Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lon Steins favorite toy

Today's blog is about my favorite toy Barbie. I like Barbie dolls because you can comb her hair, braid it, wash it and enjoy playing with it.

I play with Barbie dolls ever day. My Dad says you're to old but I don't think so.

Hello my name is Lon Stein I'm Have Autism.
I wanted to be everybody's friend but they usually say no to me.

One time a girl that was smaller then me tied me to a fence.  Another girl played family and she was the mom.

I asked if I can play too. She said just go away.  She said "you just going to be just a nobody or just a homeless person."

 Five years later my parent where fighting.  I cried a lot Since I was 10. They had to put me in the hospitable.

Years later when I was 12 I went to a school that when kids are mean to me I started getting out of control. Kids called me a cry baby. When I told the teacher they said "well you are a cry baby."

One teacher used to say I was faking.  But I'm not now.  I'm 14 like 2 mouths ago.

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