weaker people can not protect them selves from a stronger and bigger person weather they have more fighting technique or not maybe God wanted it to be if any body who is smaller and weaker can protect them selves from a bigger and stronger person to teach the bigger and stronger person not to bully people that are smaller and weaker then them."

If God created it to be that the smaller and weaker person can not protect them selves from the bigger and stronger person weather they have more fighting technique or not then it's not going to be fair for the bigger stronger person to be hurting them all the time and that will never teach the bigger and stronger person's lesson not to bully people who are a lot weaker than them.

So that is why I think God want it to be created that it does not matter how big and strong you are it's technique.

It's not how big and strong you are is technique and people found out it was really technique that matters because people have to see that a animal that practice longer on how to fight more then the bigger and strong animal the bigger and stronger animal is going to get beat up by the smaller and weaker animal because the smaller and weaker animal might have family that teaches it how to protect it self more in the wild.

Arnis is Sword fighting, Knife fighting and stick fighting and Jeet Kune Do it's a Martial art that Bruce Lee Created.

Kenpo is more Striking people and Silat is A martial art is when they so people not to break their hand. Wushu is a Martial art that you flip you self over and you fight with swords.

Capoeira is a Martial art where people dancing and music in the backround. Pencak Silat is a Martial art that people uses they full bodies they use strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry.

Ninjutsu is They flip people over the do kicks and those people also doing summer sults. Systema is when some one has a knife you can grab a person hand and flip them over. Kuntao is if some one has a knife you can twist there arm and bring them to the ground.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Presidents of the United States

All of the Presidents of The United States have been all men there are no women.

This is probably why all men have been the presidents it's because in the olden days men where more in control more than women and men had the power and the strengths.

I first president of the United state's is George Washington then we already had a first African American president named Barack Obama and our President now in 2017 is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the oldest man to became president that is because he started to become president at age 70 what I mean is when men started to become presidents there are usual younger then 70.

Trump was born in June 14, 1946 in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York City. He is  6 feet two inches and his spouses are Ivana Zelníček Trump, Melania Knavs Trump and Marla Maples.

I do not like Donald trump because his says bad things about Muslims and he insults women and he said " he was going to punch a woman in the face." Their was this guy one time I saw on TV and he said " I would like to punch Donald Trump in the face."  

I think Donald Trump is a pain in the neck and he is racists I am sorry but I really wanted to be the first woman president.

I was on the E train in New York city and I made an announcement on the train and I said "we have to many male presidents how about a woman for a chance and if there to many male presidents I will became the first female president." All the women have been clapping for me on the train.

Trump children's names are Ivanka Trump, Barron Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump.

Before Donald Trump was Presidents he had a TV show and the show was like he choose which person is going to get fired and he owned an apartment and he did not rent apartments the African Americans that is what my mother heard on the internet.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams was in The TV show called The Boondocks in that show he played Uncle Ruckus that is Riley and Huey Freeman's Uncle.

 Williams was also in other movies called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Malcolm in the Middle, Doc McStuffins, Special Agent Oso, Undercover Brother and Fred: The Movie.

Gary Williams was born in Fayetteville Georgia in March 14, 1966. His education was University of Maryland and his spouse is Diane McMillen 1968-1990, Dana Smith in 2011 and his other spouse was Leslie Williams but it never said about the date when she was his spouse.

His Nominations was Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series it does not say who his parent are because maybe he wants to keep that a secret.

When his does the voice of Uncle Ruckus he is not my favorite character in The Boondocks because he does not look attractive to me it's Riley and Huey Freeman they are my favorite characters on that show because they look very attractive.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


It was the morning of September 11, 2001 it started off as an average day adults going to there jobs and children every body went about there business and out of no where a plane fill with passengers crashed into one of the twin towers.

This happened in 8:46 in the morning which happens to be kind of early in the morning.

Those buildings where the two tallest buildings in the whole planet this happened in the center of down town New York City. Every one in the plane passed away and also people in the tower.

20 minutes after that another plane crashed into another tower and people thought this is no accident it was some kind of attack.

It was clear that the planes had been hijacked or forcefully taken over. Shortly after that there was another plane crashed but it was at the Pentagon right out right out  the side of Washington D.C. the pentagon is the head quarters of the U.S. Department of the Defense.

Next the Unthinkable happened back in The New York south tower of the world trade center fell down.

 It was a devastating blow debris flew every where and all of downtown Manhattan was covered in a cloud of dust and smoke Fortunately most people where able to get out of the building before it collapsed. But in many others including Police officers and firefighters that had helped but they were trapped and killed when the buildings were on fire.

Those buildings where built to handle small plane crashes but the plane crash was huge and the fuel from the plane mad a huge fire and it destroyed the tower. and the internal structure.

It was the same problem at the north tower at 10:28 am the skyscarper's fell down and hundreds of people died on an instant.

Around the time when the south tower fell another plane crashed in a open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania this fourth hijacked plane was most likely intend to hit another building but evidence suggests that the passengers took the plane over from the hijacker causing it to crash.

There where no survivors that means no body had survive during the plane crash and all told almost 3,000 civilians lost their lives that day. It was the wost attack on the U.S. soil since the bombing of pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941.

The Hijacking of the planes like this is a form of terrorism. The main idea of terrorism is a act of violence designed to speard fear in others and to attracted the attention to a political cause we now know that the September 11, attacks were carried out by 19 member's of a terrorist network called al Qaeda.

The main goal of al Qaeda is to make countries that are predominantly Islamic influences Islam is one one of the worlds major religions. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in countries all over the globe.

The practice different version's of Islam But Al Queda subscribes to a twisted form of religion. It centered around ridding the Islamic world of western idea especially any thing from the United States.

And enforcing strict codes of behavior in Muslim societies. Al Qaeda is willing to do anything to get it's message heard.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ann Maria De Mars

AnnMaria De Mars is Ronda Rousey's mother and she was a Judo Champ and now she is a special needs teachers that helps special needs teacher and she help Native American children that are poor.

She is also a Doctor and They called her Dr. Ann Maria De Mars.

 She is a technology teacher and help children with special needs and the reason why she is all these things is because the Judo helps her with the discipline.

 She is an American technology excutive and author and judoka. Ann is the first american to win the gold medal at the world Judo championship and she competing in the 56 kg weight class for the world judo tournament in 1984. She was born in August 15, 1958 in Scott Air Force Base in

Her education was University of Minnesota, Washington University and UC Riverside her parents names are Joseph Arthur Waddell and Marcella Ann Waddell and we all know her daughter's name is Ronda Rousey but her other daughters name is Maria Burns-Ortiz and her sibling name is Julia DeMars and Jennifer Rousey.

It just says Ann's daughters names are Ronda and Maria maybe Julia and Jennifer are her step daughters.

Mars spouse is Dennis De Mars in 1997 and Ron Rousey. The books that she wrote are called
Winning on the Ground: Training and Techniques for Judo and MMA Fighters. My father said She is a lot nicer then most people because she helps special needs children and most people do not do that.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cree Summer

Cree Summer was in movies and television show like Tiny Toon Adventures, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a PBS Kids show, As Told by Ginger is a Nickelodeon show, The Rugrats Movie and The Rugrats, All Grown Up!  is when the Rugrats are all grown up.

She is also in movies like Barbie as Rapunzel and she was in this other Nickelodeon cartoon My Life as a teenage Robot.

 She was in more TV shows and Movies like The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Kermit's Swamp Years, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Kermit's Swamp Years,The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Superman: Doomsday,The Spectacular Spider-Man,Sonic the Hedgehog the TV series ,WordGirl and Clifford's Really Big Movie.

Ms. Cree was born in July 7, 1969 in Los Angeles California. Her spouse name is Angelo Pullen and her children's names are Brave Littlewing Pullens and Hero Peregrine Pullens. 

Her parents names are Lili Francks and Don Francks both of her parents have different last names because Cree Summer Francks is her real name but they use Cree Summer for short as a stage name.   
I heard that my mother said last night that she heard this woman on TV say she did the voice of the Green M'M from the commercial's and M'M's is a chocolate candy that we eat and she also said she did the voice of Susie Carmichael from The Rugrats.  

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Evnika Saadvakass

Evnika Saadvakass is a 10 year old girl who's been training boxing since she was only three years old.

At the age of eight she was punching trees with her bare fist people clap for her and are happy that she does that those people are stupid for being happy for her.

I am not happy that is can punch a whole in the door or punching trees because she can break her hands and she can get wood stuck in her skin. I am not very happy at the parents I am very angry at those parents because they are letting her punch trees and she can break her hand that it's killing trees.

Any parent that does that is sick in the head. It's good that she can protect her self and it's good if her father shows that but her father showing her to punch trees and that makes me very angry.

No man or Woman will do that and just because she hit's harder then the average 18 year old girl not she can not hit as hard as them naturally.

People say that this girl can kick any bodies but I disagree she can not beat up the average man and she can not kick my but she is a small girl if she try to fight me all I can do is just sit on her and I do not have to be 300 pounds I can be 140 pounds and that is still a lot of weight compared to her.

If this girl was in the UFC she will get Pulverized she is a very small girl she is tough but their is
always going to be some one tougher.

It never said who her parents are or when she was born maybe she not famous enough to have her parents name or when she was born on the internet. Nobody in karate school should let any punch wood because they can hurt their hands

This is how it should be if any body wants to break wood they should where something on their hands. Nobody should punch trees and that should be illegal because that is killing trees and we needs trees.

Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is a show That was a TV show on Nickelodeon and the show's first episode was October 7, 1996 and their final episode was June 8, 2004.

Now they have a movie of Hey Arnold the Jungle movie and it aired in November 23 2017 that happened and aired this Thanksgiving. 

Craig Bartlett is the creator of Hey Arnold the movie and the TV show. 

The show is about A boy named Arnold and Hey Arnold! is an Television Series created by Bartlett that had a TV show on Nickelodeon and it aired on Nickelodeon from October 7, 1996 to June 8, 2004.

The show centered Arnold that is a forth grader that lives with his Grand parents that live in a inner city boarding house the Episodes center on Arnold's experiences navigating big city life while dealing with the problems he and his friends encounter.

Craig's idea for this show is based on a character named Arnold whom he created while working on Pee-wee's Playhouse.

The executives enjoyed the character, and Bartlett completed the cast by drawing inspiration from people he grew up with in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Bartlett created the pilot episode in his living room in 1994 and official production began in 1995. The animators worked to transform Arnold from clay animation to cel animation, leading to the series premiere. The show was done production in 2001 after 5 seasons and had 100 episodes.

A feature film based on the series, Hey Arnold!: The Movie, was aired in 2002. All five seasons have been released on the DVD.

A television film continuation of the series, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, was green-lit. It picks up from where the series finished and resolved unanswered plot lines of the story.[2][3][4] The film aired on November 24, 2017. Arnold's full name in the movie is  Arnold Phillip Shortman.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Incredibles 2

Final the Incredibles 2 is coming out in theaters this summer in 2018 but we do not know when.

When I saw the first Incredibles I was only 5 years old and the air date of the first Incredibles is October 27, 2004.

The air date for the Incredibles 2 is June 15 2018.

I saw a book of The Incredibles 2 at my camp but I do not get to finish the whole book.

A couple of years ago I heard the Incredibles 2 is coming out in the movies in 2016 then they change the date to 2018.

My father said "That's to long maybe The Incredibles 2 is never coming out with a movie and maybe it will just stay as a book.

The creator of the Incredibles is Brad Bird and he was born in September 24 1957 in Kalispell Montana. His spouse is Elizabeth Canney. Brad Bird's children's names are Nicholas Bird, Jack Bird and Michael Bird.


Friday, November 24, 2017

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is about a Boy named Tim Templeton that is a boy who wanted to be an only child to have all the entention and when The Boss Baby came along he was jealous he got jealous at the baby because his parents payed attention to the baby more then Tim and he figures out that The Boss baby speaks like an adult.

The Boss Baby is a 2017 American computer animated comedy adventure film.

 And it's a film loosely based on the picture book of the same name that was in 2010 and it's written and illustrated by Marla Frazee and it's produced by DreamWorks Animation.

 It was directed by Tom McGrath and written by Michael McCullers, and stars the voices of Alec Baldwin as the title character, along with Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Tobey Maguire. The plot follows the baby who is a secret agent and is in the war between babies and puppies.
The Boss Baby premiered at the Miami International Film Festival on March 12, 2017, and was released by 20th Century Fox. Upon release, the film grossed $498 million worldwide against its $125 million budget.
A sequel is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2021.[6]

The Boss Baby's name is Theodore Lindsey Templeton Jr. and Tim Tempeton's parents names are Ted Templeton and Janice Templeton. The other characters names in the movie are Staci and Jimbo and the Triplets but I do not know there names.

So the voice of Tim is Miles Christopher Bakshi and the voice of Tim's parents are Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel. The voice of The Boss Baby is Alec Baldwin and the voice of Staci is ViviAnn Lee amd the voice of Jimbo is Dave Soren.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Coco Movie

The Coco movie is about a boy named Miguel Rivera and this movie Happened to be a 3D software on the computer that Disney studio's use and it's and animated musical film that is produced by Disney Pixar animation studios that pictures Disney studios.

Based on the first idea of Lee Unkrich he directed  and co directed whole who co-written the story is named Adrian Molina.

The story is about a 12 year old boy name Miguel Rivera and who happens to set off a chain of his events to the relating to the century of an old mystery that is leading to an extraordinary family reunion.

The concept of the film was based on a Mexican Holiday called Dia De Muertos.

The screen play was penned by Adrian Molina and Matthew Aldrich and the story is by Unkrich, Molina, Jason Katz and Aldrich.

Pixar was developing this movie in 2016. Lee Unkrick and some of the crew members also visited Mexico for inspiration. Michael Giacchino is a composer and has work on prior Pixar animated features and compose the score.

The movie Coco premiered on October 20, 2017 during the Morelia International Film Festival in Morelia, Mexico.

The film was released in Mexico for the following week the weekend before the Dia de Muertos and final it became the highest grossing film positive and reviews with the critics praising and the Animation and the emotional story.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Huey P. Newton

Huey P. Newton is an African American Activist and revolutionary who, along with Bobby Seale that happens to be a Political Activist.

Huey is also co-found the Black Panther Party in 1966. Newton happened to continued to pursue and education, eventually a PH.D. in social philosophy. Huey was shot and assassinated in Oakland California in 1989.

His early life was he was a social activist and Huey was born in February 17, 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana. Mr. Newton was helping with the establish the African American political organization the Black Panther Party and he became the leader figure in the Black Power Movement of the 1960's.

When Mr. Huey was only a toddler his parents and his youngest seven sibling where moving to Oakland California. Though later stating he was close to his only family, the youngster had a hard time in there early life which was reflected in a highly erratic behavior in schools and on the streets.

Huey got himself arrested because he was the previous year for allegedly murdering a police officer during a traffic stop.

The Black panthers wanted to improve life in the black communities and took a stance against the police brutality in urban neighborhoods by mostly white police officers. The members of the group would go to arrest in progress which and watch the abuse.

 Panther member ultimately clashed police several times. The parties treasurer, Bobby Hutton was murdered while he was still a teenager during one of these conflict in 1968 

Later Huey was Convicted as of a voluntary manslaughter and the sentence was Huey was in prison for 15 years. But public pressure free Huey out of prison and he became a popular slogan of that day and helped the newton's cost.

Newton was Free getting out of prison in 1970 after an appeals process deemed that incorrect deliberation procedures had been implemented during the trail.

Huey parents names are Walter Newton and Armelia Johnson and his siblings names are Melvin Newton, Leola Newton, Doris Newton, Myrtle Lee Newton, Lee Edward Newton and Walter Newton Jr.

Online line one of his brother name just say Walter Newton and Walton Newton is also Huey Newton's father so that means Huey brothers name is Walter Newton Jr.

The is the cartoon called the Boondocks and This cartoon character Huey Freeman was name after the real person Huey P. Newton that is what I read.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tony Cox

Tox Cox was in the movie Called Bad Santa and he was in other movies like Fairly Odd Movie.

 That is a movie with Drake Bell that plays Timmy Turner in the Movie.

 It's a Nickelodeon movie it has actors and Cosmo with green hair and Wanda with pink hair are the fairies and that happen to be 3D cartoons put in the TV show the Fairly Odd Parents Timmy Turner and Cosmo and Wanda are all 2D cartoons.

Tony Cox was in other movies like Oz the Great and Powerful, Bad Santa 2 and Black Superman. Cox's was born in March 31,1958 in Manhattan Kansas. Tony is only 3 feet 6 inches. His parents names are Joe Cox Tony Cox and Henretta Cox-Penn.

His siblings names are not on the internet when I just typed in the search engine, Cox Spouse is Otelia Cox.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Julianna Rose Mauriello and Chloe Lang

Julianna Rose Mauriello and Chloe Lang where on the show called Lazy Town. Those girls both played this girl with pink hair named Stephanie.

Chloe Lang was born in November 14, 2001 in Connecticut her Parent's name is Tina Lang that is he mother and I do not know about her father. And Julianna was born in May 26, 1991 in Irvington New York.

It does say who Julianna's parents names are because maybe she no popular enough or maybe she does not want people to know about her parents her siblings name is Alex Mauriello that is her sister.

Lazy Town used to be a show on Nick Jr. Then it was on PBS Kids Sprout and also read it was on other channels like CBeebies, CBBC, BBC, Universal Kids, Jetix, Disney Channel, France 3,YTV, Super RTL, Stöð 2, RÚV, Discovery Kids, Vrak, Treehouse TV, RTP2, Vrak, Viacom International Media Networks Europe and Turner Broadcasting System Europe.

So I think first Mauriello played Stephanie first because she is older then Chloe Lang the years later Chloe Lang played Stephanie. Julianna is 5 feet and five inches and Chloe Lang is 5 feet 2 inches that I read.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Chris Savino

Chris Savino I heard grew up with 5 brother and 5 sisters He has sisters named Lana , Luan ,Lori or Lisa. In my opinion his siblings last names happen to be Savino.

Chris Savino was born in October 2, 1971 in Royal Oak Michingan.

Mr.Chris is the creeator of this cartoon The Loud House in his children Hood the house was always loud That is why he calls that show The Loud House.

Mr. Savino gave the cartoon charters names Lisa, Luan, Lori and Lana Loud. Savino Named those cartoon characters after his sisters except the last names or different The cartons last names are Loud and Chris Sister Last Names happened to be Savino.

 He Made this cartoon boy Lincoln with his 10 sisters Lincoln Loud other sister's Names are Lola, Lily, Leni, Lucy and Lynn.

I have A cartoon similar to his but they are going to say Different word My cartoon show that is coming up in the future is called 10 boys one point it's about a young girl that happens to be the youngest with ten older brothers that bully her because she is the only girl in the house.

Harriet Tubman

Today will be talking about Harriet Tubman. She was born in march 1822 in the state Mary land  but it does not say the day she was born because  they did not have more modern stuff as now.

 Tubman Died on March 10,1913 in the state New York.

Mrs. Tubman was in the fire she was afraid and brave at the same time in my own opinion she lead black people to the now because Ms.Harriet wanted people to treat black people with respect.

She was beating by a white women when she was a child a lot of white people had more guns than black people when Harriet was married her last name changed into Tubman. When I saw the movie when she got married she jumped over the rope because probably that is another way to get married besides kissing.

They called Harriet a women called Moses because she said "let my people go" let Moses of the prince of Egypt was a man when I was a toddler I thought that was just a cartoon  not real but I asked my Father he said "Moses was a real person" I also spoke to my father did Moses died than he said yes.

Let it says in the bible in the old days people use to live up to 200 years now these days people only live up to 100 probably because more people are using cars to dirty up the air and trees are getting sicker because some people do not respect this planet.

Jamie Lynn Spears And Britney Spears

Today will be talking about Jamie Lynn Spears.

 She was born in April 4 1991.

Spears was on the show Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon.

Her parents are Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears.

Jamie's older sister Britney Spears is one of the world's most popular artists and singers on K.T.U Radio, her birth name it stated on Wikipedia was Britney Jean.

 One time I asked my parents, when I was a lot younger,  "is Jamie Lynn Spears the Aunt of Britney's children. "then my parents said "yes."

And her sister Britney Spears was born in December 2 1981. When I was 3 to 9 years old I watched Britney Spears music videos.  At that time my father said they "are to fresh and more for 18 year old's or other teens."   Now I watch her music videos more.

When I watched a fresh music video one time my father said  "are  you trying to dance like them?"  I said no.

One time I would like to meet Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears in concert, or in the state of California (like in Hollywood or Nevada)  I would and like to live close to Las Vegas one day.

I wanted to be a celebrity or famous women for years now.  This blog has over 60 posts already and my father is going to give me ads to make income.  On day I'd like to be a trillionaire and rich.

On my Blog, about celebrities, I do 85% of the work and my dad helps to edit and correct my grammar.

I do most of my own blog by myself -  getting the pictures, doing the research, and typing a lot of words.

At my father's job he works for famous jazz artist.  He also takes images of famous jazz celebrities.

One time I sang on stage and people gave me money, because that is what celebrity's get if people like or enjoy their music.   At my fathers job they was a jazz artist that once worked with Whitney Huston.    His  sang that song I spoke to her about my favorite celebrity's and cartoon's.

And one time my parent said Britney Spears saved all of her hair before then I was younger I thought I did not see it know I see the video on You Tube.

Ruby Dee

Today will be talking about Ruby Dee. She was born in October 27,1922 in the state Cleveland Ohio.

Her parents where Marshall Edward Nathaniel Wallace and her mother was Gladys Hightower I say to my self I think Ruby Dee's parent are dead because when Dee was alive she was in her 80s.

Mrs. Ruby did the voice of the cartoon of Little's Bill"s grandmother on Nick.Jr channel that was created by Bill Cosby.

 I heard that he Rapes women my father spoke to me about that Bill Cosby is sick in the head and I thought he was a nice man but now In my opinion he is a creep.

When Ruby Dee Died it made me very very sad and I cried she is in a much better  place up in heaven she died in June 11, 2014 in New York my father spoke that Ruby died probably because she was getting older.

My father when he was younger use to design cloth then Dee came in to he's store and tried them on I am happy to have a father who knows celebrity's and work's for them he said Ruby Dee was a very nice women I want to meet her but now she is deceased.

There are a lot of celebrity's in New York that why I like to walk to places where there is a lot of famous people that is probably why one of the reason's my father thinks I am going to be come famous because he work for famous people and celebrity's.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

To day will be talking about Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. He was born in January 15, 1929 in the state Georgia in the town Atlanta.

I saw the movie Selma with the actors in one Dr. Martin Luther King movie that I remember A little bit is my father says Dr. King's son is playing Martin and he looks like he's father.

In the clip of the movie a white man punched Martin in the face the movie shows how he's own life was.

A lot of people say blacks should know more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in my opinion all color people should know what ever they want that is why blacks and whites get along better than the 1960s .

Dr. Martin had to whites and black people to respect each other he says we should love somebody that hates us .White people are more selfish in the south  a little more because that is where that blacks and white where fight some Caucasian people had knifes and guns or water hoses that know or try to murder black people.

He was trying to make a better place if he was not here or does not exist people in all color will be fighting each other well thank God that he exist because he was a good man that was helpful to humans in all ethnicity's.

One time when Dr. Martin Luther King gave he's own speech a white man shot him than the man that was working for the Caucasian man  murdered him because that is how there job is than he when to prison then Martin Died  on April 4, 1968 in the state of Tennessee.

Mona Lisa

Today will be talking about Mona Lisa. She was born in June 15 1479 her birth named was Lisa Gherardini Mona was born in the country in Convent of Saint Orsola,Florence,Italy.

 There are drawings of Mona Lisa She died in July 1542 or 1551.

 One time I saw one the video that people draw a really good picture of Lisa outside on the black top the artist drawer with chalk.

 Mona's children were Piero del GiocondoSuor Beatrice
(Camilla del Giocondo) Andrea del Giocondo Giocondo del Giocondo Suor Ludovica (Marietta del Giocondo).

Mona Lisa's parent are Antonmaria di Noldo Gherardini Lucrezia del Caccia.

I asked my teachers was Mona an actress, movie star,director or a singer they said she was just a pretty girl that people drawer of her.

I draw every thing my father said my drawing are getting better or getting good as the cartoon's on television.

Some times my father says to me I am really getting good with cartoons my father also says my drawings look better than some of the cartoon's on the internet I even draw Mona Lisa I know how to draw every thing I stared drawing for 9 years since 3 years old to now when I was in Pre-K I use to draw stick figures now I draw more realistic cartoon characters that I created.

Now what do with my stick figure drawing's that I created when I was 3 now I though than in the trash because my drawing's are getting to be like the cartoons on television I want my cartoons to be very popular.

There where not big celebrity's like 2015 because they did not have cameras ,computers or television back in the 1800's.

I said to my school teacher did Mona speak English they said no she just spoke Italian 


Today will be talking about Beyonce.

She was born in September 4 1981. She was born in the town Houston and the state Texas.

Her birth name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles  she was on the cartoon on the Nick Jr. show Wow Wow Wubbzy.

Knowles, parents are Mathew and Tina Knowles now Ms.Beyonce, she on the K.T.U radio Miss Knowles sings songs her albums are Destiny's child that is my favorite album of her's.

Mrs.Knowles was married to Mr. Jay Z and she has a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter. I  also heard on the radio the Ms. Beyonce was going to have Another baby and the radio said the the female celebrity's were getting pregnant That I remember a little bit.

You know how the Paparazzi speak not the truth to famous people the paparazzi job is to take the picture of the celebrity's than call them names that they hate than same celebrity's started  attacking the paparazzi.

Than The carzy paparazzi makes the celebrity's bad guys and in my opinion the should change the jobs the the bosses should say "if you are mean to celebrity's calling them ugly names then you are fired!

"That's would I would say to if the Paparazzi makes the famous people angry. Some those crazy camera people take the pictures that the celebrity's are node in the shower that is non of the paparazzi Business and it's just very disgusting.

 Beyonce in my opinion did not thought that she was going to do the voice of cartoons but now I should not judge on people maybe Knowles wants to do the voice of cartoon characters.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Inside Out Movie

The inside out movie is about a Girl who use to live in Mississippi then she moves to San Fransisco and she was not happy any more and she misses Mississippi. This movie shows about feeling and there is people in the characters heads on what each character is feeling.

The girls name is Riley Anderson and there is people in her head.

The feelings in Riley's head's names are Joy is the yellow character in her had witch makes her happy, and sadness is the blue character in her head that makes her sad, angry is the red character in her head makes her angry and fear is the purple character in her head that make her scared and disgust make her think that every thing is so gross and she is the green character in her head.

Riley Anderson's Personality is like 
Riley's feeling contribute to her first behaviors in the film. Overall, Riley is upbeat, honest and goofy or silly when she is content.

Later in the Movie Riley's feelings started to change that she thought her new house is going to be what she wanted but it does not always go as she planned the house to look like.

Kaithlyn Dias does the voice of Riley Anderson and the feels in Riley's head the people who do the voice of the characters in Riley's head is Amy Poehler does the voice of Joy, Phyllis Smith does the voice of sadness, Mindy Kaling does the voice of Disgust, Lewis Black does the voice of Anger and Bill Hader does the voice of Fear.

 By the time her mom and dad are already in San Francisco, she starts to be more upset and lonely Her feeling at that point try to help her get over and move on to the new life.  Riley can second-guess herself, but she doesn't always express her actions and feeling the right way.

Riley really misses Minnesota and is unable to cope with the transition. However, Riley is scared to speak to her parent about her real feelings on how her parents want her to accept the new house and because she has always been their "happy girl" until she moved.
As time goes on Riley got so upset and she grabbed her mother bus card out of her purse and Riley ran away and she got on the bus because she wanted to go home to Minnesota and she was scared of the bus driving and she ran back home.

 But it is here where she realizes that she had almost given up on the things that matter the most to her in life and realizes the risk just in time.

 When she ran back home she  admitted to her mom and dad that she's greatly depressed, Riley learned her lesson to accept her new home in the town San Francisco in California.

 When her Father and Mother comfort her over the personal loss and Riley (with the guide of her emotions) eventually adapts and except that she lives in a  new home.

The voice of Riley is  Kaitlyn Dias and the people who do the voice of the feelings in Riley's head is Amy Poehler does the voice of Joy, Phyllis Smith does the voice of Sadness, Mindy Kaling does the voice of Disgust, Lewis Black does the voice of Anger and Bill Hader does the voice of Fear.

The creator of this movies is it's says the movie is Directed by Pete Docter. The movie made me cry because it was depressing in some parts.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Whole Obama Famliy

Michelle Obama is called Former The First lady of the united States First lady Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama has a husband named Barack Obama and he was the president of the United States I miss him being a President of the United States.

I wanted to be a first female president of the United States because I was getting tired of men being presidents and let a woman have a chance and if no woman has a chance I will be the first female African American president with special needs.

Michelle Obama was born in January 17,1964 in Chicago Illinois. Her daughters names are   Malia Obama that was born in July 4, 1998 in Chicago Illinois and she is 6 feet 1 inch and she is a 4th of July baby and she  has a sister named Sasha Obama and she was born in June 10, 2001 in Chicago Illinois.

Michelle Obama's parents names are Marian Shields Robinson and Fraser C. Robinson III. Barack Obama's parents names are Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. So Barack Obama is really a Barack Obama Jr.

Barack Obama was born in August 4, 1961 in Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Hawaii and I thought He was born in America because he sounds American.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf was in the Disney movie called Holes. In the Movie he played this boy named Stanley Yelnats.

He is in movies like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,Transformers (film),Fury, American Honey, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,Surf's Up and Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.

Shai parents names are Shayna Saide and Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf. Mia Goth his Partner.

So I read LaBeouf is an only child and when I saw the movie Whole and when I read the Book the movie Holes was about Stanley was in Camp Green lake But there was know like just a desert and it sounded like a Lie.

So in the story there was a Lake and it was fill with green grass hundreds of years ago in the story.

But know in the story wholes Camp Green lake is know dried up and it's a very hot desert and boys were digging hole probably the Warden in charge of Stanley and those boys wanted the boys to keep digging holes to make a brand new lake that can not dry up from the heat maybe in the future people will created lakes like that in real life.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Advertisement and real life

In Advertisement there are black celebrities but they look lighter on the advertisement and in real life they look darker.

Me and my class mates were learning that in technology class one day. And I told the teacher that happens to be a white person when I said " that sound racists."

She said " it has nothing to do with being racists they are trying to make the black celebrities prettier that is what most white people say. "The advertisement is saying were trying to make the black celebrities to look prettier if they are lighter why not darker you know why because we live in a white society.

For example I can put on my advertisement that I have ever black celebrity look darker on advertisement.

There is a lot of black people that agree with me that it has to do with racist. A lot  of white people say to me "Maybe the black celebrities want to look white on advertisement." yeah because if any of those black celebrities want to look lighter on advertisement that means they are brain washed by this society.

Or maybe black celebrities do not want to look lighter on advertisement maybe they bosses tell them they have to and that's wrong if they bosses do that.

I say to white people " You a int black so you do not know." and they call me rasit's it's probably not just me it's any black person that tries to say there opinion about black celebrities in advertisement and real life.

And white people have to say black people are racist and white people were racist to black people first for no reason and that is because they think they were better then us because there hair was straighter and they skin was lighter and if white people just keep there opinion's to them slaves racist and Jim Crow and all of that has to do with slavery would not exist.

Know most creators of cartoons draw there cartoon characters to be mostly white people with blue eyes and blond hair because that is what society wants.

I not going to give society what they want I draw white,black, Asian, Native, Indian's and Haspainic's I draw cartoon's in all ethnic groups.

It's like Mcdonald's food looks better on Advertisement then in real life but still the food taste good.

This video is a example of what I am talking about of Ad's and in Real life

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fanboy and Chum Chum

Fanboy and Chum Chum is about two boys who are best friends that happen to try and dress up like super hero's and they were there underwear so people can see it.

Fanboy and Chum Chum are big fans of any thing that has to do with science fiction and fantasy, and they were superhero costumes with their underwear on the outside of there pants so people can see.

 Their lives are filled with adventure, from Fanboy's teacher turning into a scary zombie to an ice monster operating the  machine at the Frosty Mart that happens to be a store wear they get there Frosty Freezey Freeze drinks.

Their Friend Kyle usually tags along on their escapades. Kyle happens to be a real wizard, but Fanboy and Chum Chum are oblivious to his mystical powers, although they live in a fantasy world.

Fanboy's personalty is Fanboy is free-spirited and is ready for anything. He and Chum Chum are always doing lots of stuff  with each other, and often those boys have fun together. 

They have some friends, and will occasionally be strong and fearless. Like Chum Chum, Fanboy enjoys Frosty Freezy Freezes is there favorite frozen drink and there favorite superhero, Man-Arctica),  Boog That works at the Frosty mart is a bully. 

Fanboy is the leader of his main group of friends: Chum Chum, Kyle, Oz, and Yo. Fanboy is extremely hyperactive and he loves to eat candy. 

Some people hate Fanboy like Lenny and Kyle. He and Chum Chum unintentionally annoy them often, and even though they respond in a bad way, Fanboy still thinks of them as friends.

 Fanboy claims to be good with animals, and even knows how to care for them. However, he has a tendency to get angry once in a while. If he is bullied and tormented enough, he becomes fused and demands it to stop. When he becomes sad enough, his cape and the spikes on his gloves droop, and his body's brightness starts to darken. 

 Chum Chum's personalty is As Fanboy's best friend, Chum Chum is  full of fun all of the time. Chum Chum is easily fooled, and it  seems he likes to love chocolate covered raisins, and he has a squeaky voice just like Fanboy. Yo has a crush on Chum Chum, because he is 'Adorable', 'Cute', And 'Chum Chummy'. Fanboy Yo always follows Chum Chum he is Chum Chum's Body guard but feels sorry for her sometimes. 

 Chum Chum Happen's to be the youngest member of Fanboy's main group of friends, and dislikes being the smallest person.

 However, Chum Chum knows that he is not the only small person. He also has a cousin named Muk Muk, who is the same size as Chum Chum, and looks just like him, but she jsut says her name Muk Muk she does not talk.

Chum Chum can also stretch out really tall, like he's standing strong. Chum Chum is smarter than Fanboy always and points out the stronger thing than what he said. Chum Chum even looks up to Fanboy at times, and hopes he's just the same as him. He's also loyal and and he stands up for Fanboy Always if he get bullied or no matter what.

I do not Thin Chum Chum is Smarter then Fanboy I think they are smart in different ways Chum Chum is smarter in one way Fanboy is smarter in another way.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Welcome to the wayne is about

Welcome To The Wayne is about three children named Olly and Saraline Timbers who happen to be brother and sister and Ansi Molina is the new member of the Wayne.

 The Wayne is an apartment building that is not your average apartment building because it has monsters and creatures that live in the building.

Welcome to the Wayne's new episodes were suppose to air this week it said on the internet it will air October 23 to 26 of 2017. But it went back if an episode are not aired on TV and if the creators do not know when the episodes are going to air it says TBA to all shows if people read if they do not know when new episodes are coming.

In TV I do not know what TBA stands for It says on the internet it stand for To be Announced it probably also stands for Totally Beyond the air and that means if creators do not know when new episodes will air on TV the new episodes will air in 5 mouths for now.

Ansi Molina's personality is he go this a nerd type but also he does not like to touch others and he likes to plays with this Lego toy but it's called Gleeco on the show and he likes to build things on the box.

Ansi does not like to touch people and he does not like people touching him and he is obsessed with Hand sanitizer He also speaks about he take classes of Kendo that happens to be a Japanese martial art but they were helmets and Boxing gloves some times but people fight more with sticks in Kendo Ansi's Kendo classes are very low leveled.

Olly Timber" personality is more sloppy and he just being a son of a father that work in the Military and he is a toy maker. Olly also enjoys to be in dangerous situation's and He help people who lives in the Wayne and he is a big fan of his favorite TV show Bobby and Tommy he mentioned it in the episode episode of Welcome To The Wayne.

Saraline is a  mischievous young sister and she is the leader of Team Timber's. Saraline  is Very brainy that means she is very smart.

She always equipped with all sorts of  her inventions and weapons that her parents created. And like her older brother Olly Timbers makes it her main ambition to observe and explore the Wayne's supernatural qualities.

She's deemed herself to be the leader of Team Timbers, as she is considered the most responsible and investigative of the trio.

Despite her mature demeanor- her short stature, physical appearance, and childlike qualities make her the most disregarded of members—most evidently by Joana Bishop. In real life her necessity to Team Timbers is indisputable, as it would indeed be deficient of necessary brain and sensibility.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Tak and the power of Juju About

 Tak's personality is Brave Generous and witty. In  the first Tak  he's comedic, stubborn, and seemed to hum to opera music.

Tak's voice is higher, as Jason Marsden does his young boy voice. In  the  second Tak video game his personality is slightly more mature and determined.

 His voice got deeper. From the first scene in the "Tak's Dream" level, he was resilient on going on the rescue mission, but ultimately choices to do so long after he woke up.

 Saying that he is  still the hero even when he doesn't want to be the hero. In the thrid Tak, his maturity and voice is the same in the second Video game called Tak 2.

 While his sarcasm and determination to win the challenge is increased a lot. Most of this is due to the fact that Lok is being the main source of the comic relief that there was no need to have Tak make a whole lot of jokes.

 He does make them here and there thoughout the game. In Tak: Guardians of Gross, Tak's personality is the same as his T.V. show self, since it's based off of it. See the Television Series seciton below for details.

The TV show is different from the video games, if not completely. In the TV Series, Tak is given a staff, the "Power of Juju", that is what he calls it on the show.

 Instead of using it responsibly, Tak is  often than not using it to make his workload from his uncle Jibolba easier or to solve a problem.

Tak is No longer a Mighty Warrior, his personality is more childish and wild like more like a wild child. He hangs out with his friends and he tries not to do any chores he takes any glory he can get and learns his lessons the hard way for example if his hangs out with his friends and he tries not to do any chore then there will be a good speaking to from his Uncle.

 Despite it all, his intentions are usually pure. He's branded as a fool, a coward, and a cursed boy despite his heroic efforts when he's helping his fellow tribespeople, especially from Lok and Chief that happens to be Jeera's father.

Jeera does the same at times, but she's a wild child Just like Tak. Arguably, the T.V. show's Tak is similar to Tak first video game Tak, on a maturity level.

Due to the harsh feedback, low ratings, and many timeslot jumps, the show was ultimately cancelled 5 episodes into the second season, leaving many questions and cliffhangers unresolved.

 Tak is about a boy named Tak and if people are in trouble Tak uses his magic that is called the Juju to help people Juju is a type of witch craft spell.

Tak had reruns for 5 more years and it aired again in 2012 in Jamaica on the channel CVM Television. The show first aired in the U.S.A is August 31, 2017 and there final air was January.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The BoonDocks was before and what is it about

This show is an Adult sitcom that use to come on Adult swim the channel Net work. The creator of this show Aaron McGruder has based upon is comic strip of the same name that means the comic has the same name as the TV show.

The first TV series show November 5, 2006. This show had began with a African American family called the Freeman's the setting into the fictional. peaceful and mostly the caucasian  Suburb of Wodcrest.

The perspective happend to be offered by this others of cultures, lifestyles, social classes, stereotypes, viewpoints and racial(ized) identities provides for much of the series' satire, comedy, and conflict.

This show ended June 23. 2014 in all it had all 55 episodes and the show had 4 season's the final season was produced by without any involvement from Aaron.

  The series had  also aired in syndication not just in The U.S.A other countries as well and has been released on various DVD sets and other forms of home media.

The characters personalities  lets talk about Riley Freeman he personality is very Mischievous rebellious brother of Huey Freeman, an enthusiastic follower of Urban Gangster Rap/Hip Hop.

Though he is very charming, clever, and his is artistic Riley maintains loyalty to those Gangster Rap ideals, even in the face of their self-destructive consequences.

 In the episode called "The Fundraiser" Huey tries to warn Riley of wait the bad choices that he made in the pass.

The bulk  is a sersies that is focusing on Riley's an bad fortune event Riley happens to loves the Gangsta Rap and a desire to a match other people he respects or on his various looking or sounding unfamiliar to Rliey's  arrangement's which his grandfather often declare one's public approval or support of.  and his aids.

 Despite his wild nature and attempts to appear tough, Riley occasionally shows a softer, innocent side. While his elderly brother practices Self defense , Riley's fight skills are more in street fighting, as shown in "Home Alone" and "Smokin' with Cigarettes".

Rliey also wants to became a basketball player and that was in his dream on the show one time but his lost the basket ball game to a boy named Billy Matthews that happened to be autistic.

He seems to take great pleasure in poking fun at other people, sometimes a surrendered point that Huey or Robert have to hit Riley to make him stop.

 Although such Huey's and his granddad's discipline Riley's actions usually have no effect on his behavior.

Rileys also holds grudges in his hand he has a weapon for example against Santa Claus for not getting him what he wanted for Christmas a long time ago when he lived in the ghetto area's and it went to far as to stalk and treated the Mall Santa's with  Riley's airsoft guns that happened in the episode a Huey Christmas.

Huey is more smarter and that is why he is ability to beat up Riley. Most of the episode even if Riley is strong physically Huey has more fighting technique and has more life experience then Riley.

Huey is also is the family's moral compass and voice of reason. He is an smart has a higher level and he is wise and beyond all of his years as a avid reader.

 Who happens to be knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. He is heavily influenced by the theories of various left-wing social movements and the social justice leaders.

His brother and grandfather constantly ridicule and underestimate him, thinking he is a fool to have goals and values that aim higher than the expectations of mainstream of the American culture.

It's mentioned that he has been declared a "domestic terrorist".

While he promotes various social causes, he is openly contemptuous of City Gangster Rap/Hip Hop as portrayed in mainstream media for glamorizing wasteful extravagance, Martial arts lifestyles, and ignorance.

Huey, unlike the other characters, he does not smile usually  in the episode "Let's Nab Oprah" he was smiling after his duel with Riley he also  was smiling when Riley begins to win basketball games in at his school in the episode called " Ballin'.
Huey in the show has a huge Afro and Riley has cornrows.

Huey is an highly skilled kung-fu fighter, and beats Riley really easy in all of their fights. Riley's older brother has only lost to a some of his opponents.

Huey's and Riley's parents dies in the show probably because those boys parents are gangsters to and maybe both of them got shot and died when Riley and Huey at a very young age.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon was in this show called the Boondocks he was in other TV show and movie like The Hustle, Bird, John Witherspoon: You Got to Coordinate, The First Family, Killer Tomatoes.

He is in other movie like Strike Back, The Ladies Man, Hollywood Shuffle,Soul Plane, The Tracy Morgan Show, Black Jesus, Waynehead,

Bébé's Kids, Dr. Dolittle 2, A Thousand Words (film), The Jazz Singer, After Sex 2007, Friday, Friday After Next and Little Man 2006.

Mr. John was born in January 27. 1942 in Detroit Michigan. His Does the voice Robert freeman and that is the Grandfather of Riley and Huey Freeman from The Boondocks.

 More of the main characters in The BoonDocks is Billy Matthews that happens to be Autistic that beat Riley freeman in basket ball. The other characters are Jazmine DuBois.

Mr. Wither spoons parents names are not on the internet but his children's names are  Alexander Witherspoon and John David Witherspoon. John's siblings names are  William Weatherspoon and Cato Weatherspoon.

John is 5 feet 10 inches tall and Angela Robinson-Witherspoon is his Spouse. I would like to talk to him about the BoonDocks.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

All about What I want to do in the Future

What I want to do is singing and make my own music videos as good as the celebrities music video's how every I sing the song I will like the music in the background to sound just the way I sing the songs of my own.

I would also like to do baking cookies and cakes and do cake and cookie designing with frosting I would like to draw cartoon on the cake frosting.

 So I would also Like to do my art work as I am doing now and make my own TV shows and movies out of all of my cartoon characters but I would like some of my cartoon characters to be 2D like the 2D cartoons that you see on Nickelodeon I like my others cartoon characters to be very 3D and draw my own style of 3D cartoon characters.

Those people in New York that Draw other people in the City I would like to be one of those people one day.

I would also would like to create my own toys just like barbie Dolls and Action Figures that you see on TV except my toys that I create will Last longer and I want my own action figures and Dolls hiar to grow like a real person hair but the thing is I will have to create this chemical that people can not die from or get hurt and after if the dolls hair that I created grows like a real persons hair all children can play because it's safe to play.

If the toys that  created if there hair gets to long any body who knows how to cut the dolls hair can cut it but if you do not know how to cut the dolls hair ask a person that knows to cut the dolls hair.

In the toy box it says do not cut the dolls hair because it do not grow back but my boxes that the dolls i created will say you can cut the dolls or the action figures hair because it grow like a real person hair because I put a chemical in to make the dolls hair grow like a real persons hair and the chemical will be safe for any child to play.