Monday, February 20, 2023

My dad The Bounty Hunter

 My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a animated sersies on Netflix. The characters in the sersies names are  Sean and Lisa the brother and sister Tess the mom and Terry the dad that happens to be a bounty hunter.

My father first told me about this cartoon and I looked it up on the internet  not that long ago.  Jamie Chung that voice Go go on Big Hero 6  also voices one of the charcters named Vax  on My Dad the Bounty Hunter. 

I did not get a chance to watch it yet but I will try to watch it as soon as I can . It looks like a good animation.

It's a black animatied series like Kamras World and Motown Magic. We need more Black animated cartoons.

Qai Qai


Qai Qai is a digital cartoon  character that started as a doll owned by Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanians' four-year old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. But the digital avatar was created by Invisible Universe.

I first saw that cartoon today on youtube is not a movie and is not a TV show it's just Youtube Videos of this cartoon.

They shoule make a movie on Qai Qai and then a TV show. The animation looks good and this cartoon that I first saw should be on Netflix. I would like to make 3D cartoonjust as good is in the movies and on the internet but I am getting there just have to practice.