Friday, April 28, 2017

Sarah Thyre

Sarah Thyre was on the Nickelodeon cartoon called The Mighty B! she was the voice of Mrs. Gibbons.

 Ms Sarah was also in movies called Hotel Transylvania and Thyre did the voice of the it just says she does one of the Additional Voices.

Sarah was born in July 7, 1968 in the United States it never said which state which was exactly born in maybe she minds and some celebrities do not mind putting were they were exactly born online.
Her parents are not on the internet because it will pop up on the screen and would not have to look on to other websites with her parents names.

Sarah parents are probably on the internet some where but she might have a secret website that she does not want people to know who her parents are because some celebrities have a secret website that they do not want other people to look at there birth or their own families name.

Her children names are William Oscar Richter and Mercy Josephine Richter. Mercy I never heard a person can be name that until I looked it up on the internet today.

Ms. Sarah Thyre I have a Blog can Lon Steins movies and you can read my post of you and other celebrities that I also wrote about other celebrities and you can read about those or go click on my link and it will show you my second blog that I did.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley, was in the movie The Faults in Our Stars with Nat Wolff, and she played Hazel Grace in that movie and she had short hair some of the pictures she had very long hair. Shailine was also in movies like The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Woodley, was born in November 15, 1991 in San Bernardino County, Californa and her parents names are Lori Woodly and Loni Woodley.

And her Sibling's name is Tanner Woodley that is her brother. Tanner, is a boys name because that is her brothers name and same people and i never heard that name before and now I know that name.

The Faults in our Stars is a very sad movie the people that I knew who watch that movie it made them cry it made me cry thought the whole movie.

 I was crying on the inside and the out side because people in that movie have cancer and they were dying I wanted to see that movie because my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff was in that movie.

I met Nat Wolff because I wanted to met him and I gave him a kiss on the check because I loves him a lot I have crush on boys who look a lot like Nat Wolff in my opinion But I would like them to be nice to me.

Shailiene Woodley if you ever see my blog speak to Nat and say the go to Lon Steins Movies and show him and say to him "do you remeber this girl ?" Please I would like you to say that to him about me you do not have to if you do not want to.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The movies and had the internet should work

Movie are fun to watch but if one website says that celebrity is in that movie and the other website do not every thing on the internet is not true.

Like for example I look on movie about my favorite celebrity and I saw his movie and one of them seems like he is not in the movie.

So like look for the cast in that movie and I did not see his name on the cast maybe that website that I was at on my computer made a mistake or it was not telling the true. Every thing online should be true but people put stuff on there that is not true.

This is how the internet should work if people lie on the internet the internet should kick them off the computer.

Or lets say this also people do not just put lies on the internet but put sick things on there like people killing each other. Those sick pictures on the internet should be taking off and the internet should take off the sick picture off the internet on it's own.

Like people also put sick videos to like one person shot another person if any body puts sick videos on the internet they should be taking off the internet if any one tries to put sick stuff on there the computer screen should have a yellow box popping on your computer and say this video or picture is very sick this is not going on the internet if it's real.

That is how computer should work in the future. If it's a movie that's one thing but people should not put stuff that is bad for the internet or lies should not be on the internet.

The computer should also read your mind if your are lying or not if you are going to put on something on the internet that is a lie those people should read the yellow box on there computer screen "do not say lies on the internet!"

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Is a movie that came out in 2016 I never seen there commercial on TV when is it going to be out in the movie theater's it's one of my favorite movie because My favorite celebrate Nat Wolff does the voice of this character Victor and this other guy named Dane DeHaan.

Dane was doing the voice of Victor of one of the movie trailers then Nat Wolff replaced him to do the voice of Victor.

If that movie has a DVD coming out it probably will say on you TV screen Nat Wolff doing Victors Voice and you click play and it will play the movie for you or on your TV screen if it says say Dane DeHaan as Victor if you click on that button on the TV screen it will play the movie and the same characters voice will sound different because different people are doing the voice of that character.

If you are buying the DVD the cover might say Dane Dehaan's name and the character Victor will sound like Dane Dehaan or if the DVD cover says Nat Wolff's name the character Victor will sound Like Nat.

When Dane does the voice of Victor his voice sounds deeper and Nat voice sound higher because Dane is Older then Nat. The movie use to be called Leap now is Called Ballerina it's the same movie all though some of the same movies change there names.

I also saw another man who did the voice of that character Victor so I never saw three people doing the voice of the one cartoon character in the same day maybe  those people that created the movie have those more modern soft ware to do that.

My Favorite character in the movie is Victor because he looks like Nat Wolff and Victor also likes to be an inventor in that movie.

 I would like to create my own toys and soft ware one day Like would like the software to be like if you day dream about your own cartoons the computer if it's water proof or not it will read your mind the computer will only work when it's not and it will put you imagination on the internet if you wanted their.

That would be a good way to make movies and if the computer reads your mind what ever you are imagining in you head how you want your characters to sound and look your imagination will look exactly the same on your computer as it did in your imagination.

If I create that soft ware people will say " wow my imagination in my head that the computer read in my mind my imagination looks the same on the computer." And your imagination on your computer will look the same is it do in you mind.

But the soft ware I would like it to be good for peoples minds and to not kill people if the use it to much. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

More About Welcome to the Wayne

It's an Nickelodeon Short cartoon. Online it say 6 episodes but it's really one full episode with 6 chapters.

 There was spouses to be a game in 2016 I looked it up but it was still not online yet it's was spouse to be a game that you go click on to different rooms.

That Game is probably not going to be release when the show has it's full series well online it use to say this show will air in early 2017 with more than one big episode.

Then I saw this video that Welcome to the Wayne is not going to be release in later 2017.

Guys do not be upset at the creator Billy Lopez I do not know why it's taking so long maybe his computer broke and he lost off his work and then he his to restart his work all over again we just do not know why the show is changing the release dates when the show is really going to be aired on TV.

It's hard to make a cartoon because of the soft ware maybe there should be a soft ware that it will be easy to make cartoons and it will take days to make a cartoons and movies people should create more modern soft wares like that like the soft ware makes the cartoons move or if you write a script in your head the computer will read your mind and put your cartoon script on the software and the software will make the characters talk with out people doing the voice of them.

It will be like the TV show and movies on TV expect no body does the voice of cartoons it's the soft ware that is making your cartoons character talk.

Some time online a shows episode date said July 12, 2000 and sometimes the the creator of the show might change the air date when he or she wants the new episodes air date to be
 and put it on the internet and the air date will change to July 29, 2000.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All about The Loud House

It's a show on Nickelodeon called The Loud House on my older post I wrote about that show that happens to be my favorite show because I like the way the characters look my parents think that I like unpopular shows and show being off beat.

Maybe it's off beat or any show that is not popular because not enough people are watching it have to.

 Online people should create a letter thing if they want there cartoon to become popular write a letter to those people in the whole planet but first you have to write the language you speak then spend it to other countries.

 And the English letter will change into Chinese letter if you are sending the letter to China.

 And  if you want to send your own letter to other place write in English first click send then the person or any body will hear a beep on there computer to know the person send them a letter then stead of English word it would change into words that are different languages if people speak in different languages so those people will instead what the person is writing on there letter.

Computers should be made different people will have to hear beeps so they would know if some one wrote a letter to them in the same or a different country as them.

Any way back to The Loud House I like the show because the way the cartoons look like but the characters say stuff they should not say on a children's show like those character say the word "dang it."

they are trying not to say the D word of the swear word then it the word would look like this "D** it!" I did not put all the letters in the D word because I do not want my parents to be upset.

I have to say to the create of The Loud House this is what I would say.

 " I am a big fan on that show and I love the way the characters look but they say stuff the should not say on Nickelodeon!"

 I mean I never heard the characters say that on Nickelodeon cartoons only this one if you want this to be a show for children do not put the word dang it.

 In my opinion The Loud House is more like a show for Teenagers!

 And do not put any bad words who knows what the young children that are watching the show will say to there own parents or grown folk's on the street.

This is what I will say to the created of the show "Even this show or any show that has bad words will have to not say it on the Nickelodeon channel any more or they would have to put these shows on a different channel for adults not a channel for children because children do not need to be hearing these words!"

I heard one of the teacher in my new school that I am in right now said " My daughter is only 5 or 6 years old and she is using the word dang it! I do not want her to watch that show!"

 I think this show is more for teenagers because they use words they should not be using on a children's show and children that are very young in real life will copy what the cartoons characters are saying and teenagers do  not do it as much because there brains are more fully developed.

Just because this show on the internet says it's a children's show people can not believe every thing what the internet tells them any body has to think for them selves if the show is for young children or not.

In fact when I was three years old I wanted one my own cartoon shows to be called that to before I ever knew the show "The Creator of the Loud House stold my ideas with out me knowing I was going to gave The characters different names! not names the begins and ends with the letter L or did I steal his idea's by accent but I did not even know he was the creator of that show " I'm just joking!