Monday, October 28, 2019

Queen Malika

Queen Malika came out a year ago and I do not know when it exactly came out. My dad show me it and I do not know who is the creator of the cartoon.

 I do not know what it's about but I think it's about an African queen that is fighting for her land.

My dad showed me this cartoon because I like to watch the Boondocks. My dad said It's better then the Boondocks and why do you like The Boondocks better they call each other the N word. Well Queen Malika it does teaches you some stuff but I think The Boondocks is better it's just my opinion.

So do I like 3D or 2D cartoons better well I like them the same or it depends how the cartoons looks and where the story takes place.

I would like to meet The creator of The Boondocks and Queen Malika or any creator who can create a cartoon.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Billy Blanks Jr.

Billy Blanks Jr. is the Son of Billy Blanks. So that means his father is called Billy Blanks Sr. Billy Blanks is an American fitness guru, actor, martial artist, and the creator of the “Tae Bo” exercise program. Tae Bo is a combination of taekwondo and boxing. It had become a craze in America in the 1990s.

I wonder if Billy Blanks Jr. does Martial arts like his father. Billy Blanks a cartoon version of him has also been on Fairly Odd parents and The Boondocks.

I think Huey Freeman and his Grand father from Boondocks are a Billy Blanks fan because They do martial arts.

Billy Blanks was born in September 1, 1955 and I do not know when his son was born it says the same thing.  I do not think Billy Blanks Jr. was born in 1955 because he is younger then his father.

His mothers name is Gayle Godfrey. His siblings names are Shellie Blanks Cimarosti,Marriett Peterson and Erika Peterson. His spouse name is Sharon Brown.

The Addams Family

There was an Adams Family with real people in the movie and that movie came out in September 18, 1964 there final episode was in October 30, 1977. That was the TV show. The Addams Family also came out with movies one of them came out in 1991,1992 and 1993.

The Newest Addams family is a cartoon and it came out this year and I am going to see it tomorrow in the movies.

The Old Addams family was about When a man (Christopher Lloyd) claiming to be Fester, the missing brother of Gomez Addams (Raul Julia), arrives at the Addams' home, the family is thrilled. However, Morticia (Anjelica Huston) begins to suspect the man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester's life.

 With the help of lawyer Tully Alford (Dan Hedaya), Fester manages to get the Addams clan evicted from their home. Gomez realizes the two men are conspiring to swindle the Addams fortune and that he must challenge Fester.


Eloise is a cartoon and it is about Family film adapted from Kay Thompson's stories about a precocious but loveable six-year-old girl who lives in New York's Plaza hotel.

Eloise's long-suffering nanny has her hands full trying to keep her charge out of mischief, but when a young prince arrives, Eloise takes him on all kinds of adventures - and can't resist matchmaking at a debutante ball.

I use to have one of the books but the book was due and I keep on forgetting about it. The creator of Eloise is Kay Thompson she is the author of this book and the illustrator is Hilary Knight.

I like The Eloise episode and My favorite episode of Eloise was when she went to school and Eloise goes to Holly Wood. Maybe They should draw that Eloise is all grown up now.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Aaron McGruder

Aaron Vincent McGruder is an American writer, lecturer, producer, screenwriter and cartoonist best known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press Syndicate comic strip and its animated TV series adaptation for which he was the creator, executive producer, and head writer.

He is also been on shows called Black Jesus. In churches they always show a white Jesus it's good that they have a show called Black Jesus because that is what Jesus really was. Well I told my dad to send a letter to him and He is the creator of the Boondocks.

The Boondocks is coming back with a 5th season and I will give him some great idea's what the new episodes might be in the future.

I will like to see this episode That Huey wears a Boxing helmet and Boxing gloves because he is a martial artist and he likes to fight.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer was in the movie The new Hairspray and The Prince of Egypt. She is an American actress and producer.

 She has received many accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, and three nominations for an Academy Award. Pfeiffer began to pursue an acting career in 1978 and had her first leading role in the musical film Grease 2.

She was born in  April 29, 1958. Her parents names are Richard Pfeiffer and  Donna Pfeiffer. Her children's names are Claudia Rose Pfeiffer,Claudia Kelley,John Henry Kelley and John Kelley. Her spouse names are David E. Kelley and Peter Horton.

I think she is a good actress and you should get to know her more and I hope you like this post.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wild Grinders

Wild Grinders is a Nick toons cartoons and it is about From the mind of professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek comes "Wild Grinders," an animated series featuring a group of skateboarding kids led by quick-thinking Lil' Rob (voice of Dyrdek).

 Lil' Rob's buddies include his dog, Meaty, nerdy inventor friend Goggles and his other middle-school pals, known as the Wild Grinders. The group's biggest nemesis is Stubford Hucksterball, a spoiled brat who gets his advanced technologies, including shoes that make him taller, from his father's company. 

The Wild Grinders crew finds itself in many zany skateboarding adventures in and around Sprawl City, the kids' hometown. The creator of this show is Rob Dyrdek. They first episode was in
April 27, 2012 their last episode is February 12, 2015.

I was not really into that show and I was not a big fan of that show. I just watch it one time at first I for got about it then I remembered. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Rolie Polie Olie

Rolie Polie Olie is about The adventures of a clockwork boy who lives in a robotic world. The channels it's been on is PBS Kids,Qubo,Tree House TV, Disney Channel,Universal Kids, France 5, CBC Television, YTV, Family Channel.

The creator of this show is William Joyce. Rolie Polie Olies first episode was in October 4, 1998 and their final episode was in April 28, 2004.

I used to watch that show since I was a little girl. My favorite episode was when they had the chocolate dinner.

In my fantasy My characters had a Vanilla dinner with vanilla cookies and vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake and They also had a Strawberry dinner.