Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Different types of Martial art's

There are Different types of Martial arts Like Judo that is a sport they flip people over and twisted people up that means twist people arms or legs.

Jiu-Jitsu is flipping people over but it's more twisting people arms and legs and giving people arm bars.

They do not do that many punches and kicks. Taekwondo is more high kick.

 And kick boxing is punches and kicks and boxing is just punches and Karate is they punch kick and break board but they do not move they just stay in one area and Kung Fu they move more and Muay Thai is Kick boxing but it's more elbows and very hard kicks.

Kendo is fight with sticks and Fencing is more fighting with swords. And Savate is French kick boxing, Krav Maga is a Military Martial art that has boxing, wrestling, Aikido, Judo and Karate in it wrestling is more gabbing people.

Aikido is a Martial art that Holds, throws and uses locks on there Opponent's. Hapkido is Joint Locks,Grappling,throwing technique's the also teach people to use's weapons like knife's, sword's and rope they also learn kicks and punches. Tai Chi is a slow martial art and it's similar to yoga. It looks like their hit with more wood.

Mix Martial Arts is all of those Martial Arts and That is why there call it Mixed Martial Arts it's mixed with all of the martial arts and that is when Mixed Martial Arts is created.

Martial arts first started with people have to see animals and other people fight and that is how martial arts is created.

I heard that you can be very strong and can not hit hard you can be not so strong and hit hard because if any person a lot weak practice punches and kicks more then a person who is a lot bigger and strong the can beat up the bigger and strong person because the weaker person might practice technique's more.

People know the person that is not so strong is going to hit harder then a person that is bigger and strong because maybe Martial Arts couches have to test people. 

A person that is a lot Bigger and stronger might say " No a smaller weaker person is not suppose to hit harder I am bigger and stronger." I will say " Says who it's technique it's no a matter how big and strong you are."

Bigger and Stronger " People will say Why does technique matter why not strength." I would say 

" Well that is the way God wanted it and maybe God to be like that is because if he made like smaller and weaker people can not protect them selves from a stronger and bigger person weather they have more fighting technique or not maybe God wanted it to be if any body who is smaller and weaker can protect them selves from a bigger and stronger person to teach the bigger and stronger person not to bully people that are smaller and weaker then them."

If God created it to be that the smaller and weaker person can not protect them selves from the bigger and stronger person weather they have more fighting technique or not then it's not going to be fair for the bigger stronger person to be hurting them all the time and that will never teach the bigger and stronger person's lesson not to bully people who are a lot weaker than them.

So that is why I think God want it to be created that it does not matter how big and strong you are it's technique.

It's not how big and strong you are is technique and people found out it was really technique that matters because people have to see that a animal that practice longer on how to fight more then the bigger and strong animal the bigger and stronger animal is going to get beat up by the smaller and weaker animal because the smaller and weaker animal might have family that teaches it how to protect it self more in the wild.

Arnis is Sword fighting, Knife fighting and stick fighting and Jeet Kune Do it's a Martial art that Bruce Lee Created.

Kenpo is more Striking people and Silat is A martial art is when they so people not to break their hand. Wushu is a Martial art that you flip you self over and you fight with swords.

Capoeira is a Martial art where people dancing and music in the backround. Pencak Silat is a Martial art that people uses they full bodies they use strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry.

Ninjutsu is They flip people over the do kicks and those people also doing summer sults. Systema is when some one has a knife you can grab a person hand and flip them over. Kuntao is if some one has a knife you can twist there arm and bring them to the ground.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Presidents of the United States

All of the Presidents of The United States have been all men there are no women.

This is probably why all men have been the presidents it's because in the olden days men where more in control more than women and men had the power and the strengths.

I first president of the United state's is George Washington then we already had a first African American president named Barack Obama and our President now in 2017 is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the oldest man to became president that is because he started to become president at age 70 what I mean is when men started to become presidents there are usual younger then 70.

Trump was born in June 14, 1946 in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York City. He is  6 feet two inches and his spouses are Ivana Zelníček Trump, Melania Knavs Trump and Marla Maples.

I do not like Donald trump because his says bad things about Muslims and he insults women and he said " he was going to punch a woman in the face." Their was this guy one time I saw on TV and he said " I would like to punch Donald Trump in the face."  

I think Donald Trump is a pain in the neck and he is racists I am sorry but I really wanted to be the first woman president.

I was on the E train in New York city and I made an announcement on the train and I said "we have to many male presidents how about a woman for a chance and if there to many male presidents I will became the first female president." All the women have been clapping for me on the train.

Trump children's names are Ivanka Trump, Barron Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump.

Before Donald Trump was Presidents he had a TV show and the show was like he choose which person is going to get fired and he owned an apartment and he did not rent apartments the African Americans that is what my mother heard on the internet.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams was in The TV show called The Boondocks in that show he played Uncle Ruckus that is Riley and Huey Freeman's Uncle.

 Williams was also in other movies called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Malcolm in the Middle, Doc McStuffins, Special Agent Oso, Undercover Brother and Fred: The Movie.

Gary Williams was born in Fayetteville Georgia in March 14, 1966. His education was University of Maryland and his spouse is Diane McMillen 1968-1990, Dana Smith in 2011 and his other spouse was Leslie Williams but it never said about the date when she was his spouse.

His Nominations was Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series it does not say who his parent are because maybe he wants to keep that a secret.

When his does the voice of Uncle Ruckus he is not my favorite character in The Boondocks because he does not look attractive to me it's Riley and Huey Freeman they are my favorite characters on that show because they look very attractive.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


It was the morning of September 11, 2001 it started off as an average day adults going to there jobs and children every body went about there business and out of no where a plane fill with passengers crashed into one of the twin towers.

This happened in 8:46 in the morning which happens to be kind of early in the morning.

Those buildings where the two tallest buildings in the whole planet this happened in the center of down town New York City. Every one in the plane passed away and also people in the tower.

20 minutes after that another plane crashed into another tower and people thought this is no accident it was some kind of attack.

It was clear that the planes had been hijacked or forcefully taken over. Shortly after that there was another plane crashed but it was at the Pentagon right out right out  the side of Washington D.C. the pentagon is the head quarters of the U.S. Department of the Defense.

Next the Unthinkable happened back in The New York south tower of the world trade center fell down.

 It was a devastating blow debris flew every where and all of downtown Manhattan was covered in a cloud of dust and smoke Fortunately most people where able to get out of the building before it collapsed. But in many others including Police officers and firefighters that had helped but they were trapped and killed when the buildings were on fire.

Those buildings where built to handle small plane crashes but the plane crash was huge and the fuel from the plane mad a huge fire and it destroyed the tower. and the internal structure.

It was the same problem at the north tower at 10:28 am the skyscarper's fell down and hundreds of people died on an instant.

Around the time when the south tower fell another plane crashed in a open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania this fourth hijacked plane was most likely intend to hit another building but evidence suggests that the passengers took the plane over from the hijacker causing it to crash.

There where no survivors that means no body had survive during the plane crash and all told almost 3,000 civilians lost their lives that day. It was the wost attack on the U.S. soil since the bombing of pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941.

The Hijacking of the planes like this is a form of terrorism. The main idea of terrorism is a act of violence designed to speard fear in others and to attracted the attention to a political cause we now know that the September 11, attacks were carried out by 19 member's of a terrorist network called al Qaeda.

The main goal of al Qaeda is to make countries that are predominantly Islamic influences Islam is one one of the worlds major religions. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in countries all over the globe.

The practice different version's of Islam But Al Queda subscribes to a twisted form of religion. It centered around ridding the Islamic world of western idea especially any thing from the United States.

And enforcing strict codes of behavior in Muslim societies. Al Qaeda is willing to do anything to get it's message heard.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ann Maria De Mars

AnnMaria De Mars is Ronda Rousey's mother and she was a Judo Champ and now she is a special needs teachers that helps special needs teacher and she help Native American children that are poor.

She is also a Doctor and They called her Dr. Ann Maria De Mars.

 She is a technology teacher and help children with special needs and the reason why she is all these things is because the Judo helps her with the discipline.

 She is an American technology excutive and author and judoka. Ann is the first american to win the gold medal at the world Judo championship and she competing in the 56 kg weight class for the world judo tournament in 1984. She was born in August 15, 1958 in Scott Air Force Base in

Her education was University of Minnesota, Washington University and UC Riverside her parents names are Joseph Arthur Waddell and Marcella Ann Waddell and we all know her daughter's name is Ronda Rousey but her other daughters name is Maria Burns-Ortiz and her sibling name is Julia DeMars and Jennifer Rousey.

It just says Ann's daughters names are Ronda and Maria maybe Julia and Jennifer are her step daughters.

Mars spouse is Dennis De Mars in 1997 and Ron Rousey. The books that she wrote are called
Winning on the Ground: Training and Techniques for Judo and MMA Fighters. My father said She is a lot nicer then most people because she helps special needs children and most people do not do that.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cree Summer

Cree Summer was in movies and television show like Tiny Toon Adventures, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a PBS Kids show, As Told by Ginger is a Nickelodeon show, The Rugrats Movie and The Rugrats, All Grown Up!  is when the Rugrats are all grown up.

She is also in movies like Barbie as Rapunzel and she was in this other Nickelodeon cartoon My Life as a teenage Robot.

 She was in more TV shows and Movies like The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Kermit's Swamp Years, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Kermit's Swamp Years,The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Superman: Doomsday,The Spectacular Spider-Man,Sonic the Hedgehog the TV series ,WordGirl and Clifford's Really Big Movie.

Ms. Cree was born in July 7, 1969 in Los Angeles California. Her spouse name is Angelo Pullen and her children's names are Brave Littlewing Pullens and Hero Peregrine Pullens. 

Her parents names are Lili Francks and Don Francks both of her parents have different last names because Cree Summer Francks is her real name but they use Cree Summer for short as a stage name.   
I heard that my mother said last night that she heard this woman on TV say she did the voice of the Green M'M from the commercial's and M'M's is a chocolate candy that we eat and she also said she did the voice of Susie Carmichael from The Rugrats.  

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Evnika Saadvakass

Evnika Saadvakass is a 10 year old girl who's been training boxing since she was only three years old.

At the age of eight she was punching trees with her bare fist people clap for her and are happy that she does that those people are stupid for being happy for her.

I am not happy that is can punch a whole in the door or punching trees because she can break her hands and she can get wood stuck in her skin. I am not very happy at the parents I am very angry at those parents because they are letting her punch trees and she can break her hand that it's killing trees.

Any parent that does that is sick in the head. It's good that she can protect her self and it's good if her father shows that but her father showing her to punch trees and that makes me very angry.

No man or Woman will do that and just because she hit's harder then the average 18 year old girl not she can not hit as hard as them naturally.

People say that this girl can kick any bodies but I disagree she can not beat up the average man and she can not kick my but she is a small girl if she try to fight me all I can do is just sit on her and I do not have to be 300 pounds I can be 140 pounds and that is still a lot of weight compared to her.

If this girl was in the UFC she will get Pulverized she is a very small girl she is tough but their is
always going to be some one tougher.

It never said who her parents are or when she was born maybe she not famous enough to have her parents name or when she was born on the internet. Nobody in karate school should let any punch wood because they can hurt their hands

This is how it should be if any body wants to break wood they should where something on their hands. Nobody should punch trees and that should be illegal because that is killing trees and we needs trees.

Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is a show That was a TV show on Nickelodeon and the show's first episode was October 7, 1996 and their final episode was June 8, 2004.

Now they have a movie of Hey Arnold the Jungle movie and it aired in November 23 2017 that happened and aired this Thanksgiving. 

Craig Bartlett is the creator of Hey Arnold the movie and the TV show. 

The show is about A boy named Arnold and Hey Arnold! is an Television Series created by Bartlett that had a TV show on Nickelodeon and it aired on Nickelodeon from October 7, 1996 to June 8, 2004.

The show centered Arnold that is a forth grader that lives with his Grand parents that live in a inner city boarding house the Episodes center on Arnold's experiences navigating big city life while dealing with the problems he and his friends encounter.

Craig's idea for this show is based on a character named Arnold whom he created while working on Pee-wee's Playhouse.

The executives enjoyed the character, and Bartlett completed the cast by drawing inspiration from people he grew up with in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Bartlett created the pilot episode in his living room in 1994 and official production began in 1995. The animators worked to transform Arnold from clay animation to cel animation, leading to the series premiere. The show was done production in 2001 after 5 seasons and had 100 episodes.

A feature film based on the series, Hey Arnold!: The Movie, was aired in 2002. All five seasons have been released on the DVD.

A television film continuation of the series, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, was green-lit. It picks up from where the series finished and resolved unanswered plot lines of the story.[2][3][4] The film aired on November 24, 2017. Arnold's full name in the movie is  Arnold Phillip Shortman.