Wednesday, September 23, 2020

All color Ladys

These Women are Obsessed with only one color. The Pink Lady is obsessed with pink, The Purple Lady is obsessed with purple, The Green Lady is obsessed with green The rainbow Lady is obsessed with Rainbow,The Yellow Lady is obsessed with Yellow The Red Lady is obsessed with red and the blue lady is obsessed with blue.

It's okay to like a color and to be you favorite color but it's not okay to obsessed over the same color over and over again.

I use to be obsessed with Pink and Purple those used to be my favorite colors. Now my favorite color is Yellow but I do not obsess over it and I do not talk about it every day. I used to wear and talk about pink and purple I thought those wear the prettiest color but now I wear all different colors and I think all colors are pretty.

I like different colors in my art work so people can like my art work. I used to color and draw every thing in pink and purple. Now I color and draw things in all different colors. If I just draw or color in just one color it will be boring.


Monday, September 14, 2020

The Super Nanny's of the Years

Well there is Nanny 911 and That came out in November 3, 2004 and There Last episode was in June 6, 2009.

That was like the original Super Nanny and  When Super Nanny With Jo Frost came along it's was similar to the Nanny 911 but The Different between Those show are there are three Nanny's on Nanny 911 and there is one Nanny on Super Nanny.

There is another Super Nanny call America's Super Nanny and Deborah Tillman is the african American Super Nanny.

There is also a Super Nanny show called Super Manny His is like a Super Nanny in a male version. Because a Nanny is a woman not a man.

Jo Frost and Deborah Tillman came to peoples house because they have children that a bratty and spoiled and fresh. Those women do not believe in spanking but some of those kids probably need a spanking because there just spoiled bratty children or act bad.