Sunday, August 27, 2017

Alfred Molina

Alfred Molina was in The Spider Man Movie and he has also in The Rango Movie and Monster University.

I also know he is going to be on This New Nickelodeon cartoon called Welcome to the Wayne and he is going to do the voice of Ansi Molina's father named Albert Molina.

Welcome to the Wayne aired with episodes since July 24 to 28 of 2017 and new episode will return of the first season I read is some where in September.

Molina was born in May 24 1953 in Paddington London United Kingdom. I thought he was born in the United States of America because he sounds american I guest some people who are born in England or the United Kingdom speak in Proper English it depends what town they grew up in England or The United Kingdom.

His parents names are GioVanna Molina his mother and his fathers name is Esteban Molina. It dose not say who his siblings names are but his spouse is Jill Gascoine.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome to the Wayne new cast

Now The Nickelodeon show Welcome to the Wayne has new cast.

The person that use to do the character of Leif Borenwell the 3rd was voiced by Noah Galvin and the voice of him now is David Hornsby you might know him as doing the voice of Fanboy from the other Nickelodeon show Fanboy and Chum chum.

On this show Welcome to the Wayne the character Flower Shirt use to be voiced by Billy Lobely and now he is voiced by Robbie Sublett. The character The Spy from Apartment 8-I the person that used to do the voice of her is Kathleen McInerney and now Veronica Taylor does the voice of The Spy From Apartment 8-I.

The other characters Like Olly Timbers is voiced by Billy Lopez and the creator of the show, Ansi Molina voice by Alanna Ubach and Saraline Timber Voiced by Dana Steingold all have the same people doing the voice of them on the TV and the Web series.

The new voices of the New Characters on the show is the Characters parents Like Richard Kind is going to do the voice of Olly and Saraline Timber father named Harvey Timbers and Annie Potts is going to do the voice of Olympia that is Saraline and Olly Timbers mother.

Alfred Molina is going to do the voice of Ansi Molina's Father named Albert Molina. I would Like to do the voice of Ansi Molina's Mother one day Billy Lopez if you have room for one more person to do the voice of Ansi's mom.

 And plase give Ansi's mother a birth name and a married name just the same as Leif bornwell the 3rd and Olly and Saraline's mother I would like to know her birth name to because one time I saw a show a I heard a married woman's birth name before she got married it's okay if you ask me because Ansi, Olly, Saraline, Julia and Leif or Wendell Wasserman mothers are not real people.

Nikki M. James does the voice of Julia Wiles that is the girl the Ansi Molina has a big crush on I would like to know what Julia's parents names and I would also like to know Wendell wasserman's parents name is too.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Camille Winbush

Camille Winbush was on the Bernie Mac show and she played Bernie Mac's Neese named Vanessa and her nick name is Nessa.

Nessa was very mean because she is upset that her father was in prison and her mother was a crack head.

Nessa took care of her brother and sister at a very younger age and she never had a chance of being a child.

 So she had a rough child hood and I saw in one episode that Bernie mac lied to her brother Jordan that his father was a warrior and Vanessa was upset at Bernie Mac and she said " Our Father was a guy who left us."

So Vanessa and her younger brother had the same mother and father but Brianna her younger sister was born with the same mother as Nessa but she was born with a different father.

Lets talk about Camille see was also in Disney's movies like Recess and Dinosaurs. Winbrush was born in February 9, 1990 in Culver City in California. Her parents names are Alice Winbrush and Anthony Winbrush. Troy Winbrush is her brother.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith was on the show called The Bernie Mac show and that show is a comedy but it's based on Bernie Mac's true life and real life. She played Bernie mac's wife Wanda.

Smith is also on shows like Hair show, The first Family and so much more movies that she was in and I do not know the movies and I never seen them before and I only write movies that I know about.

Ms. Kellita was born in January 15, 1969 in Chicago Illinois. Her parent name is Honey Smith and Honey is a girls name and that is her mother and it does not say who her father was because probably her died are left her when she was a baby it could be any reason and she might want to keep that private.

It does not say her siblings names because maybe she does not have any siblings maybe she was born an only child.

If a celebrities has siblings it will be on the internet usually and if a famous person is born an only child their siblings name will not be on the internet because they do not have any brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Mysticons

The Mysticons is a new Nickelodeon show that is coming on television on August 20 2017.

The Mysticons I read is about Four girl that are best friends that are becoming warriors to fight the evil queen. That is what  I read on the internet.

The creator of that show is Sean Jara That is also the creator of cartoon Network shows Lie Ben 10, Johnny Test , Max Steel, Hot Wheels, Battle Force 5, Degrassi: the Next Generation and Inspector Gadget. That is the person who created and written about those shows.

The Mysticons seems it will look like a good show I thought I will watch more girly shows but I watch more Boyish shows because I like those kind of shows more. Most girls like to watch girly shows but me I like to watch more boyish show because I am a Tomboy and a Girly Girl I am a mixer before I was just a girly girl and now I am a mixer of a Girly girl and a Tomboy.

This show reminds me of The Winx Club it's Similar to the Winx Club in my opinion. The characters on Mysticons names are Arkayna Goodfey, Emerald Goldenbraid, Zarya Moonwolf and Piper Willowbrook Mysticon Striker.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nickelodeon shows that are coming back as movies

You know the TV show Hey Arnold that show is coming back with a movie this year and Hey Arnold last episode was June 8, 2004.

I read that The Loud House will come back with a movie in February 7, 2020.

Also in my opinion Fanboy and Chum Chum should come back with a movie.

The new Nickelodeon show that is making new episode Welcome to the Wayne should make a movie in the future if the show is not on TV any more so the show and movie will be more popular.

Tak and The Power of Juju should also come back with a movie and the creator of Tak is Avalanche Software and Helixe.

Tak should also come back with a movie and they should make the cartoon look more modern not blurry and make it a lot better then it did back in 2008.

This is my opinion which shows should come back with movies.

Dear, Nickelodeon I not trying to force you to make those shows come back into movies.

 I just trying to make the un popular TV shows more popular and Tak had only 1 season and I never seen a show that only has 1 season and Tak and the Power of Juju should come back with a movie.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Shaquille O'neal

Shaquille O'neal is a basket ball player. I knew him when he was on Commercials on he Nickelodeon channel and other channels.

Shaquille is 7 feet and one inches I thought he was only around 6 feet but I read he is a little over 7 feet tall. His children's names are Me'arah O'Neal, Shareef O'Neal, Shaqir O'Neal, Shaqir O'Neal and Amirah O'Neal.

O'Neal's parents names are Joseph Toney and Phillip A. Harrison I read he has two fathers and maybe one father is his step father while the other is his real father that means his blood relative father.

 His mothers name is Lucille O'Neal. Mr. Shaquille has his mothers last name usually people have their fathers last names because that is how this society is and how the government is in my opinion.

His siblings names are Ayesha O'Neal, Lateefah O'Neal and Jamal O'Neal. Mr. O'Neal was born in March 6, 1972 in Newark New Jersey.

He is in movies that I read and I never even heard of those movies and I do not know them and I will tell you one movie that I knew his was in the movie Grown Ups 2. That movie is PG-13 I thought that movie is going to be rated R because the movie is called Grown Ups.

Shaquille O'Neal I would ove for you and all celebrities to see what my favorite cartoons are on Nickelodeon and I would like you to see who my favorite male and female celebrities names are.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez was in the Bernie Mac Show and he played Bernie Mac's nephew named Jordan.

 He was also in the movie Like Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2 and he was also in movies Like The Fat Albert movie and The Land Before time 4 the big Freeze.

Bernie Mac was also in the Madagascar 2 movie that is a cartoon with talking animals. And Madagascar was release in November 7, 2008 and Bernie Mac died August 9, 2008.

People have to make the movie and it takes a couple of years to make the movie and a couple of years before Bernie mac did the voice of one of the characters then the movie was finish then it was going to be released in November 9, 2008.

Jeremey was playing Jordan on the Bernie Mac show and he was bad because he had a mother and a father that has been in jail and left them and that is why Bernie Mac watched them. That is my opinion that is why Jordan Bernie Mac's Nephew was bad and fresh.

 I know that Jordan's parents wear in jail because I heard it when I was watching the show. Suarez was born in July 6, 1990 in Burbank California. His parents names are Oliver James Suarez and Patricia Suarez that died.

Noah Munck

Noah Munck was on the Nickelodeon, show iCarly. He was in other movie like Bad Teacher,Swindle and Nicky Deuce.

It looks like munck plays Nicky Deuce because I saw him on the front of the movie cover I can tell that his is the main character in that movie.

Noah was born in May 3. 1996 in Mission Viejo California. His siblings are Ethan Munck, Taylor Munck his sister, Micah Munck his brother and Elijah Munck his brother.

His brother has also been in the show iCarly, my mother said once when she saw that show "that small kid looks like Gibby. "

Noah Munck plays Gibby his brother Ethan plays Guppy those names rhyme. His parents are Greg Munck and Kymbry Robison.

Noah Munck played Gibby on the show iCarly and has little Brother Ethan played Gibby's younger brother on the show.

Probably the creators do that to make the celebrities more happy if there brother is on the same show or if there playing a character their blood relative could play their brother or sister on the made up television show. 

Stephanie Bently

Stephanie Bentley sings songs like I will survive that is my favorite song from her. I first heard that song from the movie Holes.

I also read she was in the movie The Little Things Ms. Bently was born in April, 29, 1963 Thomasville Georgia. Her parents it does not say who her parents are and children some celebrities do not put there families names up there because it's personal too some of them.

She wrote that I will Survive song in 2003 I played the song over and over again because it sounds good my mother said you going to make me hate that song playing it over and over it songs annoying.

In my opinion it is one of the best songs on this planet Earth! Do not know why people do not like the stuff that I like my father says you like show off beat and unpopular. I am try to my favorite unpopular shows that are newer more popular then older cartoons that been on TV seen 20 to 50 years.

The televisions shows that been on TV for 20 to 50 years they should take it of tv even if is new to children that never seen the show some children that never seen the show before they can tell that the show is very old.

Even the old show that has been on TV for 50 years even when it's very popular The should make the society different after when a TV show is on for 9 years They should take it off Television.

My mother said that Stephanie Bentley sounds like Carrie Underwood I agree because she does sound like her most country singers sound the same as each other.

Glenn Close

Glenn Close, was in the movies Hood Winked and Hood Winked Too. She was also in movie like 101 Dalmatians and Disney Cartoon movie Tarzan.

Ms. Close has a males first name my parents say some female celebrities have male first names.

Ms Glenn was born in March, 19 1947 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her Children are Annie Maude Starke. Glenn was also a daughter of Elizabeth Mary Hester.

Her Nickname happens to be Glennie they probably use her name like that to sound more girly.

The men she was divorced with are David Shaw, Cabot Wade and James Constantine Marlas.

I don't see A lot of Celebrities do not put if there divorced because it's Personal and it sounds more sad if people get divorced and not married any more.

In the movie Hood Winked she did the voice of little Red Riding Hood's Grand Mother. Ms. Glenn I hope you like this blogger that I am doing for Cartoons and celebrities doing the voice of them.

Family Guy and Seth Macfarlane

Family Guy is an Adult Cartoon that's 3 year old children should not watch that television show.

That cartoon makes some people laugh I have a teacher that says "I do not like to talk about Family guy it's just stupid".

One of the students say in my school how about Stewie One of the teachers said "no I said I don't like respectful kids."

Seth Macfarlane does the voice of the father of the show I think the fathers name is Peter Griffin. Seth was born in  October 26, 1973 in Kent Connecticut.

Macfarlane's parents names are Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry Sager. Mr. Macfalane's It does not say on the internet he has children.

 Maybe he does not want to have any children or maybe he has children but maybe his children are to young to be on the internet.

 Or maybe they are old enough to be online but his children do not want to be on inter net yet.

MacFarlane was also in the movie Ted He did the voice of the talking teddy bear toys that's swears.

 Ted in that movie it has real people but a speaking teddy bear toy. Ted said in one part of the movie "I sound like Peter Griffin. " other people said "yes."

What goes on my mind

What Goes on my mind is Tak from Tak and the power of juju that used to be a nickelodeon show now a nickelodeon video game.

 Clyde from the new nickelodeon cartoon The Loud House Fantasy that is the cartoons reality.

 It use to be real people's reality when their where spiritual cartoons millions of years ago now their reality is in the real world according to my opinion.

Clyde is boxing in Nickelodeon Fantasy real he is Clyde screams like a girl and Tak they both say "Hi ya" you want a piece of me can't catch me"!

 In a high squeaky voice also Fanboy from fanboy and Chum Chum other Nickelodeon cartoon says that to.

Clyde, Tak and Fanboy were in karate all red boxing gloves red boxing headgear, rainbow Nike sports Sneakers , sometimes they wear white or black karate uniform, and they wear a yellow shirt.

 They are on the same karate team because those three cartoon boys are all on the same channel.
Nickelodeon cartoons know each other they know each other they do not know other cartoon on other channel like PBS Kids Sprout or hub.

 The Nick cartoons know them from television but they do not know them personally. Both cartoons are on Nickelodeon I do not care if they old are new if they are on the same television channel they know each other like a family.

Disney might be A different channel than Nickelodeon but all of the the Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons know each other personally because Disney Owns Nickelodeon. For example if Hub owns Sprout then all of the Sprout and Hub cartoons will know each other personally.

 But really so far as I know Hub does not own Sprout so all the cartoon characters do not know each other that good.

One boy said to me Tak and Fanboy do not know each other because old cartoons can not meet new cartoons I disagree on him if an old are a new cartoon are on the both same channel like nickelodeon they will know each other or close family.

 But if both new cartoons on is on sprout and one is on Nickelodeon they will not know each other because they are on different channel if an old cartoon is on Sprout and the new cartoon is on Nickelodeon they still will not know each other.

 It is also a better idea if the cartoons knows the other cartoon from the same channel because we do not want the cartoons getting mixed up all people will not know what channel their from just choose the channel that you cartoon wants to be on.

Like if a dog are a cat is 7 or nine years old in fantasy in cat or dog years or a year in human years they are still cartoon they will not exist in real live.

Like in reality if a cat or dog is a year in human years 7 or 9 years old in dog or cat years  in fantasy they will be a million years old in human years in dog or cat years they will be 7 or nine million years old, Cartoon animals and insects do not exist in reality so they are less than seconds old.

 But real animals that live in reality are 1 to 20 years old in humans years in fantasy they will be a million to 20 million.

All real animals and real people are millions of years older then cartoon people are cartoon animals can not create real people can create cartoons like God can create real people and cartoons. And it's just the same thing that real people can not create God.

 Will cartoons now ever become real people millions of years from now some people might say no but what I believe that they do not know what is going to happen millions from now in the future.

 Maybe those cartoons know will become real people in another planet almost the same as Earth or maybe if real people die and go to heaven maybe millions of years later.

 God will show us how the cartoon look like if they become Real people God is the all might and Powerful.

 Even they do not they might become a Realistic Spirit To me a Realistic Spirit is A cartoon character now God might show you in heaven how they would look if  they are a real person millions of years in the furture.

Toni Collette

Toni Collette is an actress that was in that movie Little Miss Sunshine She played the mother in that movie.

 Ms. Collette was also in other movies like The Black Balloon and Miss you Already.

She was born in November 1, 1972 in BlackTown Sydney, Australia.

 I thought she was born in the United States because it sounds like it from her movies maybe in real life she speaks broken English then talks proper English in those movies she is in.

Like similar to me I speak Proper English but I speak an African accent when I created a cartoon character and I do the voice of her.

Ms Toni's children's name are Arlo Robert Galafassi and Sage Florence Galafassi and Toni's parents are Bob Collette and Judy Collette.

Toni is a males names but some women when they are famous they have males names sometimes I do not think they should have males names because people might think the person is a man but really a women with a males name.

How Did I Make My Blog Exsit on the internet

My Blog became a Blog Because I work hard on it or when I was young I always Imagine if I had a blog on the internet.

 But  sometimes if you imagine that your blog is real on the Internet instead of thinking about for the rest of your life make your blog became real on the Internet.

When I was younger I used to imagine I have a blog on my own I did not know how to make my own blog back I used to Imagine that I was typing my blog about celebrities and cartoons on Nickelodeon.

Some times if you Imagine stuff like you want to write on a blog about celebrities and cartoons I wanted to write those things before I even had a blog.

My blog was a blog that I imagined when I was younger I wanted a blog of my own and my wish came true because obviously I did not just sit there and think about it for the rest of my life.

 People will not know about it if I it's still in my imagination and not on the internet yet.  then I imagine still and when I was 12 years old I ask my father how to make a blog he showed my how to make a blog today I have over 200 post when I was 12 I had a post my first post that I did was 12.

Now I write on my blog That I want to be Famous But if I do not have a blog people will not know I want to became famous.


Holidays are Christmas, New Years Eve,4th of July, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day or St. Patrick's Day.

 Each holiday they choose colors The colors of Halloween are purple , black, Orange and green The orange is for the pumpkins.

 The black is for the bats the purple is for the night time sky and the green is for the grass and the spooky trees.

Christmas colors are red and green because of the round plant it has holly berry's that are red and leaves that are green.

 They use green and red for Christmas for the Christmas tree. St.Patrick's Day they choose green because for leave clovers are green next to the grass they also call the clovers sham rocks.

Thanks giving is my favorite holiday because it has a lot of food including Macaroni and cheese that my aunt's and my mother makes.

 My favorite holiday use to be Valentines Day. Thank Giving the choose Brown for the Turkey and orange, red and yellow for the dead leaves on the tree.

Their is a creator of those holidays that choose the holiday colors like Easter They choose like a rainbow yellow and orange for the sun purple for the mountains blue for the h20 or the sky and green for the grass and trees or red and pink for the flowers people paint Easter eggs those colors.

4 of July uses red, white and blue for the United States flag those are the colors for the flag those people who created the flag for these colors is probably for nature like clouds are white fire is red and blue is for the ocean.

Valentines Day people who created that holiday choose red and pink for the heart because the doctors say that is really the color of the persons heart.

They should always be holidays for every like Hanukah and Kwanzaa to take a break from school with mean teachers giving you hard work it will make every one in the whole planet very happy.


The BFG is a movie that is coming out or it's probably out in the movie theaters.When I was 12 years old.

 I think I read the book BFG but I was not done with the book I was almost done or half way done. The BFG in the book and the movie has Giant ears and nose.

I thought The creators drawed a 3D cartoon of the BFG in that movie but is an actor named Mark Rylance That Played the BFG.

 Mr.  Mark was born in January18, 1960 in  Asford, The United kingdom They creators of this movie probably put some type of make up to make Marks ears or nose huge like in the chapter book.

 Marks Children are Nataasha Van Kampen and his parents David Walters and Anne Walters.

 Marks birth name is probably Mark Walters because that is his parents name unless if he changes his name.

 The girl that plays sally in The BFG her name is Ruby Barnhill it just says on the internet she was born in 2004.

 that's probably do not have the day she was born or the mouth maybe if she gets more popular she will have her day and mouth when she was born and her family and parents names.

They should not put make up that make peoples noses or ears big if their noes and ears are really smaller because those make up they use for celebrities.

 The celebrity might look good there nose might be bigger but the make is not good for there skin in my opinion because the make up has bad chemicals that do not agree with all peoples skin.

It' Similar if a black girl try's to be lighter it's not good for her skin because she was born with dark skin or if a white girl try's to make her self a lot dark it's not good for her skin because she was born with lighter skin color.

Heat and fires

People say the fire some from the heat. If their was no heat if this planet was just freezing cold this planet will have no fire on this planet if their is no Sun.

You all know the sun is heat is made of fire I think fire comes from heat that is true and fire also comes from the Sun because the sun is a huge ball of fire.

Pluto or other planets that are very far away from the sun or a hot star those planets with just have ice no fire it will be to cold of fire.

Their are hot stars and cold star if the planet has a lot of ice and snow with a cold star the star is a lot colder than the sun cold stars in my opinion is not a huge ball of fire only the sun or other hotter stars in other galaxies.

If other life forms live on very freezing planets with a cold star that they could see in the sky just cold H2o other liquid or ice cycles or ice cubes.

 Those life forms will not know what fire is because they live on a freezing planet just with ice and a cold star they can see that is not a huge ball of fire.

People know that when they turn the stove on and the fire comes up if they do not live on Earth.

 But another planet that's cold with no sun are no hot star if they try to turn the stove on no fire will come up just frozen ice.

But if life forms life on another planet that's hot a lot hotter than Earth if they had a stove the fire would come up and burn the hole planet.

That planet would almost be like the sun if the planet was millions of degrees and those life forms could survive in that heat that is the way they bodies are made.

If life forms in other planet other survive in the cold that minus million degrees and they fly a rocket ship to earth they would say in there own language this planet is to hot and the would be dead if they come to our planet

Curtis Harris

Curtis Harris is on Nickelodeon show like Haunted Hathaway's a Nick show that I seen on commercials but I do not watch all of the episodes like other Nickelodeon shows.

My parents think that I like show that are off beat and not that popular. Curtis was born in June 27, 2001 in California. Harris has a younger brother name Caleel Harris.

It does not say his younger brothers birthday maybe Curtis is more popular then his little brother maybe if his younger brother gets older he'll be more popular.

I would like to meet him and his younger brother one day I wanted to speak to his younger brother about The Loud House and the characters on that show I would love to speak to them about Clyde McBride.

I would Like to ask Caleel Harris and the creator of The loud after were greet each other I would wanted to say to them "what does Clyde love to do at house or with his family."

What are his favorite hobbies or "why does he have a Kung Fu poster in his bed room on the wall". I would the the creator of the cartoon character on that show Clyde how his biological aunts,uncle,cousins and mother or grand parents look like.

On the show Clyde has a couple of father with the same last name I said to my father "why does Clyde have a couple of fathers on the show."

" My father said maybe Clyde's parents are brother and they adopted him." Or Clyde could have one father and the other one is the uncle but the uncle like's Clyde to call him his father if they are bold relative.

Cynthia Dallas

Cynthia Dallas was on the Nickelodeon show iCarly.

In one episode her character was a bully named Jocelyn that pick on a little boy one day that little boy is going to be a lot stronger then her.

If she bullied me on that show I act worst then Sam.

On that episode Carly teaches Sam how to be more girly then they went to school Sam said "look I don't want any trouble."

Then Jocelyn said "I do" then she push Sam into the locker.

Then later in that episode Jocelyn push Carly and Sam beat her up. Ms.Dallas was also in other movies and television show like Love Handles, 2 Broken Girls and The McCarthy.

The creators probably make her a bully on that show because  she's a big woman and I also saw that she is a Fitness woman and the internet said she works out.

I does not say when she was born my she does not want her date of birth on the internet or her parents names online maybe she has children but there not on the internet probably she do not want her children's name on their if she has children.

My parents said "Just because actors and actress play mean man and women in movie does not mean They are mean in real life." I read Ms. Cynthia was 6 feet tall.


Abby Wilde

Abby Wilde was on the Nickelodeon show with Jamie Lynn Spears Zoey 101.

She was also in movies like Family of Four.

She talks in a Lisp she sounds like Lisa Loud Lincoln's younger sister from the Nickelodeon cartoon The Loud House.

Abby also sounds like the other cartoon character girl Bessie Higginbottom from The Nickelodeon show the Mighty B !.

My mom said "Lisa Loud sounds worst than Bessie."

 In my own opinion they sound the same I type who did the voice of Lisa and Bessie I thought the same person did the voice of those girls now that I read on the internet Amy Poehler does the voice of Bessie and Lara Jill Miller does the voice of Lisa.

Miss . Abby was born in February 25, 1989 in San Francisco California.  I saw she was on the show iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove and Sam and Cat.

I would like to meet her one day in Holly Wood. Abby I hope you like my blog that I type about cartoons Characters on Nickelodeon and famous Celebrities and myself.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Richard Kind

Richard Kind was in movie like the Disney movie Bug's life, Toy story 3 and Inside Out.

 He was also in more movie like Our friend martin that movie is about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and they did a cartoon about his life and the creators of the cartoon movie also made there own characters that were born in the future that movie aired in 2003.

He is also in the Disney movie Cars that movies is about Cars that can talk and movie in real life cars can not talk unless if the person makes the cars have eyes and talk and movie they will be probably called robot cars.

He is also in the movie Everyone's Hero Kind was also in Tom and Jerry the Movie and The Wild. Mr. Richard was also in the movie Garfield the movie, Cars 2, Penguins of Madagascar is a Nickelodeon show and the Nick Jr. show called Oswald and that is about a Octopus named Oswald.

He is going to be on this Nickelodeon show Welcome to the Wayne and he does the voice of Olly and Saraline Timber's father.

Mr. Kind was born in November 22, 1956 in Trenton new jersey, On the internet it just says he has 3 children maybe he keeps his children's name private. His parents names are Alice Kind and  Samuel Kind.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

More about Welcome to the Wayne

well you know the characters Olly and Saraline Timbers before I read they have unnamed parents and now I just saw their fathers name is Harvey timbers and his wife's name is Olympia.

 Billy Lopez you also have this other character Leif Bornwell the third and his fathers name is Leif Bornwell the second and his grandfather Leif Bornwell the first.

I would like you to put his mothers or his grand mothers names on the internet to.

 Ansi Molina my favorite character on that show I want you to put his parents names on the internet and put is grandparent or aunt's and uncles name on the internet.

I would like you to put all of the characters family members names on the internet. For now Olly Timbers parents names are on the internet but not before because maybe the show is getting to be more popular.

Billy Lopez I would like you to put when you where really born and what place or hospital where you where really born because a lot of famous people have there date of birth on the internet. Please see my blog.

And this is my opinion if some one is giving you more idea's about the show then the creators of the cartoons might think you are trying to steal there idea but maybe if they where the creators of the shows should think like that.

If a person is trying to get more idea's for the show maybe all creators should think maybe this person is trying to give us more idea's and not trying to steal them but most creators these days do not think like that.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mike Myers

Mike Myers was born in May 25, 1963 in Scarborough Canada. They why he talks in movies I thought he was born in England Because he was doing the voice of the cartoon character Shrek.

Shrek is a movie that he was in and Shrek is a Ogre and he has children name Furgus his son Farkle his other son and his daughter's name is Felicia.

Sherk I read has unnamed parents I will like to give them names if the creator of the show never thought of the cartoon characters parents names are.

I will like to do this to any creators of cartoon character for example if cartoon characters have unnamed parents I would like to give them their parents name and I am not trying to steal the creators idea's I trying to add in some more idea's for the creator of the cartoon characters has no name because maybe the creator of the cartoon never if thought about the characters name is going to be.

I would like Shrek's parent names to be  Shrekered Ogrean his father and Shreka Swamping  Ogrean his mother. William Steig is the creator of Shrek.

Mike Myres is also in The Cat in the Hat movie. I thought That Myres was going to sound like he was from England because the way when Mike was speaks when he was doing the voice of Shrek. In The Cat in the Hat movie has sounds American and his voice is a little higher in that movie.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells I read was in The Intern movie with my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff.

He is also on This Nickelodeon TV show that is coming back with new episodes in September that I read.

 The show is called Welcome to the Wayne and Andrew did the voice of the vampire name Andrei.

Rannells was born in August 23, 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska. His parents names are Charlotte Rannells and Ronald Rannells.

 It does not say if he has children because maybe he does not have children or maybe he does it's just maybe he wants to keep his children's name private.

Michael Doyle is his Spouse. I like the show Welcome to the Wayne and I like the character Ansi Molina that is may favorite character on that show. So the episode of Welcome to the Wayne is about Ansi thought Olly Timbers was in dange because Olly was hanging out with a Vampire.

  The vampire is afraid of spoon and Wendell Wassermann and Ansi chased the vampire will spoons and Wendell made the spoons fly across the room.

Ansi Thought all Vampires are bad but Sarahline told him that is stereo types that just because Andrei is a vampire does not mean he is bad.

Just like stereo types say all witches are bad that is why people make good witches because the creators are trying to say just because stereo types say all witches are bad does not mean they are all bad.