Thursday, January 23, 2020

Flying Rhino Junior High

Flying Rhino Junior High is a cartoon that I just looked online today. This shows first episode was in October 3, 1998 and there last episode was in January 22, 2000. The channel this show has been on is YTV,Teletoon and CBS.

The show is about Earl P. Sidebottom uses a supercomputer capable of altering reality to cause chaos at school as revenge for getting a bad grade in shop class. And I did not write this some body else did. I does not say who this show is created by.

Because every cartoon I seen has the persons name on who created the cartoon show or any cartoon show.

But other it has said a company has created a cartoon instead of one person but we do not know who was the first creator who created the cartoon character.

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is a cartoon that my mom knows about and I asked her "did she know her." And she said " Yes."

There was a book about Pippi. In July 4, 1998 that is when they had there first episode and there final episode was in September 27, 1998. This show has only been on TV for 2 month's. Usually the average TV show last much longer then that.

Some TV shows have been on TV for a year this show has not even been on TV for 1 year. Longstocking is a girl with her braids stickin up.

This show is created by Astrid Lindgren. There was also a Pippi LongStocking the movie but it had real people in it maybe they should make a 3D cartoon movie of Pippi Longstocking.

Stickin Around

Stickin Around is a cartoon on YTV. I really do not know that cartoon but I saw picture of it. The drawing does not look good in my own opinion because the cartoon characters in that show are more stick figure like.

That is the first show I saw that ever had stick figure. I mean who would put stick figures on the show and it looks like a horrible show and I am saying that because the cartoons are stick figures. 

This shows first episode was in August 14, 1996 and there final episode was in April 13, 1998.  The ratings of this show says 6.5/10. In my own opinion there wrong because I seen 3D cartoons and there rating are just 2.

When I was younger I wondered why adults are the characters of the cartoons and why not children but now I know children are just learning how to draw and you have to go to college for doing that kind of stuff.