Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cheryl Porter


Cheryl Porter is a singer and she is a vocal coach and I saw her today on YouTube. She teaches people how to sing with Boxing Gloves on and I do not why she does it because usually vocal coaches do not teach people how to sing with Boxing Gloves on.

Teaches people how to sing with Boxing Gloves on is kind of weird in opinion because people were boxing gloves for sparring not to practice singing it's just not necessary.

I am not trying to be mean I just saying that I do not understand why they need to practice singing with Boxing gloves on because most people do not do that.

 I guess this is her way of doing things. She can do what ever she wants but I am just saying my opinion. 

Most people do not practice singing with Boxing Gloves on maybe she does it because it's the way to make the voice strong and sound better but their is other ways you can make you voice sound better to if that is the reason. She was born in August 28, 1972 in ChicagoIL