Friday, September 24, 2021

Tyler Perry's Young Dylan

Tyler Perry makes a lot of TV shows.  One of the TV shows which seems promising is Perry's "Young Dylan" TV series.

Young Dylan, is about an affluent family's world which turned upside down when their nephew, an aspiring hip-hop star, moves in unannounced.  Tyler Perry, I heard used to be homeless, and now he is a famous billionaire in the movie business.  He even owns one of the largest movies studios in the US located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Tyler Perry started in plays and that is how he became famous. Tyler Perry, also made Madea and this female character did not play.  If you mess with her she gets outspoken and beats up people.

Madea is an old lady but Tyler Perry dressed up and played her major roles and central character in his plays and subsequent movies.  Young Dylan, is a show on Nickelodeon about a young boy.

Out of Tyler Perry's many shows and movies my favorite is "Madea goes to jail." Madea Boo and Madea's Tough love is a cartoon version of Madea.  I enjoyed because they are very interesting and entertaining.

I have a cousin in her early 60's and my family says she reminds me of Madea. Jokingly My family says I have Madea blood in me. 

I never seen Young Dylan before but I hope it's a good show.  Because Tyler Perry has an excellent track record of making entertaining shows and hilarious movies that people to love watch.

That Girl Lay Lay


That Girl Lay Lay is a show in Nickelodeon. This show is about Needing a best friend to talk to, Sadie wishes that phone avatar Lay Lay was real and could help teach her how to stand out; when Lay Lay is magically brought to life, the two friends learn that when they are together, they can accomplish anything.

Now I do not know it's a good show or not because I never seen the show.  The saw it on NIckelodeon for the first time on commercial.

It's a African American show and now to many African American shows are on TV. I do not know if this show is bad or good but I think we need more African American shows like this one. David A. Arnold is the creator of this show.

On September 23, 2021 that is when this show had there first episode. I use to watch Nickelodeon all the time and now I am started to watch More Disney and Most of the time I do my art and put it on my blog.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Reading Rainbow and Mr.Roger Neighborhood


Reading Rainbow is about Hosted by LeVar Burton for more than 20 years. "Reading Rainbow" teaches reading skills, habits, and attitudes. 

The magazine-style format takes kids on real-life journeys with celebrity guest readers and "Kid on the Street" book recommendations. Also incorporating popular music, history and social topics for kids, Reading Rainbow offers writing and illustrating contests for young viewers.

This show was on PBS Kids this shows first episode was in June 6, 1983 November 10, 2006. 

 .Mr.Roger Neighborhood is about Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is an American half-hour educational children's television series that was created and hosted by Fred Rogers. The series Misterogers debuted in Canada on October 15, 1962, on CBC Television. 

This show was on PBS Kids to and they had a Movie on Mr. Rogers Neighbor hood.


Bear in The Big Blue House

 Bear in The Big Blue House is about Bear teaches pre-schoolers exploration, imagination and problem solving. This show came out in 1997.Mitchell Kriegman is the creator of this show.

I have the type of  Bear in The Big Blue House. I had the type where they teaches you how to go potty. I watch that when I was 3 years old and it teaches me how to go to the bathroom. This show has been on Disney Junior and Disney Channel and other channels like RTÉ2 and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

This show has also been on a channel called Playhouse Disney. I did not know their was a Play House Disney.

I do not think I have the type anymore because I do not watch it any more and if I do want to see that show again to remind me of my child hood I can just go on to You Tube.

Between the Lions

 I remember Between The Lion now when I thought about it. Before I did now remember the show. This show is about Lions who are librarians Theo and Cleo, along with their young cubs Lionel and Leona, run a very unique library. 

Characters pop off the pages of the books and come to life; vowels sing and puppets dance. The young lions explore and learn all sorts of new things from all the books. In April 3, 2000 That is when they had there first episode.

This show is created by Norman Stiles,Lou Berger,Christopher Cerf,Michael K. Frith,Kathryn Mullen and Linda Rath.

This show is created by a lot of people I never seen a show like the usually creators of shows are usuall one person or two people creating a TV show that's it.

This show has been on channels like Universal Kids and PBS Kids. I used to watch Between the Lion since I was a baby.

Little Bear and Franklin


Little Bear was created in November 6, 1995. The creator of this show is Else Holmelund Minarik. Little Bear  is an animated series based on the series of books written by Else Holmelund and illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

 The curious cub and his forest friends, including Owl, Hen, Cat and Emily, a human girl who lives nearby, play together in the woods, relying on their imaginations to provide them with plenty of adventures.

This show was on Nick Jr. and I use to watch that when I was younger. Another show I used to watch was called Franklin and Franklin is a talking Turtle

 That show is about Six-year-old Franklin the turtle his best friend Bear and their pals face life's challenges together in this animated series based on the books by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark. 

Franklin and his friends learn about life in their village of Woodland, frequently with the help of a parent or other adult.

The Hoobs

 The Hoobs is a TV show I use to watch when I was younger in PBS Kids. This show was similar to seamed street but except the puppet sneaked in a British accent. 

This show is about   The Hoobs on their fun-filled mission to find out more about the world we live in. Jocelyn Stevenson and Brian Henson are the creators of this show and this show was first shown in the United Kingdom.

This Show The Hoobs has been on Channel for Universal Kids and and Tree House TV. I never seen Tree house TV on TV before I guess it depends on what cable box you have.

In January 15, 2001 That is when The Hoobs had their first episode and their last episode was in January 3, 2003.

I remember what the characters looked like but I did not remember the shows name until I looked it up online.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Dhar Mann


Dhar Mann videos teaches you about how to treat others and Dhar Mann Videos are on YouTube. I looked it up not to long ago. I asked my mother if she knows it and she said "yes".

Dhar Mann Videos are about his is a mission-driven entrepreneur with 56 Million social media followers and one of the highest viewed content creators in the world today with over 23 Billion views. Dhar focuses on developing ideas that have a massive impact and have helped change the lives of people all across the globe.

He was born in May 29, 1984. I saw the episode when a Ballerina name Lizzy wanted to became a dancer but a girl said ' You have to be skinny to be a dancer." Which is not true size does not matter is technique what matters.

I also like the episode where the spoiled children had learn there lesson on how to be grateful for things.

Dhar Mann is a Youtuber. I wish I could meet Lizzy and Dhar Mann one day. I would like to be famous and I 'm getting more and more famous. It's not easy for people to become famous a long time ago and now it's easier for people to become famous because the technology we have.

In the future maybe ever one will become famous some are very famous while others are a little famous and some more famous then others.

What Would You Do


What would you do is about People using the hidden cameras. The host is John Quiñones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with dilemmas that require them either to take action or to walk by and mind their own business.

 Various scenarios are created that force people to make split-second -- and often surprising -- decisions, and variations of the situation (such as changing the genders, races or clothing of the people involved) are often featured to see if different reactions are elicited. Examples of situations on the show include a waitress being harassed by her boss, and a drunken valet trying to park cars.

It's a Prank show for example lets say one of the actors is playing a abusive mother and the child is acting up people step in because they do not know it's a prank show.

My favorite episode of that show is when the black girl wanted the whit doll and the white girl wanted the black doll.

I also like the episode when the teenage boy could it effort the sneakers and the other teen boys bullied him.