Sunday, October 30, 2016


Machines are what people use. Before they were machines they were stuff use for machines in nature like wood or stuff that is on the ground.

 Like before there were cars people had to ride on horse then sit in a cart with wheels and the horse is in front and they use the strings to make the horses move.

People do not use those that much any more because the  horse might not want to move.

 It might hurt the horse if you are in the front seat and you holed the string and the string hits the horse to make it move it might hurt the horse people want to respect animals more.

In plus some people are allergic to horses. In the future people might make machines with a screen to show people how the olden days really  were the people can not go back in time but scientist can show people what happen in the olden days on the screen.

They might so people what some people did in the olden days not all because it was to many people.  Like in the bible Adam and Eve live up to 900 years but people now do not  know what they look like.

 But in millions of years in the future they would make machines that would show people how Adam and Eve looked like when they where 900 on this Earth.

People would really know how Adam and Eve would look like because they have more modern technology to so people how people in the olden days really looked liked.

Like people know some of the planets are newer or older planet then Earth because they use math also they have more modern machines that is how scientist know how old the Earth is if we do not have that technology we would not know how old the Earth is. 

If those  people created a screen that shows people how the olden days were the might show celebrities on that screen because they are more popular or people that have famous people in there family or they know.

Like if I die from now scientist in millions of years in the future might show people how I'd really looked like when I was alive and I said to people to create a soft ware that creators of  cartoons do not have to get all the voices to do the voice of there cartoon characters.

Instead people can just go on to soft ware write a script down of you cartoon character click on to you soft ware if your wanted your character to have a high our a deep voice then draw you cartoon put in on you cell phone it will pop up on you computer.

it would be just like cartoons on TV now like they are moving and speaking but the thing is it would be the first cartoon on television with out real people doing the voices of cartoons but it is all soft ware that is why you here there voice on the television show.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Names come from

I am writing about names. The names comes in people's and culture's mind. In Africa the culture gave them self's there own names in the olden days. Some thing happened Europeans from Europe took Africa gold took make them self's more rich.

 European's use to give African people European names. White people were in a lot of power back then.

 They use to give black people white names when black people try to say there real names the white people use to beat them. Black people say that my name is a European name.

Like if African people baby are born in Europe and there still black the babies will never have African names they were born with European names.

White people said to black "you culture is no good!" so white raped black women and make them sell there babies. Black where slaves and the whites do not give them any money black were working for free it was a very sick time back than.

Like Queen Nzinga is an African Queen that most black people do not know about. So I was going to name a white Asian and black cartoon to be named that name.

My father said know "no she is not going to have blond hair." My father said the name Nzinga  is a black name and Emily is a white name.

So I was upset when my father said that it sound racist to. So my father teach me today that white force black people to give them white names. My father was not trying to be racist actually he is not he is just saying black people are trying to get there culture back.

A lot of people name there Africa babies white names. People say Nzinga is for black people only and Emily is for white people only I do not think that is true names are not for just one color Like Nzinga first started from Africa but any body can be name Nzinga just the same as Emily.

Names Like whites should not force blacks to give then European names that was bad. So some names might of started in Africa or Asia or any where names are for every body to use.

Like if a black person wants to name there black baby a white name they can do that if a Asian person wants to name there baby a African name they can name it what ever they want.Most people know who Queen Elizabeth was not Nzinga.

My father thinks I am brainwashed and I do not appreciate my own culture and I do. Whites should not force black people to give them European names they can be named what ever they want.

God loves want people take bake there culture but what he dose not like is if you want to name a baby a certain name and the other person says you should name your baby this because you are Black,White, Asian you this and you are that.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sofia Vergara and Rico Rodriguez

Sofia Vergara was in the show Modern Family and in others movies like New Yea's Eve and The Smurfs.

 She is one of the celebrities that speak broken English so I did not understand what people that speak in broken English were trying to say now I know what that are trying to say.

I also saw she was in other cartoons movies like Happy Feet and Escape from planet Earth. Ms. Vergara was born in July 10, 1972 in Barranquilla Colombia.

Her parents are Margarita Vergara Davila De Vergara and Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo. Ms. Sofia's children are she has a son I read just now his name is Manolo Gonzalea-Ripoll Vergara. She played  on Modern Family Rico Rodriguez characters mother.

Rico Rodriguez was born in July 31, 1998 in Bryan Texas. Some people say that he is to fat and that is why people do not like him.

 I use to be like that but then I realize that it is not what out side it matters it's what inside that matters just because his fat do not mean his is mean or ugly.

Like this just because a person is very skinny does not mean that there nice they could be meaner then the fat person size and color of a person skin does not matter if there mean or nice it depends how there parents treat or teach them.

Like one time I saw on Magazine that the media said the fat people are ugly I showed it to my mom in Path Mark story one time she said "they are just trying to be mean." My mother probably doe not remember she remembers one way I remember another.

Like lets say if a problem happens now people might say the true but it would be the same way as other people see it The first person might say "ohh she started it!" The other person might say "well no he stared it!"

The only person that really knows what happened and who is telling the true is God. People think diffident
that is why our brains function different that is the way God made us.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cartoon Soft ware

Cartoon Soft Ware is how they make cartoons move and they give real people to do the voice of cartoons. They should have a soft ware that creators of the cartoons do not have to get all these people to do the voice of there cartoon characters.

The easier way they should do it is they draw there cartoon character on a drawing book or a piece of paper then take their cell phone and take pictures of there cartoon drawings that they drew on paper then upload or download to their computer put it on the soft ware that would make cartoons move.

The soft ware should give the cartoons voices the creator of the cartoon should write the script down what they what they character to say.

 Then choose if the you character wants a high or a deep voice then the cartoons say the script with out real people doing the voice of them.

In fact I am going to try to make a soft ware like that and put it on television. It would look like just cartoons acting silly and moving on TV except it would be the first cartoon on TV that no people doing they voice of them but it's all soft ware. It would probably or will be the most popular cartoon on Television

 On television creators of cartoons make up there own words that people that are watching the show do not know what this words are or do not know what they mean.

I make up my own words like father roaster it means a young boy who is acting like someone's father. At first I was going to say father hen but then I think over again I say wait in my mind a hen is a girl that is when father roaster came in my mind.

A mother hen means that a younger girl that is acting like someone's mother. I also make up words like sun food and moon food. And Sun food is any food that has protein or vitamin D like chicken, ham or cheese any thing that has protein.

I say that because the Sun has vitamin D. Moon food is any thing with sugar Like cookies, marshmallows, chocolate,S' mores  or any candy with sugar. The moon and the the dark make you go to sleep if you eat sugar all day that can give you a sugar crash and make you sleep that is why I call it moon food.