Thursday, January 26, 2023

Fredia Gibbs


Fredia Gibbs is a African American Female Boxer. She was a martial artist before Ronda Rousey Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes also Cris Cybrog.

She heard on the news that there was this man who murder and kidnapped women. That same man tried to Murder and kidnapped gibbs but Fredia was able to defend herself. The news said that murder messed with the wrong woman and the was Fredia Gibbs.

Gibbs was born in July 8, 1963 in Chester, Pennsylvania. I heard she a black belt in martial arts and she know kickboxing.

I saw on a video she got chased by some girls that were bullying her and she ran away from them.

I read just now on some website that her parents names are not avaible yet and her parents names are not on the internet like most celebrties.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win


By nZinga Lonstein Austin and edited by Kamau Austin

An American Girl - Melody 1963: LOVE HAS TO WIN, is a movie about a black girl living in the 1960's.  The young Black girl protagonist - Melody, had to deal with racist kids and teachers during the Jim Crow segregation period.

I first became aware of this movie on Facebook.  I read the comments of the movie to see if they were favorable and something I wanted to watch. Here is a trailer for this movie below...


Hundreds of years ago, and actually since time immemorial, white people treated each other badly between their various tribes (i.e. Brits, Irish, Scots, etc.).  For instance this historic site on England had the following commentary "During the fifth century AD Britain ceased to be part of the Roman Empire and became a group of small warring territories, from which eventually developed the medieval kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales. This process involved population movements around the Irish and North Sea coastal regions, of which the largest was that of the Anglo-Saxons from northern Germany and southern Scandinavia into eastern England." Source: Our Migration Story

The late legendary and heroic Father Desmond Wilson, a priest known in Ireland for his uplifting advocacy of poor people in Ireland, explained to Blacks in the activist House Of The Lord Church in Brooklyn, NY, then pastored by Rev. Dr. Herb Daughtry, over 35 years ago - that many of the English and European white supremacy tactics used on African American's today "were 1st used on the Irish by the British."   So it was just natural to them when they came to Africa they treated them badly as well.

They went to Africa and took precious minerals like gold, diamonds, art, and enslaved Africans as well.  They did that because they were greedy for money and economic expansion so they forced Black People to work for free, with some help from African cohorts.

I do not know why white people were so greedy and vicious to Black people.   I think perhaps because Europe is a small region, crowded, was running out of resources, and many were very poor.  So it made them opportunistic to exploit others in Africa and other places.  It could be they did not have a lot of resources and stuff or maybe they were a bit jealous because Africa has a significant supply of diamonds, gold, and oil in the world.

But that reason should be no excuse for them to be jealous and greedy to the point of exploiting Africans and later Black Americans - brought here as slaves.  If white people wanted to become rich they needed to focus on increasing their standard of living and fairly trading for Africa's riches like gold, diamonds, minerals, art and oil.

White people are racist to black people still today, I feel, because in the first place they where jealous. But God said jealousy is a hateful thing.  According to the Bible...

Proverbs 27:4 - Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?

James 3:14-15 - But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.

This movie teaches people how the Jim Crow era of the 1960s was experienced through the eyes of a young Black girl.   It is teaching you a good lesson on how whites treated black folks badly in the US south.

Jim Crow was a black-lash society that emerged to subjugate and marginalize Blacks after slavery.  Jim Crow was a social system that didn't allow Blacks to often interact in accommodations, academics, intimate relationships, travel, employment opportunities and other social aspects -- in effect making them 2nd class citizens.

The name Jim Crow was taken from negative stereotypes and tropes of Blacks and our culture by white entertainers mocking Black people in Black face type productions.  According to Ferris State University's website on The Origins Of Jim Crow "
Throughout the 1830s and '40s, the white entertainer Thomas Dartmouth Rice (1808-1860) performed a popular song-and-dance act supposedly modeled after a slave. He named the character Jim Crow. Rice darkened his face, acted like a buffoon, and spoke with an exaggerated and distorted imitation of African American Vernacular English. In his Jim Crow persona, he also sang "Negro ditties" such as "Jump Jim Crow."

Rice was not the first white comic to perform in blackface, but he was the most popular of his time, touring both the United States and England. As a result of Rice's success, "Jim Crow" became a common stage persona for white comedians' blackface portrayals of African Americans."

Stereotypical Tropes From That Inspired The Name Jim Crow Courtesy Ferris State College

The scenario for the film is the Jim Crow South.  In this movie it showed people how White folks sat in the front of the bus and how blacks had to sit in the back of the bus.  Blacks were also not allowed to go to the same schools or drink out of the same water fountain as white people.

Also Blacks during the Jim Crow segregation period were not allowed to go to the same restaurants, bathrooms, or go to the same schools. This stirring movie shows a great deal of the dynamics of what really happened in the south in the 1960s.

While civil rights leaders made history in the desegregation of southern schools, it was the young people who actually went to the schools and dealt first hand with bullying, threats, insults, and assaults in these racist institutions.  They are the untold heroes in the saga of The Civil Rights Movement and Black advancement.  
An American Girl - Melody 1963: LOVE HAS TO WIN, is a movie that pays respect to the young heroes, on a personal level, impacted by the Civil Rights Movement who had to overcome Jim Crow segregation.