Monday, September 3, 2018

Channah Zeitung

Channa Zeitung, was born in April 8,2018. She was on One episode of the Nickeolodeon, show called Game Shakers she is a second degree Black black in Karate and in Taekwondo.

 Channah Zeitung is the youngest 3 time California State Champion in Martial Arts.

In the episode of Game Shakers she was beating up more then 5 Teenagers that just for TV and on Stage she was Beating up 3 guys that was just for TV that was not real she can not beat up three guys in real life she only 10 years old.

She might be able to kick grown men down that's about it in one Video I saw she flip a man over.  Her parents names are Dr. Jeffery Zeitung and Gloria Zeitung.

Well in the Game Shakers show in one clip she was mean in that show. But I read she is a sweet nice girl in real life.