Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Scooby Doo


Scooby Doo was another cartoon that my parents grew up. September 13, 1969 that is when The orignal Scooby doo came out. They also have Scooby Doo Movies and cookies. The 2023 Version of Scooby Doo was called Velma and I had I Velma doll when I was growing up.

Joe Ruby and Ken Spears are the creators of this cartoon. In 2020 Scoob came out it's Scooby Doo in  a 3d version.

I think at one point I had a Scooby doo video type and and Velma doll and a Scooby Doo dog toy but I was never really a fan of Scooby doo. I was more of a fan of Tak and the power of Juju, The Mighty B ! with Bessie Higginbottom,Fanboy and Chum Chum, Nat wolff my favorite celebrity, i Carly, Sanjay and Craig, The Emperor's New Groove , The Boondocks, Sokka From Avatar the Last air Bender and Now it;s Big Hero 6.

I was not I Big hero 6 fan when it first came out and now I am a huge fan of Big hero 6 and I even a Big hero 6 expert and all the other cartoon I got stuck on in my past. I also Like this cartoon called Fillmore with Cornelinis  Fillmore but I am not a fan of that cartoon I just Like it a lot.

For example I liked Jimmy Neutron before I was a fan of Tak. But I was never a fan of Jimmy Neutrom I just Like Jimmy Neutron alot.

Well Scooby doo I never got stuck on because it's okay but I am not a fan of it.and On the Magic school buss I dislike there theme song because they characters singing on the Magic school because over and over it reminds me of house Music and House music It's not my cup of tea becuase they singed the same thing and the same words over and over agian.

The Flinstones and The Jetsons

 The Flinstones and The Jetsons where old cartoons that came out when My parents where going up The difference is Flinstones the characters live in the past and the Jetsons live far into te future.

The flinstones and the Jets are created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The flinstones came out in September 30, 1960 and The Jetsons came out in September 23, 1962. The flinstones and the Jetson are two different shows but they are created but the same creator.

The Flinstones and The Jetsons actully met from what I read I never seen them meet on TV.

There are on the channel called Boomrang and that is my lastest favorite channel because I like watching newer cartoons and on the Channel Boomerang they always show old cartoons and Nickelodeon use to show new cartoons that just came out.

 But now Nickelodeon does not have any new cartoons lately and they still have cartoons from 5 years ago it's becoming like the second boomrang and we don't want that becuase people are not going to watch the same cartoon character over and over.