Friday, April 13, 2018

The Incredibles are back

Final The second Incredible's is coming out this summer in June 2018.

There first movie air date was November 5, 2004. 

Brad Bird is the creator of the Incredible's. That movie first came out since I was five years old that was a very long time out.

My Favorite Character of the movie is Violet Parr.

 After the first Incredible's was out in the movie theaters this Nickelodeon show called The X's I use to like when I was little and my parents said this show is just like the Incredible's. 

I used to be a big fan of The X's To but that show now kind of sucked because it the creator of the X's was copying Spy Kids and The Incredible's ideas.

Years Incredible's was not in movie for years probably the creator of the Incredible's had to copy there cartoon to the government that the creator of The X's Carlos Ramos.

 The X's first episode was in November 25, 2005 and their last episode was in December 13, 2006. 

I think in one episode of The X's the mother said she wanted to get pregnant and have a baby boy I just remember a little.

 The X's was like  the Incredible's in a 2D version and a Nickelodeon version. People did not know when the next Incredible's was coming out and they lost a lot of money and now people know when the movie is coming out and their probably going to get more money. I read The Incredible's 2 book at my camp one time but I did not read the whole book.

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