Saturday, August 19, 2023

Payton Delu Myler and Channa Zeitung

 Payton Delu Myler and Channa Zeitung are both 14 and they are both black belts in Martial Arts and they could of been realted.

Payton Delu Myler is on The Ninja Kids TV and Channa I first saw her was on Youtube Videos and she was on The Game Shakers show on Nickeldeon. Channa was also on Little Big shot show.

Payton was born in September 6. 2008 and Channa was born in April 8, 2008. Those girls could have been cousins or sisters becuase they have so much in Comine They bothe take martials arts and they have both been on Nicledeon and on TV Shows and  they are also Youtubers.

I wish I was I youtuber show I can make My own Youtber shows and I have my own documentary.

I want to make A TV show with my cartoons and me on the same show it to would be called My Imginary Family memebers and my Imainary family is the cartoons That I created and some guess start cartooons like Hiro from Big Hero 6,Spongebob and all the other Disney and Nickeldeon cartoons that have been on TV. 

Lucie Vuong and Kristen Cui the two little girls I see not that long a ago.

Krsiten and Lucie

 Lucie Vuong and Kristen Cui are both asian girls that happende to be actresses and they are 10 years old bother of them and I search for Lucie Vuong and Kristen Cui on the internet But their no images on them they could of been sisters or cousin like for example Channa Zeitung and Payton Delu Myler could of been sister two.

Maybe in the future I can make a TV show probably called Exactly Family memebers or Family Expection and in  that  show Kristen Cui and Lucie Vuong are sisters and their aunt is played by Brenna song and there mom is played by Jamie Chung. I would like to do that is the future

Also Channa Zeitung and Payton Delu Myler in my show or movie that I am going to created are sisters to and in the show the person that played they mother will by Amy Pohler.

Lucie Vuong is in the New i Carly show and Kristen Cui is in the movie Kncok at the Cabin. Those girls where both born in 2013.

Video on Kristen Cui

Video on Lucie playing potter on i Carly