Friday, January 30, 2015

More episodes of Welcome to the Wayne

Today will be talking about Welcome to the Wayne. They should make more episodes.

There should be 20 more episodes of Welcome to the Wayne, when I look on to There still are 6 chapters.

I heard it was one whole episode on Toon Talk. They said possibly they have 80 episodes.

The Creator is Billy Lopez I think he could do a lot better. It's hard to make a cartoon for most creators. But they seem like they make more shows of other unpopular shows.  The creators make 5 at a time.

But I heard Welcome to the Wayne, is actually a whole episode that says 6 chapters in the the future. A year later I want to see more episodes now let's talk about the characters.

Olly Timbers, is the boy with the orange hair.  He has a younger Sister on the show.  His dad makes toys and is in the military.

He "says his sister is worst than the vampire because she is more bossy."

Ansi Molina, my favorite character, is the boy with the dark hair on the show.  In the show he loves to be clean.  He plays with his toy called Gleeko. Gleeko is like a Lego toy.

He uses hand sanitizer on the show. Also he hates touching dirty things and others.  He has a fighting spirit.

In my fantasy Ansi Molina is a boy who is a fighter and very aggressive or rough.  He screams Like a little girl.  And says "hi ya!"  He says this when he does Karate class.

During his karate class he wears a yellow shirt, blue boxing gloves, and a blue boxing helmet. Ansi is obsessed with hugging.

When he wears his boxing helmet or boxing gloves he says in a high squeaky voice "It makes me cuddly and soft!" In my fantasy I'm his ancestor.  Ansi thinks my voice is deep for a women.

Lonstein is a aspiring singer and actress working hard to overcome her challenges on the autism spectrum. To contact Lonstein for speaking engagements and performances call her dad at 973-298-6148.