Friday, June 30, 2017

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a Baker and a Cook. I would like to meet her one days so I can show her make baking and I would like to try Her cookies without out nuts or fried chicken or macaroni and cheese. I would also Like a baking contest on which person is the better baker on some things.

Martha Stewart was born in August 3, 1941 in New Jersey City. I was born in August third but the different is she was born in a different year the year I was born is 1999 but we were born on the same day and same mouth.

I did not know that until I read on the Internet it seems like me and this woman will have a lot to agree on.

Her parents are Martha Ruszkowski Kostyra and Edward Kostyra. her child's name is Alexis Stewart and Martha's spouse is Andrew Stewart she dating him to 1961-1990. She was in shows like Martha Bakes, Bad moms the movie and Baking with Julia.

I would like her to try the cookies and the cup cakes I baked and I love to bake and to cookie and cake decorating that is when people decorate cakes or cookies with frosting I do not make any thing with nuts or peanuts because I am allergic to all tree nuts I am not allergic to peanuts but I do not like them as much and a lot of people are allergic to peanuts and peanut butter.

I would like her to try my Christmas cookies and I would like to try hers I would like to try each others bake goods one day.

I would also like to go with my mother to cake decorating and I would like my mother to help me in that decorating place at Michael's the art store their are people that will show people cake decorating and drawing on wood paper or canvases.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jazmyn Bieber

Jazmyn Bieber is a very sweet girl I heard she is Justin Bieber's Little sister. Jazmyn was born in May 30, 2008 in Canada.

Justin Bieber girl friend was Selena Gomez and they broke up and Nat Wolff the celebrity I have a crush on kiss Selena Gomez on the lips they were just acting in the movie and I also read Nat and Selena are Good friends.

That is one of The Reason's Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up because Justin was jealous at Nat.

"Like come on Justin Nat is just acting you better leave my man alone!" I really do not like Justin Bieber because his been acting like a jerk. First I use to love is songs and Justin Biebers old songs sound a lot better then his new songs.

I like Justin Bieber's old songs but I do not like his new songs. My mother said " Maybe he been acting like a jerk that's why."

I heard That Justin was peeing in public My father " said maybe he had to go real bad." First of all he should of tried to go to the bathroom weather he needed to go or not second of all he should not pee in public that is why I do not like Justin Bieber.

The last time I heard on the radio Justin first was a okay then he became a jerk then he became better again and now he is starting to act like a jerk again.

Jazmyn Bieber is fine for me but Justin her brother I do not like him as much I like Jazmyn a lot better.

And there parents names are Jeremy Bieber and Erin Wagner and there sibling is Jaxon Bieber and he was born in November 20, 2009 in Canada. It sound like that talk in American and I do not know they where born Canada until I read on the internet. It Does not say what Jazmyn Bieber's Mother's parents are because maybe that woman is more private about her parents then her husband.

Bonnie Bieber is there aunt and there uncles are Brad Bieber and Rob Bieber. Jazmyn's Grand parents are Kathy Bieber and George Bieber. Some celebrities have there famlies name on the internet because they are not as private like other celebrities.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I do Not Like Sesame Street any more

I do not like Sesame Street any more because I am almost an adult.

This show has been on TV since 1969 and this show is getting to be to old on TV and if the creator is tried of creating that show it should be off TV right now.

And do not listen to those people and they " say we like this show please let it be on TV still."

Even if the creator is not tried of it being on TV it should be off TV because some three year old's will know this show is old and they would change the channel and the creator should make the final season and episode really soon and make I show similar to sesame street but the character have different names and the show has a different name.

Sesame Street is not going to be on TV for ever and I hope their not still on TV when my family and I die.

It's a very popular show that most children like but when I was three I could tell it was an old show even if I did not speak as much I was a smart three year old. The creator of the show should make a new show similar to Sesame Street but the characters look a lot different and the show is named different.

I saw this one episode that some body dies I know they are trying to teach children really young about death.

 But preschool children do not need to hear about death until they get older. They should not put that on a babies show because babies and young children will be very upset if they hear what death is about and they will not understand.

If I was the creator of that show or any show I will not put that on a show that is made for younger children only for older children like in their teens or adults I would put that on a adult or a teen or even an older children's show not on a show that is made for preschoolers.

If a person died the Creator of Sesame street show put that on a adult show if they create one the creator should not put death on a preschool show in the first place!

Breanna Yde

Breanna Yde was on Nickelodeon shows like The School of Rock and The Haunted Hathaway's, Santa Hunters, Level 26 : Dark Prophecy she has also been on this cartoon show called The Loud House. She does the voice of this girl named Ronnie Anne Santiago.

This girl speaks proper English and I thought she was born in the United States she was born in  June 11, 2013 in Sydney Australia.  I knew a girl that was born in Jamaica the island and she sounded like she was from America.

Some time if people were born in a different countries and the move to the United States The might only know how to talk like American's because they been in America longer then their own country the where born in.

Or maybe Yde was born in Australia and she lived there for a year and then her family probably moved to the United States of America.  

Bill Yde is her father and I did not know about the mother because it does not say who her mother is on the internet.

Maybe her Mother died after when Breanna was born some celebrities when their parents die they like to keep that private or maybe her mother is still alive and she left her family or maybe Breanna does not want people to know about her mother.

She was also one of the youngest Youtube Sentation's. She is a singer and she is a great singer also I am a good singer I would like her to hear my voice one day. She has not been on a lot of movies because probably she is not popular enough or maybe she is and she does not want to be on a lot of movies some celebrities are like that.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are the big stars

Whitney Houston was like the Micheal Jackson in a female version in my opinion. Michael Jackson and Whitney most people knew about them.

I first heard Ms. Houston's songs when might father showed me on the internet and It made me cry with the tries of joy because it sounded beautiful.

Then When I heard those Celebrities both died I was sad and screaming and crying a lot even one time I was listen to there music it made me cry because they died.

 On the News I heard Michael Jackson Died because the stage was not mad well and the stage fell apart and he got hurt so he had to take this pain medicine and he took to much of it and he died.

Whitney was born in August 9, 1963 in Newark New Jersey she died in February 11, 2012 in the Beverley Hills California. Her parents are Cissy Houston and John Russell Houston. Her children her daughters name is Bobbi Kristina Brown. I heard how Whitney Houston Died was a fan feel in the tub and it shock her she was screaming then she died.

Micheal Jackson was born in August 29, 1958 in Gary Indiana Jackson died in June 25, 2009 in Holmby Hills California. Michael's children's names are Paris Jackson that is his daughter Prince Michael Jackson the second and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. His parents names are Joe Jackson and Kathrine Jackson. 

 If I died if I am a popular celebrity or not I would like people to say on the news that Lon Stein died at a old age if I am older and younger people will be very sad.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Tino Insana

Tino Insana was on the movie called Barnyard and he did the voice of the talking pig then Barnyard became this TV show on Nickelodeon called Back at the Barnyard.

Insana was also in the Tom and Jerry The movie , Camp Candy and the Disney's movie the Goof Troop. He was also in a Nick Jr. cartoon called Bubble Guppies.

Tino was born in February 15, 1948 in Chicago Illinois and her died in May 31, 2017 in California.  I did not know this man died so I thought he might of been still alive.

I did not know he was dead because the news did not say he died I mean the new probably did say he was dead but I never watch the news about him. If the news did not say he is alive or dead probably because he not a popular celebrity like Michael Jackson or Whitney Huston.

On the internet it does not say who his children and parents are because some celebrities would weather keep that private and in my opinion sometimes if famous people get older they would not like to share they families names as much as when they were younger.

 Usually if I type in the search engine a famous person's parents or children  it will just pop on the computer screen and you will not have to click on to these different website that you did not know. If you type in the Google search engine a celebrity that is not that popular  the families names will probably not pop up on your computer screen you might have to click on different website that you do not know about.

  Other celebrities names might not pop on the internet and you have to click on to different website to see who there family really are probably because these celebrities probably want to put there families name on a website that most people would not know about because some celebrities want to keep there families private.

This is a video that he did the voice of the pig from the movie Barnyard

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes was in the movies like Over the Hedge She has also been in the Barnyard movie and it became a TV show Sykes did the voice of Bessie the Cow. And she has been in the cartoon movies like Hammy's Boomerang Adventure's, and the Ice Age movies.

She also been in movies like The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps. She has also been in more cartoon movie like Rio and Brother Bear 2. She has been on her own show like Wanda does it and The Wanda Sykes show.

She was born in March 7, 1964 in Portsmouth, Virginia her children's names are Lucas Claude Sykes and Olivia Lou Sykes.

Wanda's parents are Marion Louse Sykes and Harry Ellsworth Sykes. Her spouse was Alex Sykes in 2008 and Dave Hall since (1991-1998).

I heard one time she has grand Children she probably does not have their names on the internet because they are to young or not maybe she wants to keep that private.

I would like to meet her one day in Hollywood or any place were people met famous people it's not just fans that go to those places it's people who want to meet them go to those places.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale was on the Disney cartoon called Phineas and Ferb she did the voice of Candace. Tisdale was also in movies like High School Musical 1,2 and 3 and she play this character Sharpay.

 Then the creators did a movie called Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure that is just Sharpay in that movie not the hole High School Musical gang it''s just her.

Ashley was on the Disney cartoon called Kim Possible and she was in the Disney cartoon movie called Bugs Life.

Ashley was born in July 2, 1985 in West Deal New Jersey. And her spouse was Christopher French that might be her husband as you known I did not know that until now as you no she is getting older and she can make her own choice.

Jennifer Tisdale is Ashley's sister. Her parents name are Lisa Morris Tisdale and Mike Tisdale. Miss. Ashley was also in movies like The Phineas and Ferb movie and the Disney show called The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

And Aliens in the Attic is a movie I might of saw but I do not remember what the characters where doing all I remember was an old woman doing flips but in real life an older person can not do that because their body is breaking down more.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

These are the presents I would like of my birthday

A wooden frame that you can paint on with out paper just the wood in the middle of the frame you paint on.

Painter Box

A case that you can draw on

A table that you can draw on and your can draw the wood on the table

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leigh - Allyn Baker

Leigh - Allyn Baker was on the Disney show called Good luck Charlie.  She was also in Back at the Barnyard that happens to be a show on Nickelodeon and she did the voice of Abby the cow and before Back at the barnyard was a TV show on Nickelodeon it was a movie.

Leigh has sons their names are Baker James Kauffman and Griffin Kauffman I had never heard a person's name is Baker it's probably his stage name. 

Her spouse is Keith Kauffman. Bakers parents names are Mike and Vicki Baker. Ms. Leigh was born in March 13, 1972 in Murray Kentucky.

People say why is a person last name cook or baker in my opinion it has to do with the countries and if some people's ancestor hundreds of years ago the last name was cook if the family cooked a lot of that is probably why.

  If the person's ancestor's on the father side changed their name to cook because they like to cook and their real name could be a very ugly or a salve name

And some people ancestors if they where more Bakers then cooks and there whole family use to bake them deserts.

  They might change theirs name last names to baker that is probably why the person last name was born baker if her ancestor like the name baker and they changed their name to baker because their family likes to bake yummy treats.

And those ancestors might change their name to Baker because maybe their birth name was a salve name or very ugly too.

Back in slavery times some people if their parents were salve they would most likely have a slave

Friday, June 16, 2017

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor is going to do the voice if the spy from apartment 8-I from The New Nickelodeon TV show that was a web series on Nickelodeon . com the show is called Welcome to the Wayne.

I do not know what the spy from the apartment 8-I name.

 And Billy Lopez the characters name I would like to be is Jocelin is the spy from apartment 8-I on Welcome to the Wayne that is what I want the characters name I want her name to be on Welcome to the Wayne if you have not named her yet.

Veronica Taylor was in the show like Pokemon show  I was starting to think that cartoon is a Japanese anime.

Veronica was born in December 4, 1965 in New York City. Her parents names are not on the internet and her child's name did not pop up when I typed on the search engine on google because maybe Ms. Taylor does not want people to know who her family is until she is more of a popular celebrity.

Or maybe some celebrities do not want their fans to get all in their business all time because some celebrates or more private and some celebrates are more open to share their families name some famous people do not mind to share who their family is.

 Like me I am more private and if people ask me stuff about what my families real name is it's none of their business.

And some celebrities do not mind saying their whole families name to others  that is why some of those famous people have there families names on the internet. I think her real name is Kathleen McInerney  I thought she was a different person that does the voice of The spy from apartment 8-I on the new Nickelodeon show Welcome to the Wayne

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Welcome to the Wayne is coming on TV

Final Welcome to the Wayne is coming on TV on the channel Nickelodeon.

 It first was a short that happens to say 6 chapters but it was one whole episode I watch it on when it was 2014.

And I did not know when the full series of that show is coming out.

  I read on the internet before it said As soon as we can it will be on TV on Nickelodeon.

 It took 3 years for that show to be on the TV and I use to love that one full episode of Welcome to the Wayne.

Then on the internet it said the full length series was going to air in late 2016 early 2017. Now it's going to air on July 24, 2017 that is the centered 2017's.

And also their should of  been an app called The Wayne app I read that is a game that you click on to go into different rooms on you computer. That game I read  should of  came out in later 2016 and Then it was 2017 the app was still  not on the computer.

Well maybe the creator of that show is going to create The Wayne app when Welcome to the Wayne just got on TV our maybe if it has to be on TV a little longer.

 Then the creator can make The Wayne App on or on the internet some where.

And today I heard that Welcome to the Wayne is coming out in July 24,2017 on the Nickelodeon Channel and I was so happy and I was more in shocked because when it was still 2017 it just said it was coming out in 2017. It did not say the date or the day when it was going to air on Nickelodeon.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mia Talerico

Mia Talerico was in the Disney show Good Luck Charlie, she played the character Charlie that happens to be a baby on that show.  She was born in September 17, 2008.  She was also in the movies called Shadow Theory and Good luck Charlie : It's Christmas.

So when I first watch the show I thought why is a girl named Charlie is that a boys name then when I watch more episodes the girls name was Charlotte's and her nick name is Charlie the creators of that show probably were others people say that in real life then They want the actors to say on the show Charlie's real name is Charlotte.Mia's parents names are Claire and Chris Talerico.

She not on many movies because she is young like a new born baby might be to younger to be the main character on the show because they do not understand what the directors wants.

  In plus if people flash camera's on the babies or any body that is not good for their brain including be on the computer to long because the waves come out of the computer no body see them but they are their.

So scientist should try to create computers and flashing camera's into peoples face a healthy thing but it's in possible to do that because computers waves and flashes camera's are not healthy because it does not come from nature like trees it's technology that people can create in plus that makes people up set.

Nobody can create stuff from nature but they can create technology stuff. Only God Can create stuff that comes from nature like, the sun, trees, mountains, fire, lave, water ,grass ,dirt ,sand, clouds and the air.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler was in the show called Dance moms, she is also in a movie called Leap Ballerina she was in the movie with Nat Wolff and Dane DeHaan.

I saw that Maddie is a dancer that is probably why she was in that movie.

 For example if a celebrity is a MMA fighter then they would like to be in a Mix Martial Arts fighting movie because they are a MMA fighter.

Leap Ballerina is a cartoon that happens to be a movie and she did the voice of Camille that happens to be mean because her mother treats people mean final she became nice at the end.

Ziegler was born in September 30, 2002 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I thought she was in her twenties and My mother said " Some celebrities when they are 12 look older." because maybe they put too much make up for their age.

Some celebrities in movies when the play teen age they can be in their 20's. Maddie Ziegler's parents names are Melissa Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler her siblings are Tyler Ziegler, Matthew Gisoni, Michele Gisoni, Mackenzie Ziegler and Ryan Ziegler. I read that people wrote that did she got pregnant?

In the olden days Girls should get married at the age of 14 by these days they shouldn't even some of them do I wanted to be pregnant at the age of 15 and 16 some times these days I would like to be pregnant.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler was in the Disney Channel TV show called Good Luck Charlie. Bridgit was born in December 18, 1992 in Washington D.C. Mendler was also in movie like Lemon Mouth, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Wizards of Waverley Place and  Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2. 

Her parents are Harry Mendler and Leah Mendler and Nick Mendler is her brother. She is a singer Actress and song writer she sings this song called " Ready your Not where I come."

 I thought she wants the first person to sing that song but I heard the song on the radio that it did not sound like her it sound like it had the same words but it was any older version of that song.

The original singer to that song is The Fugees and Bridgit borrowed that song and her version of if was more modern some times celebrities borrow songs from other celebrities.

Like for example if their is an original version to that song and that first person sang that song then another celebrity has to ask if they could borrow there song and the some song sounds more modern because a younger person is trying to make the original singer that sang that song more modern.

It's just like that CD Kidz Bop They probably ask that radio company or did some thing on the technology so they can borrow songs from other celebrities.

 For example those people hear the songs on the radio then they probably talk to the radio company and other celebrities " Can We sing your Songs." Or online if they could borrow their songs final the Kidz Bop CD has the same songs on the famous people sing on the radio but it might sound a little different because they have their own style of singing those songs.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky was in the movie Called Hairspary. I was in the play once at a program that I go to and I play this character amber who happened to be racist.

Nikki  was also in movies called HairySpary 2: White Lipstick and she was also in movie calld Huge, and Queen size. The movie huge I do not think she should be in that movie because if she act's funny in that movie people might make funny of her for being chubby and that can hurt any ones feels not just her and people should not make fun of others.

Blonksky is a very beautiful women I to not care what society  says society is not always right and they should be in trouble by the government and society and the internet should be always correct because if they not correct they should be in trouble by the government to.Ms. Nikki was born in November 9, 1988 in Great Neck, New York she is only 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Niki's parents are Carly Blonksey and Karen Blonskey and her siblings are not on the internet because she is probably an only child and her cousin are like her siblings that is how my life works to if her life is like that. I am a only child to but my cousin are like my siblings  be I would like them to be my next neighbor because so I can hung out with them more and they really live far away from my house.

That is probably how Nikki Blonksey life really is and these days people have less children then in the 1950's because it was a different day back then and these days people can afford one or two children even if they have a lot of money.

The government should change the rules and they should not care about how much money should people have to take care of their children the government should be no matter how many children people have they should give their children love.

My Birthday

Hello My Birthday is in August 3, 1999.

 that when I was Born but if I am older I would not like to tell people my age.

  As I get older like if I am in my 50's and The year that I was born will be in my private blog so only my whole family could see.

Because it will be private to other people that I do not know to see except my family member's. I trust my family more than any thing else and I do not want them to tell other people that I do not know my age and were I live and how to get into my private blog.

My favorite colors use to be Pink and Purple I would Like to have cake Like that if I ever dreamed about get married I also want to live in a big pink mansion and at my birthday I  also wanted to have pink cupcakes and sugar cookie. My favorite color for clothes use to be pink and purple when I was three I wanted to were the same dark pink pants ever day to school.

That is any little girls favorite color because society says "pink is for girls and blue is for boys." That is why boys like blue and like to wear their hair short and girls like to wear their hair long it's because society says that.

I also use to draw stick figures and I use to color in a lot of pink in purple I use to color every thing in those colors I use to color every thing pink and purple like every thing.

 Now I draw 3D and 2D art and I color thing in all different colors because I did not want people to see the same color over and over and That would make less people come to my Blogs if I do the same things over and over that is why I but different stuff and art work on my blogs.

Now my new favorite color happens to be yellow because it makes me stronger but my favorite color for clothes is black and white and I love to wear that yellow jacket that I have.

I want the cake to be now a sunshine yellow cake and on top it say 16/18.

 The writing will be in yellow because it's my favorite color and I never had a sweet 16 party.

 So that is why I want to make a speech on the stage and say that " I never had a sweet 16 party but I am going to have I 18th birthday party that is a sweet 16 party but It's really an 18th birthday.

I would also Like solo food to be their like Cola Greens , Macaroni and cheese, Fried Chicken and yams and a Limo driving me to wear my party is at I would Like my Limo to be white.

I would like the cake to be a plain cake that is tree nut or peanut free because I am allergic to all tree nuts and a lot of people are allergic to peanut butter and tree nuts.

 I do not want every body to be sick. I am not allergic to peanut butter or peanuts buts I do not like them that much. I would Like my Macaroni and cheese to be more gooey than cream and I would Like baked Macaroni and Cheese. I would also like that when I have my wedding.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Raini Rodriguez

Raini Rodriguez was on the Disney called Austin and Ally she was also in another movie called Paul Blart: Mall cop 2 and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Raini was born in July 1, 1993 in Bryan Texas. Her siblings are  Rico Rodriguez, Roy Jr. Rodriguez and Ray Rodriguez this girl has three brothers and she is the only girl in the family.

 Rodriguez parents are named Roy Rodriguez her father is a Roy Rodriguez Jr. and her other parent her name is Diane Rodriguez.

She is not in many movies because probably she is not that probably and Holly wood wants more slim people to be in movies not chubby people. Holly wood is not correct like this girl is not fat she is prefect the way she is and she is a very beautiful girl and I do not care what people think and say about her or other people who are chubby.

I used to be Chubby and I did not care what people thought about me some people think I was prefect the way I was and I am not going to tell people why I was chubby I am going to put that on my private blog nobody can see it except Friends and family.

One of her brother Rico Rodriguez was in the show called Modern family. This boy was born in July 31, 1998 he was born where the some state and place where his sister was born.