Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Christy Carlson Romano

Christy Carlson Romano was on the TV show called Kim Possible and she was also in the Disney Movie Called Cadet Kelly.

She was also in movies like Casper's Scare School, The Legend of Secret Pass, Kim Possible: The Secret Files,Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time and she is in Other movies to.

She was the character named Jennifer that happens to be mean. Christy is the voice of Kim Possible. Romano was born in March 20, 1984 in Milford Connecticut. Her parents names are Anthony Romano and Sharon Carlson. Her Siblings names are Jennifer Romano, Anthony Romano Jr. and Marcella Romano.

Brendan Rooney is her spouse and I did not know see was the voice of Kim Possible until I read it on the Internet.  Ms. Christy has a daughter named Isabella Victoria Rooney.

One time when I watched the Cadet Kelly the movie she played the Mean Girl named Jennifer I did not know the mean girl name was Jennifer and did not know who'd played that character until I read on the internet.

I would like her and including all celebrities to look at all over the post on my blog called Lon Steins Movies I do not want them to like at all of my post all at one day but every day I would like them to see a few post each day.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Welcome to the Wayne More Episodes

We all know Welcome To the Wayne is my favorite show so the first air the TV was airing since July 24- 28 of 2017 the first, second, third forth, and fifth episodes aired and it did not say when more episodes are coming.

More episode returned last week episodes 6,7,8 and 9.
More episodes returned in September 18 - 21 of 2017.

Welcome to the Wayne before the TV series came out the Web series came out back in 2014.and in 2016 The TV series of Welcome to the Wayne first said on the internet the TV series is coming on in late 2016 and early 2017 and it change the date to July 24, 2017.

The internet and the creators said more Welcome to the Wayne episodes will return in September 2017. It's like when the creators say two mouths after more Welcome to the Wayne episodes will aired.

I week of know it might be better if the creators make more new episodes of Welcome to The Wayne and this show should have a Halloween show to that Saraline Timbers should dress as a princess since she likes dolls on the show while Ansi Molina should dressed as a Buddhist monk and he shaves all of his hair and he happens to have no hair and Ansi likes karate on the show.

Olly on the Halloween episode I don't even know because maybe Bill Lopez can think that. So the ratings of this show went down a Little on the web site IMD the show said 8.6/10 and now it says 8/10.

So Billy the creator of this show if you do not know when you want the new episodes to aired you can look on to Lon Steins Movies and call me for back up.

 That is because I might have some good idea's when new episodes of this show will return because usually what happens if a new show on TV makes new episodes and they will return new episodes in a week from now.

 But what you are doing is you are making new episodes of this show every two mouths later that is when your new episodes return it seems like it might be better if after you show episodes of Welcome to the Wayne keep showing new episodes every weeks or a week from know and not two mouths later.

I also read that do you think Welcome to the Wayne should be cancelled will the new season or renewed in my opinion it should be re newed because it's not that old.

Like my favorite shows Tak and the power of Juju and Fanboy and Chum Chum should be renewed but know it's not on TV any more and I will like to talk to nickelodeon studio's of why is the show not on TV any more.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Geena Davis

Geena Davis was in the movie called Stewart little. The Stewart little movie is about a mouse named Stewart and he does not have a family and his adoptive brother named George was un grateful because he wanted a younger brother that is a human not a mouse.

That movie Stewart Little 2 was on the channel Spout that Stewart Little should be on a different channel because The channel Spout is for Pre-K children and Stewart Little has some fresh stuff in the movie it's not a Pre-K Movie. 

Geena was in the movies like Stewart Little the second one and the third one that is a cartoon about Stewart Little and his adoptive parents and siblings. I read she was on her own show The Geena Davis Show.

She was born in Wareham Massachusetts in January 21, 1956 and her height is 6 feet and I did not know she was that tall in movies I thought she was shorter. My parents said " The actor or Actress might look taller and short in the movies bout you have to look on their real height.

Ms. Davis parents names are William Davis and Lucille Davis and her children's names are  Kaiis Steven Jarrahy, Kian William Jarrahy and Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy. Geena's sibling's name is Dan Davis.

Her children are in their teens and maybe Geena had her children in her 40's because no women can get pregnant in there 50's because that is to old to get pregnant.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and The Proud Family

Kim Possible is a teenage girl who look like an average teenage girl hat happens to be a cheerleader but she saves the whole planet from evil villain's.

Kim Possible is a cartoon that use to be on Disney channel but now it's not on TV any more.

I thought the show was still on TV because it was a popular show that a lot of people knew.

Kim Possible first air date was June 7, 2002 and the last air date was September 7, 2007. The creator of this show is Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle.

Their was one episode that Kim Possible met Lilo and Stitch that also happens to be another show on Disney channel. Lilo and Stitch first episode was September 20, 2003 and there last episode was July 29, 2006.

Lilo and Stitch also met The Proud Family and usually if different TV shows on the same channel the characters meet each because they are on the same channel and if different creators that creator different cartoons on the same channel it's easier for them to work for each other.

For example if different shows are on the same channel the creators of the shows will make the cartoon characters meet each other because even if the cartoons are on different show there are on the same channel and it might be easier for the creator to have the idea for them working together so their character can meet because the creator of the different show will being working in the same cartoon studio's.

 But lets say if the different shows are not on the same channel it will be harder for the creator's to make there own cartoon character meet each other because the cartoons character are on different channel and it might be harder for the cartoons creators to work for each other if they work in different cartoon studio's because one cartoon studio might be in California while the other cartoon station might be in New York.

Like the reason why the Disney cartoon characters all no each other because they are on the same network and the creators on each different show will have great idea's of different characters will each show will meet each other and the creators can work together very easy because they work in the same network.

Lets say if a cartoon is on Nickelodeon and the other is on Disney Channel or on PBS Kids Sport it will be harder for the creators of the different show to make the characters meet each other because the cartoons are on different networks and Disney Network is in California and Nickelodeon studios is in California but probably very far away from Nickelodeon studio's and Sport studio I heard is some where in New York.

Even if those different networks are close by each other it will not be good because different character of every different channel will be on different channels going back and forth and it will be annoying to people.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ashley Gold Board

Ashley Gold Board was on the show called Hardcore Pawn.

Hardcore Pawn is a jewelry store that people come in and the people who work in the store and the customer's are rude to them and the rude customer's get kicked out of the store.

Ashley Gold's siblings name is Seth Gold that is her brother in real life and his is on the Hardcore Pawn the show and Board's parents name's are Lili gold and Les Gold.

Ashley was born in January 7, 1978 and her mother was born in 1975 and Ashely's mother that is a few years older that means she had Ashley at a very young age like a little girl and I never heard that a daughter is only a few years younger then her own mother.

Maybe that is her step mother or that is her mother but she got pregnant at a young age. And Ashely's father that happened to be born in June 20, 1950 in Detroit Michigan he obviously married a girl that is a lot younger then him.

Maybe Ashley if that is her real mother wanted to date older men or maybe she did but her father probably rapped her.

I am not saying that Ashley's father rapped her mother I am saying maybe he did or maybe he wanted to marrie a woman that is a lot younger any thing in a relationship could happen.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lakatriona Brunson

Lakatriona Brunson was on The realty TV show called South Beach Tow. At first I did not know what that show was called until I read on the internet.

I heard she is a Foot Ball coach and I read that she is one of the first female foot ball coach. She was born in May 15, 1977 in Miami Florida.

In the Reality TV show she was in she was beating up a police man well in my opinion Reality TV is not always True and in my opinion she could not fight a man to good because men are stronger unless he is sick even if some men are weaker them women all men are built to be a lot stronger But Lakatriona is a tough chick.

Well it does not say who her family was how tall she is and her children's names are because maybe she is not popular enough to have her family's names on the internet. On one clip I saw Brunson was chasing a man and picked up his car that happened to be a yellow car.

I asked my mother "do you think that's real?" My mother said "it does not look like it they are just doing that for TV."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is a UFC fighter people say now she is the toughest woman on the planet she the one who beat up Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey.

I do not want to mess with thoughts women the only time that I would want to mess with them is if they are man to people for no reason and if they are mean and try to hurt all of my family members including my mother.

 I would want to mess with them to protect my family I do do not care how strong Those women are if the are mean to my family I would mess with them.

My father read they are nice women so I do not want to mess with them unless they hurt my family o other people for no reason.

If a person a lot stronger then me and my mother messes with us The only way I could beat up a stronger person is if I hit them with something very hard like glass or an axe with out them expecting it.

At the first cage fight people thought Ronda Rousey was the toughest women until Holly Holly then people thought she was the toughest women and That is when Amanda Nunes beat up both of them.

 And now people say she is the toughest women in the future there is probably going to be another woman that is tougher and another women that is tougher on the woman who beat up Amanda and it keep repeating on which women is tougher.

Any female or male UFC fighter do not stay the toughest women for every and people say that but that does not mean it's true.

The only way people are going to know who is the toughest are strongest man are woman on this planet is that scientist should make these special kind of camera's to see which man or woman is the strongest,weakest or toughest person on the whole Earth.

People who take MMA are very nice people who do it to help are defend them selves from other mean people.

Amanda was born in May 30,1988 in Salvador Brazil. Her parents names are Ivete Nunes that is her mother and Sindoval Nunes is her father and Vanessa Nunes is her sister.

Any body can get hurt in cage fighting and that is why the government should not like cage fighting or people boxing ring boxing each other should not exist any more and who ever that bring cage fighting bad were people can hurt each other and if people hurt each other to make money any of those people including all of the UFC fighters should get arrested because any body can get hurt or worst die!

Maybe the government should make a type of cage fighting that no body can hurt each other it would be more practice it will be like cage fighting on TV expect nobody is hurting each other and they are doing more practice and even if there hit hard the Cage fighting on TV people will not be allowed to punch people in the face or give people arm bars unless if the arm bar do not hurt people it has to be arm bars that ca not hurt people.

Any body in Cage fighting will give people fake elbows and punches so they would not hurt any body.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Zendaya is a girl who has been on Disney channel. I only know her first name for years and I know her real nae and her real name is very long and the name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. She was born in September 1, 1996 in Oakland California.

Her parents names are  Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer and her siblings names are Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoermer Coleman, AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman.

The movies has been are called Super Buddies, Spider man home coming, Zapped, The Greatest SnowMan Duck Duck Goose Pixie Hollow Games and Little door Gods.

  Other movies that I never even heard of I do not name all of the movies that celebrities because it's too much to write in plus I never know this movies and I never watch them until I read about it on the internet.

Shake it up is a Disney show that she has been on and I watch some of the episodes the show is okay but it's not my favorite show.

I read on my magazine that Zendaya does Boxing and people take it not to hurt people but to protect them selves and respect others. She was also in Dancing with the stars and K.C. Undercover.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More about Demi Lovato

I heard That Demi Lovato wants to be a UFC fighter and I do not think that is a good idea because any body can die and I do not want her to die at a young age.

 I also heard that she thoughts elbows most of the guys in the UFC in the ring she might be able to.

  I heard that by the internet and her coach but her coach and the internet is not always true her coach could be lieing to make people afraid.

If she says her coach is not lieng she could be lieing on the internet to because any body could lie on the internet.

 My opinion she can not hit hard as a man because she is a woman and if she got into a cage fight with those men they hit a lot harder and they would beat the crap out of her! I do not want that to happen.

I am not saying she is a wimp she is very strong but not as strong as men. Me and my mother agreed that she is good in MMA but not good enough to fight those men in the upper body because Demi is a small thin girl that happens to be only five feet three inches tall. I read she learned MMA for over a year.

Even if she does more push ups she is stronger then the average girl but not the average man because all men has different muscles tissus then all women and all men where built to be a lot stronger then women because that is the way God created them.

If she does not train as hard as a female UFC fighter she might get hurt in most parts of the body but in some parts she might hurt all of them a lot more if she trains hard as them she can hurt them very bad but not if it's men because she can not hurt any men in any part of the upper body because men have more upper body strength.  My mom also said that if a got into a problem with them.

She was born in August 20, 1992 Her parents names are Patrick and Dianna Lovato and her siblings names are Madison De La Garza, Amber Lovato and Dallas Lovato.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


UFC is not good because I heard people died in the UFC and UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

It's good to protect your self and be your own boy guard but it's not okay to do it for a sport because any body can get very hurt or killed.

The Government lets people do that and the government should not let people get hurt and doing UFC and in fact UFC, boxing or Kickboxing people in the ring should not exist any more because I heard some body died in the UFC.

The Government should say "UFC is not allowed in the whole planet any more because any body can get killed.

"Who ever is trying to bring UFC back so people can hurt each other those people should get arrested because it will not be allowed in this country any more.

If people want to be a fighter and know every thing about Mixed Martial Arts they should hit a punching bag or spar with some one with out getting hurt.

 Any body in the future who tries to fight people in the cage should get arrest because they are hurting some one and Government all over the planet should say "UFC Does not exist any more because any can died or get very hurt."
If men and women wanted to know if they are the toughest men or women on the planet they should not fight on a cage on TV so the can get them sleeves hurt they should go to a different kind of MMA school and the coach will decided.

If your in the Army you get to kill some one else The army should not do that because if people try to kill each other in the army they are taking each others life away. If people in the army want to know if they could kill some one they should shoot the gun at a bag thing not people because any body could died.

And Their are a lot less women in the UFC and their are about 181 women UFC fighters in Total I know that because I looked in Alphabetical order and I counted each one and there are a lot more male UFC fighters then women.

I would not want to mess with the UFC fighters before I wanted to but I did not understand because I was younger.

Most people say '' If those fighters mess with me or my family for no reason I do not want to mess with them!"

I say " I do not want to mess with them for no reason unless the mess with me or my family I would mess with any one who attack my family members for no reason weather they are a UFC fighter or not and I do not care how strong they are I will try to beat the crap out of any body or any UFC fighter that tries to hurt my family for no reason if I can.

 No body can beat up any body I can not beat up a grown man on the street or any of the UFC fighters unless I go to a school I will be able to beat up the female UFC fighters but not the men because all men where built to be stronger then women.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Annie Potts

Annie Potts is going to be on this New Nickelodeon Cartoon Welcome to the Wayne and she is doing the voice of Olympia the mother of Olly and Saraline Timbers.

Annie Potts was in other movie called Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Ghost Buster and  Ghost Busters 2 that is the only movies I know.

Miss. Annie  was born in October 28, 1952 in Nashville Tennessee. Her children's names are Clay Senechal, Harry Hayman and James Hayman.

 Potts Spouse was Steven Hartley her first Spouse her second spouse was Greg Antonacci and her third spouse was Scoot Senechal and her last spouse is James Hayman.

Her sibling names are Elizabeth Grissette Potts and Mary Eleanor Hovious. Ms. Potts parents are Dorthy Harris Potts and Powell Grissette Potts.

Maybe one of Annie's Sister has a different last name because she changed it or maybe she got married or maybe it was born the same last name as her other sister but she chooses to change her last name.