Wednesday, May 25, 2022


 Baymax! is getting his own sersies and in The First trailer Hiro Hamda was Not in The first Tralier and I thought He was not going to be on The New Baymax Series and when people on facebook said "Were is Hiro? "

Final they put Hiro in trailer 2. Baymax is the Robot Hiro Programed and Hiro Brother actually created The robot.

Hiro is my favorite character in Big Hero 6 and Baymax because Baymax is just a robot and Hiro looks Like Nat Wolff My favorite celebrity.

I think the creators put Hiro in the New Baymax series because He progammed Baymax and unplus people will be upset if they kick Hiro out of the film.

What I want to see in the New Baymax Sersies is Hiro doing Boxing and doing Karate with Baymax. The other Big Hero 6 characters Like Fred ,Honey Lemon GoGo and Wasabi are not going to be in the show I really do not care if those characters are in the show or not as long is Hiro is in the show I am happy.

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