Monday, March 20, 2017

Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris was in the movie Toy Story I am not really not that crazy about that movie. She was  also in movies like Tarzan The second one.

I also read she was also in this Nickelodeon TV show Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Ms. Estelle was born in April 4, 1928 in Manhattan New York City. People Might know her high pitch voice in movies or Television Show if she does the voice of the cartoons. I would Like to meet her one day.

Her parents are  Anna Nussbaum and Issac Nussbaum. Her Parents It does not say they are still alive.

 She probably does not want to put that her parents died on the internet because not all celebrities talk about there parent, weight or parents.

Her parents have different last names probably because it's her stage name or she married.Usually the women do not put there weight one the internet because my parent were teaching me that women are very sensitive about there weight.

I would not put my weight on the internet because it's no body's business just my families or my doctor's business.

Some people say " your weight is just a number !" usually the men say that because men usually do not care if people ask them I disagree.

 Because just a number is like you write a number on you paper but you weight is inside your body and nobody needs to know whats going on in your body just your family or a doctor or a family Member that's a doctor.

Every body needs to go to the doctor and see other peoples weight Including Doctors need to go to other doctor's and check there weight.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Busen is a Beast

Busen is a Beast is a new cartoon on Nickelodeon.

The creator of the show is Butch Hartman the same creator who created the Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom. One of the characters Mikey used to have blue eyes now he has black eyes.

I think the creator drawed his eyes different Mikey is my favorite character on the show because his is a human the show's first episode was in February 20, 2017.

The show is about a beast that is new to the school but the made a human friend and the beast eats with his head on the show but Mikey said in the commercial I was watching humans usually eat with thee mouths open he said some thing like that.

I really do not see the show I like the way the cartoons look when I saw the commercial the characters done the weirdest stuff on the show is not as good as The Loud House in my opinion but it;s better than the older shows.

I saw this clip that Bunsen and Mikey went to meet Cosmo and Wanda and Timmy turner from the Fairly Odd parents After they met Tuff Puppy and Danny Phantom and his friends Tucker and Sam.

I would like to make this video that all the Nickelodeon cartoons even they are not on TV any more I would like the cartoon characters to make the movie the Older Nickelodeon cartoon meets the newer one it does not matter if they are old or new because the cartoons are like family to each other in the Nickelodeon family.

If The cartoons are on the Different channel they do not know each other because they are on different channels but if they are on the some channel they know each other they or almost like family to each other in my opinion I am correct. Disney does not own Nickelodeon. Viacom Owns Nickelodeon.