Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dannah Phirman

Dannah Phirman was in the PBS Kids TV show called World Girl she did the voice of World Girl I really did not care for that show.

 But Dannah was in my favorite shows that use to be on Nickelodeon Called the Mighy B!

 She did the voice of penny and Penny was Bessie Higginbottom's friend and Bessie was my favorite character on that show.

Phirman was also in the Nickelodeon TV Show called Tak and The Power of Juju it does not come on Nickelodeon any more.

 I wish it will come back on TV again and The Mighty B those shows should have more shows and the creators of those shows should try to get more people to watch their shows they created.

I think Those Nickelodeon shows if they come back on TV the commercial will say " Tak and the power of Juju and The Mighty B! is back !"

 And Bessie are back on TV those character might even look the same but more modern at the same time that is what I want to see on Nickelodeon.

Ms. Dannah was born in April 22, 1975 in Israel I thought see was born in America because the she sounds when she does the voices of Cartoons.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Diary of the Wimpy kid cast

Diary of the Wimpy Kid is a great movie to see. The new Diary of the Wimpy Kid called the long Haul his new actors and actresses playing the same characters.

The old cast was Zachary Gordon played this Guy named Greg Heffley now this Boy named Jason Drucker plays that character.

So probably the old cast of Diary of the Wimpy kid are not the cast of the movie any more because they are getting older and they want to do some thing else with they life probably.

So if new Diary of the Wimpy Kid movies keep on playing and making new ones maybe their would be a new actress that will play the character Patty Farrel the girl that was mean to Greg Heffley because Greg said some very mean stuff to Patty when they were younger and when they got into middle school that is when Patty became mean to Greg.

In the movie Patty Farrel became mean to other children because the same children that when she saw them when she was younger those children where mean to Patty I do not blame her.

 I am like her in a way children were mean to me at first when I was younger and if I saw the same children or different children that act like those children treating me different that is when I became mean.

I use to not read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid Books and Now in school I am reading the book called Diary of the Wimpy Kid : The long Haul Then in school I typed what was the story about on the computer.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson was in the Nickelodeon Show called the Mighty B! he did this voice of this character Rocky.

 Thompson was also in movies like  Kenan & Kel and he was also in the Fat Albert movie. Mr. Kenan in the Fat Albert movie was playing this characters named Fat Albert.

Mr. Thompson was also this movie called Good Burger. He was born in May 10, 1978 in Atlanta Georgia.

He daughters name is Georgia Marie Thompson I guest he named his daughter pobaly after the town he grew up in.

 But I do not know for sure. His parents names are Fletchher Thompson and Elizabeth Ann Thompson.

he was also in movies like Big Fat Liar, Space Chimps and Figure it out that is a Nickelodeon show that air in 1997 I thought that show just aired in 2013 I did not know that show was on before I was born until i just read in on the internet.

I wish The Mighty B! , Fanboy and Chum Chum or Tak and the power of Juju was back on television again though show are not to old to be on TV they were just not popular enough and those creators of these shows should try to get more people to watch them so those shows can be more popular.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone was in the Disney TV show called Wizards of Waverly place she was in the show with Selena Gomez.

 Then there was a movie about Wizards of Waverly place. Jennifer was also in the movie called Mean Girls 2 and she was also in this Disney movie Harriet the spy: Blog wars.

Stone was born in February 12, 1993 in Arlington Texas it does not say her parents name For example if I type into some celebrities parents name on the search engine it will just pop up on the computer screen.

And some celebrities that if you type in a celebrities parents name it does not pop up on the computer some times people will have to click on other website to see what the celebrities parents really are I tried that once but it took me a very long time on the computer so I got off the computer and took a break from.

So some celebrities parents names are on the internet but they parents name my be on a private website that some celebrities do not want other people to know there parents name but some people who know the celebrity real well and a their family member can look on there parents names not the fans because the celebrities do not know there fans as well as their family member's.

Jennifer Stone is an American Actress on TV on the Disney channel before I did not remember her name I remembered what she look like then I typed in the google search engine to Wizard of Waverly place cast then I knew Jennifer's name.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Andy Richter

Andy Richter was on the Nickelodeon TV show the Mighty B! and he did the voice of Bessie Higginbottom's brother named Ben. I love that cartoon but it does not come on TV any more. Some people after they have their show on for three years the creators of the show think it's to old to be on TV.

Trust me TV people it's not it's not popular enough and the TV show that are to old to be on TV are Sesame Street I mean the characters are getting to old even if their are new episodes like the Sesame Street creator should create a new show if it's educational if they want to.

Now Lets get back on to Andy Richter he was born in October 28, 1966 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Andy's children are Mercy Josephine Richter and William Oscar Richter. Mr. Andy's parents are Glenda Swanson and Laurence R. Richter.

Mr. Richter was also in the movie called Madagascar and in that movie he did the voice of Mort the character in that movie has a high voice and I thought a child was doing the voice of Mort the Lemur.
And Madagascar is a movie with animals that act and talk like humans.

In fantasy in my opinion and a fact if any animal speaks and act like a human that means the creator gave them a lot of human blood if the creator does not think so I think it's true.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Julia Garner

Julia Garner was in the movie called the Hairbrained she was in the movie with Alex Wolff.

 And she was in another movie called Grandma, and she played sage in that movie and Nat Wolff, that happens to be Alex Wolff's brother Nat was in that movie with Julia.

In that movie Grandma sage is a very nice teenage girl that happens to be pregnant and her grandma who was played by Lily Tomlin Sage's Grandmother had anger problems and is gay in that movie because she was kissing another elder woman on the lips.

And In that movie Nat's character Cam was the boy who got Sage pregnant in the first place and Nat Wolff's character was kind of mean in that movie and he happens to be a jerk kind of in that movie.
But Believe me I met Nat Wolff at concert and he was nice when I met him but The girls and I said no his mine and we were pushing each other. At first the girls and I was nice to each other until later in that day.

I ask the Girls "do you like Justin Bieber more our Nat Wolff?" The girls Said "Justin Bieber" I was trying to say to "Nat do not trust these girls and I love you more then Justin Bieber!"

Back on to the girl who plays the character Sage. Garner was born in February 1, 1994. Julia parents names are Thomas Garner and Tami Gingold.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

John Green

John Green is the author of The Faults in our Stars book.

So first he wrote the book it's about this girl Hazel grace that happens to have cancer and Isaac has eye cancer. And the people that I know that read the book was crying because it was very sad.

When I watch The Faults in our Stars movie I was crying a lot though the hole movie and I watch that movie because my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff plays the character Isaac I was at his concert in 2012 and I gave him the card and kissed him on the check.

 Also Mr.Green also create this Movie Paper Towns Nat Wolff was also in that Movie and They have a book on Paper Towns to before I did not know that Paper Towns and the Faults in our Stars was book until I heard it on the interview.

I gave Nat Wolff a valentines day card and Nat Wolff please go to Lon Steins movies if I have fans just tell people I am Lon Stein and not my real name because I wrote my real name on the card I gave  you the card because so that you will remember me.

And Mr.John Please sent Nat Wolff to Lon Steins movie and their is a link to my other blog that I take about my opinion how the whole universe was create and the post called every thing in Gods mind. At first I thought that john Green was an actor now I just read that his is a book Author.