Sunday, October 2, 2022

More about Tak and the Power of Juju

 Tak and The Power of Juju use to be a show on Nickelodeon and My favorite character on The show is Tak. I was a fan of that show and the took it off the air and some one told me why it went off the aired but I di not remmember why it went off the air.

 Tak and The and power of Juju us to be a Video games back in 2003 and then they had a show on Nickeloden and now it's back into a Video game.

 They should make a movie out of this cartoon. In August 31, 2007  that is when They had they first episode Their final episode was in January 24, 2009. 

Ths show is about  a boy named Tak, a shaman's assistant has the magical power of Juju. He can talk to spirits and must save his jungle-tribe from destruction. His powers only get him so far -- he needs his friends to help defend his hometown against the evil Chief of another tribe. Tak is 14 years old on the show.

Cat Scartch

Cat Scartch was a cartoon on Ncikeloden and is not on TV any more.July 9, 2005 that is when their first episode aired on TV. Their final episode was in February 10, 2007.

Doug TenNapel is the crreator of this show. The characters names are Human Kimeraly, Gordon, Mr.Blink and Waffle also Hoivse.

My favorite character of this show is Waffle because he is a cute cat that happenend to look like a dog and in one episode he pretends that he is a dog too.

Cat scartch was one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows. and now I am talking about it this year on my blog.

I would love to work at Nickelodeon studios or at dinsey studio some day but if I never get hired I will make my own TV studios for my cartoons.

Ricky Sprocket

 Ricky Sprocket was a show on Nickelodeon that I watch when I was a child. David Fine  and Alison Snowden are the characters of this show. This show. Has also been on Teletoon.

This show is about Ricky Sprocket is the world's biggest child star adored by millions and has just about everything a 10-year-old could want. 

Still, Ricky has problems. For starters, there are the obsessed fans. And the jealous co-stars. And, of course, his parents who are more worried about his homework and making him take out the garbage than his Hollywood career. When he's not on-set, he's hanging out with pals Benny, Morris, Jamal and Alice. I was never really in to that show.

Rickey Sprocket had also been on a channel called Paramount Media Networks.  I am a cartoon fan.



Pinocchio is a Movie on Disney. Pinocchio is a doll and every time he lies his nose sticks out. That is what I heard from one of my aints and I did not watch the movie but I did hear it from commerials. 

This movie is about In an Italian village a wooden doll names Pinocchio comes to life by the Blue Fairy and seeks the life of adventure while striving to be a real boy. Pinocchio's life is turned upside down when he leaves his father to follow the circus.

They is a New Pinocchio coming out  thsi years but the Original Pinocchio came out in February 1883. Then They come out with I movie in 1940.

Final They have A new Pinocchio movie coming out in 2022. and the movie looks more advance then it did in 1940 or in the 1800's.

Rickey Smiley

 Rickey Smiley is a comdeian. I have a 3d Modeling teacher on online and he said " His cousins friend knows him personally.

I never heard of Rickey Smiley before and I asked my parents do you know who he is and my parenst said " Yes." If my parents knoew him them How come all this time I did not know him. I guess I did not know him because He was was not in my generation.

 He was born in August 10, 1968. His parent name is  Carolita Smiley Lester, His childrens names are Aaryn Smiley, D'Essence Smiley,Brandon Smiley and Malik Smiley. 

Broderick Dornell Smiley is a comedian on  TV host  actor, and radio personality. He is  known for his prank phone calls. The calls feature Smiley disguising his voice and carrying on a conversation with the recipient of the call.

Mikey The Movie


I first saw Mikey The Movie today on Facebook. Mikey in the movie I heard was abused by his own mother and then he got adopted and he is like a demon child in the movie. Like he kills growns ups in the movie.

Some people might smack him because his is bad. But I think he needs to go to a chruch show they can case the demon out of him that is the way I believe.

Ths movie is about  each member of his family has died in unexplained accidents, young Mikey seems like a innocent and sweet little boy.

Is placed with an adoptive family. The family will discover the boy's true personality that he is bad. September 23, 1992 is when the movie first came out in theaters. Dennis Dimster is the director of this movie.

Horrid Henry


Horrid Henry is a show That I did not know about until I saw it on The internet. Horrid Henry is about Henry a self-centred boy naughty prankster who has issues with authority is faced with a problem. He then often retaliates in interesting ways.

The creator of this show is Francesca Isabella Simon. In October 31, 2006 that is when They had their first episode. Their last episode was in May 21, 2019.

This show is on Youtube and on Netflix. They also have I Horrid Henry the movie were real people are playing thos cartoon characters on the show. Henry always gets in to trouble it seems like but I do not know the show well enough to have  a opinion on it.