Saturday, July 8, 2023

Bethany Hamilton

 Bentany Hamilton is a woman that happens to be a Surfer. They did a movie on her. That movie was based on a true story.

She lose her arm because a shark ate it while she was in the ocean. she did know that the shark was coming and the clip made me cry.

Well the doctor probably said she will never be able to surf agian which he is wrong becuase she became the greatest surfer of all time. Miss. Hamilton has 4 children and her parents names are Thomas R. Hamilton and Cherilyn Hamilton.

Her siblings names are  Noah and TImothy Hamilton. When I was in 3rd grade I heard a simliar story that a girl was a surfer and a sharak bit her arm off I wonder if that was Bethany the same girl that I heard when I was in elemantary school.

I heard there was a nother girl that a shark bit off her arm but I heard they were able to put her real arm back into were it was bit off that means they attached her arm back to her body. But that was not the case with Bethany she lose her arm compeltly.

In the future if a sharak is about to eat a person any body that goes in the ocean should have a underwater gun on them so incase the sharak comes the weapon will beep and anybody can shoot the sharak if the sharak is going to eat them they should have those under water self defense weapons in the furture.