Thursday, November 18, 2021

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch, was in the TV series iCarly, where she played Sam Puckett's mother on the show. She was featured in movies like Shrek and Rack it Ralph. She also played the mean teacher in Glee.

Her spouse is Lara Embry.  She is 6 feet tall. She was born in July 14, 1960.

Frank Lynch and Ellen Lynch are her parents. She was also in Ice age, Handy Manny a Disney Junior cartoon, Ugly doll, Rio and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

She has also been in other movies that I do not know about.  Ms.Lynch is also a author comedian and actress.  

Karma's world


Karma's World is another African American character on Netflix.  My father asked "are there any more Black cartoons on Netflix?" 

This animation reminds me of Motown Magic because it has music in the cartoon.  Ludacris, the hip hop star turned actor is the creator of this cartoon.  I don't know this show that well but Karma Grant, is one of the main characters in the show and also her brother Keys Grant.

Keys Grant, reminds me of the Ben Love character of Motown Magic. This show came out in October 5, 2021. And also looks like a great cartoon for kids to watch.

This show I think is similar to Motown Magic, because it has the cartoons singing.  And also there is music.  But the difference is Motown Magic showcases Motown music while on the other hand Karma's World seems to feature more hip hop music.


 Encanto is a new Disney movie that came out in November 24, 2021. Byron Howard and Jared Bus are the directors of this movie.

The characters Names of Encanto are Luisa Madrigal and from what I saw in the trailer she puts up houses and very heavy stuff because she is very strong and her sisters are Mirabel and Isabela Madrigal.

There mother Maiden name is the same as her married name because there maternal grandparents have the same last name as their father.

I have now seen this movie yet because it's not out yet. Hopefully when Covid is over I can go see the movies again.

Turning Red

Turning Red is about a Character named Mei Mei and when she gets too excited she turns into a giant red. panda.

I never saw the movie because it's a new movie and I first saw this movie today on Youtube. Domee Shi is the director of this movie. This movie is not coming out until March 11 2022. I am in too animation and I would like to make 3D cartoons just as good as the one in the movies and on youtube.

I been wanted to watch cartoon and making cartoons seen I was 3 years old. I never saw a red panda before I guess they made it up in the cartoon.

It looks like a good movie but I do not know until I see the  movie I want be make 3D cartoons just like this one.

Ron gone wrong

 Ron gone wrong is about a boy named Barney  the is a socially awkward schoolboy.

 He receives a robot named Ron that is a walking, talking, digitally connected device that's supposed to be his best friend. Barney becomes very excited to  have his own robotuntil his new toy starts to hilariously malfunction. This is drawing the attention of a shady executive who wants to protect his company's stock price at all costs.

This movie came out in October 22, 2021. This movie seems similar to The Next Gen and Big Hero 6 because of the robot that Barney has.

The directs of this movie is Sara Smith and J.P. Vine. I first saw this movie on Youtube in commercials and on Youtube probably.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Next Gen

 I saw video of Next Gen but I have never saw the movie. This movies looks similar to Big Hero 6. 

This movie was created in September 7, 2018. The creator  and the  director of Next Gen is Kevin R.Adams and Joe Ksander.  Next Gen is about A rebellious girl named Mai Su and a runaway combat robot unite to stop a madman's technological plan for world domination.

Next Gen I do not know if it's a good movie and I hope it's a good movie if I heard that it's similar to Big Hero 6.

This cartoon is a Chinese animated cartoon. I know this movie just a little by watching videos on Youtube. 

Baymax The series 2022


Baymax is a upcoming 3D cartoon on Disney +. I wonder what the new characters names are going to be. And I hope my favorite character Hiro is in that new Baymax Series because he is the one who programed Baymax.

Hiro's older brother was the first person to create Baymax. I know that in the Baymax trailer I saw Hiro in the first part of the trailer and that was the part of the old movie of Big Hero 6 in 2014. 

It showed us the old version and the new version Hiro was not in the trailer and I wonder why. I guess the show is more about Baymax Helping people.

They should put Hiro on the show because he is the one who programed Baymax. After Baymax The series hopefully they will be a Big Hero 7 the movie in 2022 be the movie was never confirmed. I guess they made Baymax the sersies because most people like Baymax and Baymax is their favorite character.

How ever Baymax is not my favorite character in the Big Hero 6 movie because he is just a Robot and you always make robots if they get destroyed and sometime the robot can break to. That is why Hiro is my favorite character because he programed his robot.

I feel that just because Hiro is not in the trailer of Baymax series does not mean he not going to be in the show. Hopefully Hiro Hamada is in the new Baymax series but we do not know until it comes out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Azusa Sakamoto


Azusa Sakamoto is  The biggest Barbie fan you ever know.  She is also Know for Azusa Barbie. I watch her videos some times. 

She has a collection for Barbie dolls and she is also a good chief and a nail artist. She is a Barbieish Nail artist and she is also a Blogger just like me. I used to be a Barbie fan to I use to take my Barbies dolls every where I go and people used to look at me strange because I was walking with them at the age of 13 and 14.

People use to say I was to old to play with dolls. If I tell Azusa that she would probably disagree with those people 100 percent because I saw one video that she was working with Barbie dolls in the store.

The creator of Barbie said " No matter how old you are you are never too old to play with Barbie." My father said " That is because they want to sell Barbies to peoples."


 SSSniperWolf was on Dhar and for what I know she is and gamer. She is also a Youtuber.I think she puts up all kinds of videos like Dr.Phil Or the most  spoiled and baddest kids in the world.

I do not know her until I watch the Dhar Mann Videos.  She was born in October 22, 1992   in the United Kingdom. It her accident sound like she was born in America. 

Alia Shelesh is her real and full name SSSniperWolf must be her stage name or her internet namer. Like I have a Stage name it's Lon stein or Nzinga Lon Stein Austin and I am not telling any body my real name because I do not want any body to find me me because that is how people find people easier.

Lizzy Howell

 Lizzy Howell is a Ballerina and a dancer. I first saw her on the Dhar Mann Videos. In the videos she was getting picked on because they think she was to overweight to be a ballerina. Size and weight does not matter it's what Technique matters and how much practice you do.

My mom write her a email on face book. She is the best ballerina dancer I have ever saw. I heard on the Dhar  Mann Video that she lives with her aunt. and her father left her when she was younger and her mother died in a car accident. 

I also heard that she has fluid around the  brain and she get very bad headaches and she take medicine that makes her gain weight. I feel very sorry for her but the good news is she over came her challenges.  She was born in May 9,2001.